The beauty of a woman should not be seen with the eyes, but with the heart

Augusta 2022-09-22 13:15:30

I accidentally saw this sentence: The heart is never used to be conquered, but to be cared for and warmed!

Yesterday afternoon, I hid at home alone and watched a movie. "Piano Lesson" is the best film I've seen recently. It's delicate and profound, and I was deeply touched before I knew it...

I like Ada's clear and deep eyes, a pale, pure An angel-like woman, but can't speak, and the piano is her only way of expression. She used the sound of the piano to speak, to express her inner desire. Although there is no dialogue in the whole film, its performance is so rich and tense. When her husband left the piano at the seaside, the despair and fortitude in her eyes made people feel that she was a woman with perseverance and courage in her heart! Sometimes the appearance is just an illusion, and the inner strength of a woman is the most attractive statement. A woman's strength and tenacity is a power that radiates from the inside out.

But many people may unconsciously ask, how could a woman as elegant and noble as Ida fall in love with a savage man who doesn't even know the words? In fact, after watching the film, you will know that their love is inevitable. Because, no woman will refuse to be appreciated from the heart by a man. When Ada played the piano by the sea, the joy, the release of all restraints, played elven music with her fingertips, and her heart flew with the keys. At this time, all her happiness was captured by Bein by the side. In order to keep this woman's happiness, he did everything possible to keep the piano by his side.

At this time, it cannot be said that Bein has no selfishness. He longs for Ada and her love. The piano becomes the best way for him to approach her. However, for a woman, what can be worth such a hot love and appreciation?

I have always felt that what a woman really desires is a pity and appreciation that a man contains in love. With such pity and appreciation, love becomes full. This is a kind of inner resonance, this is a kind of pride of "women who please themselves", this is the most moving side of a woman captured.

Suddenly I feel that every woman is like a work of art of the Italian Renaissance, and her value needs the precipitation of time, the tempering of years, and the nourishment and care of love.

Forget who once said: There is never a lack of beauty in this world, but a lack of eyes to discover beauty. The real beauty of a woman is never written on her face, but hidden in the cycle of time. Do not use your eyes, but taste with your heart.

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