But obsessed with art, don't look at the mundane

Nico 2022-04-19 09:02:11

The movie starts with a slanted photo of a small building, a lazy cat in a deep alley, and a melodious and clear piano song, but what happened is an animal world-like intrigue, desperate fight, and all damage. It stems from the contempt and disdain of the Parisian street tuners for the world.

In this world, no matter what class of people, almost all show "evil". The "poor and evil" of the lower-middle class, and the "bad fame and fortune" of the upper-middle class, in addition to the people who are addicted to art, all of them are full of the corrupt atmosphere of this society. I think this is also the reason why the tuner closed his eyes and reached the holy realm with a peaceful mind.

The beauty of this world, Yiren's fascination with art tempted him to open his eyes; but this ugly world made him no longer willing to take off his blindfold to see and show people.

Evaluation of the movie, I think it is really great, the scenes are brutal but not bloody; the expressions are meticulous; the lens is zoomed and relaxed, and the switching is just right; the character settings are well-founded, and the events are advanced in an orderly manner. Enough, not scary). The bug has not been thought of for a while, so let's not mention it.

The beginning and the end echo, the ending is open, and I personally feel that the final ending must be "disgusting" and die, but it is hard to say how the tuner's words may not be true. In the film, the guy was shot, the sheriff was trapped or caught fire or was shot to death (certainly not alive, because no one knew where he was trapped, the building was abandoned, no one cared about it, and the elevator had no signal), doubtful How did the adulteress and the doctor die (they all died anyway, otherwise the tuner wouldn't say how and why they died), is this fact known to the world (I think this Judging by how it ends in different situations), and how the tuner restores the light. One is that the doctor and he are not dead, and he still did not keep the bottom line and carried out py (personally I think the doctor is definitely dead, so I don't accept it); the other may be as he stated, but if so, how did he end up? How to restore the light without successfully avoiding the police? Where will the money and help come from? He doesn't seem to have any relatives or friends (this is also a place not mentioned in the whole film - the life experience of the protagonist). So I guess he dropped the shortbread, he wasn't blind, everything was acting, and he killed the two in the end? (This is also a bit untenable. After all, when the kidney is cut, can he still wear it? But then again, if he wears "blinding contact lenses" when he wears it, a series of things that happened later made him It's not impossible to take off the contact lenses and become blind, and it's not impossible to take off the glasses at the end to complete the kill, and then take the money and leave. If this is the case, the protagonist is the most werewolf)

In any case, only one had the last laugh. Just because I took off the blindfold and strayed into the mundane world, I was born with love, and I was appreciated because of my talent, so I saw things that I shouldn't see. After the butterfly effect, I met a group of cruel people with different thoughts and positions. So it's better to wear a mask, be obsessed with art, stay away from right and wrong, don't ask about everything, and become immortal.

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  • Chet 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    Most of the episodes are beautifully done. It's really uncomfortable to watch Indian films with so few people. It feels more like a Spanish suspense film.

  • Dorian 2022-03-29 09:01:03

    I didn't see the male lead tuning in the whole time. . . .

Andhadhun quotes

  • Pramod Sinha: Can you play my songs as well?

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