The Heart Asks Pleasure First

Stefanie 2022-10-06 13:29:01

The voice you hear is not my speaking voice,but my mind's voice
I have net spoken since y was six years old
No-one knows why.not even me
My father says it is a dark talent and the day i take it into my head to stop breathing will be my last
Today he married me to a man i've not yet met
Soon my daughter and i shall join him in his own country
My husband said my muteness does not bother him

What a death
What a chance
What a surprise
My will has chosen life has had me spooked.and many other besides.
I teach piano now in Nelson
George has fashioned me a metal fingertip
I'm quite the town freak which satisfies
I am learning to speak
My sound is still so bad i feel ashamed
I practise only when i am alone and it is dark
At night i think of my pino in its ocean grave
And sometimes of myself floating above it
Down there. everything is so still and silent that it lulls me to sleep
It is a weird lullaby and so it is...
It is mine
There is a silence
Where hath been no sound
There is a silence where no sound my be
In the cold grave under the deep deep sea

Alienated, muddy, out of place, delicate, rough, cold, pale,
struggling, resisting, men and women, strong and weak. Who is normal and who is sick? Jealousy, love, and the chains of fate.
It's a very good female movie. In fact, the theme song "The Heart Asks Pleasure First" played by the heroine at the beach basically contains all the content of the movie.

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