As long as we meet, true love can be recognized instantly

Sarai 2022-08-21 19:32:55

When things get over the top, I don't feel stressed anymore. It turned out that I was just worried about whether I had done enough or not, and it was not about life and death, but about interests. When the time of death comes, there will always be something to come out for. Since no one is serious, why should I be serious. Since I wasn't given a serious chance, why should I make fun of myself. With these miscellaneous moods, I watched "Piano Lesson".

I found the feeling of "peeping" when I was a child. Such a tone, such a makeup look, such a joyous scene, is the pleasure and pain that I used to enjoy alone in the old sofa when my parents were away.

The ending is so beautiful, even enchanting. The piano sunk in the sea, the seaweed swayed and danced silently, a broken rope and the short boots that Ida had thrown off were buried with the piano at sea. This woman is really surprising. Watching a lot of unfeeling movies is like eating a candle for a long time, and it is hard to swallow. Because the depression could not be resolved, I had to watch a few books at random. I swallowed, but it was uncomfortable. To see or not to see is a dilemma. To this day, my heart is still touched in an instant.

No matter how deeply disgusted and prejudiced it was before, I just heard him say: If you've come with no feeling for me, then go.

Ada knew it was him.

Love doesn't know where to start, it goes deep. Maybe the beginning is a game, a trial, a contest, but ah, as long as you encounter it. As long as you meet, true love can be recognized instantly.

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