forest of lust

Tiara 2022-11-09 00:29:03

I'm Edda and can't speak with my vocal cords after the age of six. My father said it was the gift of darkness, and I believe so. However, I use my eyes to convey my thoughts. How do you feel when I stare at you like this? Feeling frightened, he moved his eyes cowardly, and then he talked about left and right, still staring at me, and let our thoughts converge with each other. If the latter, what do you see in my eyes? A deep, turbulent ocean, or a silent, dark forest? I guess you will see a sincere heart, because there are so many truths surging in my heart, whenever I see beautiful things, whenever I meet love, it is so uneasy and trembling, so it cannot tolerate hypocrisy, it It can only be sincere, always waiting for you to knock on its door. In my eyes, you will also see firmness, which is the opposite of my weak appearance, my firmness may surprise you, a flash of surprise flashes in your eyes, and then you are so eager to look deeper into the valley, But then I dodged, smiling and lowering my eyes. The piano is my tongue and lover, I dedicate my full tenderness to it, caress it gently with my long fingers, and it responds to me with a beautiful melody, when my fingertips press the black and white keys, the sound of the piano is like an image Clouds and mist surround us, I forget this world, past, present and future, I forget life and death, I close my eyes and a pure white world, angels fly around the lake covered by trees, the beautiful sunshine is holy projected on the lake inside. We have become one, and without the piano, my life would be a hell of torment.
When I first set foot on that barren coast, before me was the dark cliffs that stood against the sky, looking down on me like a Father, I felt like I was being judged at the end of the day, and that majesty stunned my soul, I can't move. The waves wash over my booties and bring my memory back to reality, I know that I am either here to be saved or to be destroyed, and either outcome will not surprise me, nor will it be in my heart stir up any ripples. Because it is so calm, like a dying old man, with slow movements and deep foundation, few things can touch it, and it is like the deepest seabed, because it has endured too much water, it has been stirred up. From frivolous waves. It can only talk to herself occasionally, just like an old man who is unwilling to be lonely.
Leave my piano on that lonely shore, I mourn like a mother who betrayed her child, my body goes down the dirt road into the deep forest, but my heart and my soul stay with my piano On the beach, the breath beats from sunrise to sunset and with the tide.
That forest is so familiar that every time I look into my heart I see its landscape. It's so quiet, but I know that somewhere in it, the giant of desire is imprisoned, the giant is lurking and waiting to accumulate energy, and I know that one day it will break free from the shackles that bind it, and then the whole forest will be All face destruction. Is it because the prisoner's heart is still beating vigorously? That's why the forest is full of restless factors, like a girl who is irritable after touching the scene and hurt, like a volcano with lava gushing out. The forest suppressed its desire and tried to suffocate it, but it aroused its evil thoughts of revenge and led it to the extreme. Then once the volcano finally erupts, its scorching heat will melt the tigers in the forest into butter, its bang will instantly silence the world, and its ash cover will make you easily forgotten by time and space.
The forest is a tangible illusion of my heart, and from time to time I can feel the desire stirring in my heart, and I know that only when it is released can I find true peace. People always think that I am inexplicable, like a book that cannot be read, so they also lose interest in reading. When I play the piano, I feel like I'm crying out of grief, yet people live their lives at their leisure, hearing nothing, as if they're all plugging their ears to a mute. But if anyone looked at my face at this time, they would have stopped in shock at seeing a leak of my feelings that I couldn't hide. I know that I can only be happy if I find someone who understands me, otherwise it will be a painful torment and a worthless lingering on.
When he—the rude man who can’t read or understand music uses his fingers to put his fingers on a small piece of skin on my leg, I feel that the door of my heart is easily pushed open a crack, and then it is like a foot After entering the swamp, the deeper and deeper I couldn’t extricate myself. Since then, my heart has been attacked and lost, inch by inch. When we finally merged into one, I felt that the long-dried heart encountered a rain and dew. The pain and suffering were gone, forgotten, the flood of joy overwhelmed me, the mighty air of joy against my throat and choked my breath. The mind is so eager for happiness that it can't take care of anything, and just wants to end the pain immediately and fall into the whirlpool of happiness. Neither violence nor captivity can stop me, and my steadfastness makes even the most patient of men despair. The person who hurt me can only sigh helplessly when they see my fearless eyes. My eyes are telling him: If I am not afraid of death, what are you fantasizing about forcing me to do?
When I finally got my wish and embraced happiness and started the voyage to happiness, I decided to make the sea the end of the piano. The index finger of my right hand was broken, and I also took away some things in my heart. They will not come back, so let the piano as a funeral object, and let the dark past be buried deep in the sea. I have to admit that death has been fascinated by me all my life, tempting me, and when I saw the piano slide down to the bottom of the sea, the thought of death suddenly grabbed me, inexplicably but so strong it was irresistible, I was calm I put my feet in the rope loop, and before I could think about it, I flew quickly to the bottom of the sea with my piano, I knew I was ready to face death, and my heart wouldn't beat half a beat out of fear , even if I die now, it won't cause waves in my heart. But sadly I have the love that gives me hope for the rest of my life, I wonder what will happen to those years I can have, and love is my only concern. Finally, I feel that my soul has been cleaned up at the bottom of the sea, and the burden that will cast a shadow on my future life has also been removed, so I broke free from the rope, smiled and couldn't wait to swim like my love, the one who rushed out of the water. I am like a new born. They thought there was a disaster, but it was a gift from God. After experiencing painful struggles and hard resistance in the forest of lust, I finally got eternal peace, but the piano at the bottom of the sea settled in my heart.

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