"The Tuner" that tortures humanity

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No one intends to be evil, it's just that human nature can't stand the challenge. Sometimes, life seems so beautiful, but the reality is so cruel.

The Indian film "The Tuner" is like an X-ray machine to spy on human nature, using colorful lenses to reveal the deepest part of human nature.


There are two sources of tragedy in the play, one is the actor who wants to turn his life into poetry, and the other is the pianist who wants to focus on creation.

At the beginning of the film, there is a picture of a beautiful life: a blind pianist, dressed in bright clothes, goes in and out of a simple but exquisite apartment; the gentle hometown of the actor and his wife, the beautiful house, the wine and the delicious food.

Unusually, idealistic pianists go to the extreme in order to achieve their goals - pretending to be blind to achieve their goals.

Actor couples, husbands are successful, and wives are young and beautiful. They have live video broadcasts, perform in life, and live in performances. It seems that every day is full of emotions, and life and acting are perfectly integrated.


Life goes on: the pianist finds love unexpectedly and has a small career, but he doesn't return in time. For him, maybe the world of lies is better.

The actor husband, who is over 500 years old, is immersed in a dramatic life. On his wedding anniversary, he planned a big reversal: first he told his wife that he had something to go out, and then he came suddenly with flowers, and at the same time, he also invited a pianist to perform at the door. What an exciting picture, enough to make a disappointed wife cry with joy, and at the same time a wonderful reality show.

Unfortunately, the actor's wife thought her husband was really out, so she made a date with her lover. So the husband who wanted to surprise his wife instead gave him the biggest accident in his life. After returning home, he faced his cheating wife. The scene went out of control and he died unexpectedly in the conflict.

And the pianist, who was not resolutely shut out for posing as a blind man, was involved in the disaster.

Actors and pianists seem innocent, but what they do is actually out of human selfishness and greed. They thought they could play life and control the world. However, life is full of surprises. The good was broken mercilessly.

When it comes to cheating, in fact, all external requests are disappointment in reality. Some details in the film have already revealed some of the wife's dissatisfaction with the status quo, such as her grudge against her ex-wife's children for not accepting her stepmother status, and her impatience with her husband watching an old movie repeatedly.

Infidelity itself is not a particularly big thing in this era. Even if it is exposed, the worst result is just breaking up; and if it has been calm, most families will continue on a normal track.

The same is true for this wife. Although she does not love her husband so much, she has a normal relationship between husband and wife. After her husband died, facing the blind pianist, she endured the sadness and burst into tears. At that moment, she was flustered, regretful, and sad.


Tragedy wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the husband who went to great lengths to make a surprise. However, at the moment of the accident, everything changed, and the other side of human nature was revealed.

Actor's Wife:

When she learned that the old lady from the neighbor was very likely to testify against her, she hit the killer. After learning that the pianist was pretending to be blind, she blinded him. She is a strong woman, out of self-preservation instinct, this is her first choice. But it wasn't the kind of ruthless killing, she didn't put the pianist to death.

But after she was kidnapped by the pianist and the hawker couple, she did not hesitate to kill the pianist. At this time, she could not look back. As for the doctor who wanted to take her organs and life, it was a life-and-death contest from the beginning, and there was no choice.


The doctor's job is to save the dead and heal the wounded, but under the temptation of the huge profits of human organs, he became a professional executioner, with a sinful actuarial computer in his mind, blood matching, organ prices, it is his background code, calculating at any time, Every living individual is a number that might make him win the lottery.

Under the condition that there is no conflict of interest with the pianist, he goes with the flow and repays his gratitude. He wants to transplant the cornea of ​​the actor's wife to the pianist, and gives a lot of high-sounding reasons: that woman bears human life, and it is not a pity to die. Her organs in exchange for the health of more people can achieve the greatest value.

When he was going to take the pianist's kidney before, what he said to the lottery hawker was equally reasonable: because he is blind and has no family, there is no difference between one kidney and two kidneys, and there is no difference between living and dead. After seeing it, I realized that if it wasn't for waiting for the blood test report and waiting for the most valuable liver, he would have directly killed the pianist and took the kidney.

Hawkers and Drivers:

The taxi driver and his wife, a lottery peddler, rescued the pianist from a comatose street and took him to a clinic with his ID and wallet intact. For them at that time, the most probable greed was to save a person with status and hope to get some rewards.

But when the doctor offered 500,000 to buy his kidneys, their hearts turned; in the trade-off between the value of one kidney and two kidneys, they also chose evil for money. And when the pianist says the temptation of the number 10 million, their value turns again.

Their human nature is greed and ruthlessness. Between money and human life, they don't hesitate too much, the reason is to get rid of the predicament of running for a living. However, when the hawker lost her driver husband, she hysterically raised the money in her purse, the meaning of money no longer existed.


Each of the above is not inherently good or evil, but everyone is doing evil, and there is a sufficient reason for it, for the greater good.

This is man's propensity for profit. Although the probability of similar extreme situations in life is very small, once it does happen, who can guarantee what choices every seemingly kind person will make. How many times, good and evil are just a thought. The scenes and dialogues of the film are simple and straightforward, but they interpret the complex human nature in the plot reversal time and time again.

The characters in the film are not idle, the seemingly innocent children have been observing secretly, and finally discovered the secret of the blind pianist, and secretly filmed the video to try to profit. This plot doesn't seem to have much to do with the whole plot, maybe it's just a supplement on another level, or it's a warning to the reader that the world is never simple and kind.

Finally, let’s look back at the protagonist, the pianist. This is a very interesting character in the film, although according to his own narrative, in the end, he was an innocent victim who was lucky enough to save his life, like the panicked Blind Rabbit.

But the detailing at the end of the film pulls him back into his original disguise. The liver-shaped tree, the rabbit-headed cane, and the beaten soda can that passed by twice all told the audience that what you see is not what you get, and the pianist returns to his lies.

From beginning to end, the pianist is cunning. He understands human nature and is the best at exploiting it. Lies are part of his life. Although he claims to be blind in order to stay focused, it will undoubtedly allow him to have more initiative when encountering things, and he can choose to see or not to see according to the pros and cons. In the conversation with Sophie, it was also mentioned that because of her disability, she enjoyed a welfare apartment.

And at the moment when his kidney was taken, he instinctively took advantage of human nature and threw 10 million chips to save his life. Obviously, although he has experienced an unexpected shock, all in all, the lie has exchanged more benefits for him, and he can no longer be separated from the world of lies. How much weight love has in his heart is unknown.

In the film, Sophie is the simplest character, rich, beautiful, kind, and full of sense of justice. The world in her eyes is real and beautiful. May everyone have a Sophie's world in their eyes. May those bloody dramas only appear on the screen, and also remind us in reality, never create something out of nothing, try to test human nature, human nature does not need to be tested.

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Extended Reading
  • Else 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    The darkness of human nature in the movie is too naked, and there are basically no good results with those who seek skin with tigers. I think many people will make the same choice as the male protagonist after experiencing the things of the male lead, but a few will talk to their former lovers.

  • Trace 2022-03-26 09:01:07

    The original short film has five stars, but this expansion is actually three and a half stars. Some reversals are blunt and fail to convince the audience. Bonus points for the end of the blind stick.

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