Thank you for giving me a night of darkness - note: the rabbit is only blind in one eye

Guiseppe 2022-04-19 09:02:11

Foreshadowing before the movie:

In order to find music inspiration, the male protagonist has been pretending to be blind, but he is too serious, as long as no one is in the situation, he will return to normal immediately, and he has never lived a real blind life, so he pretended to be blind for so long to write Is something coming? He said it himself, no.

Next, let me tell you what happened to him.

First, the method of blinding the male protagonist explained by the female widow is really not "sure".

The widow ran "jolly" to tell her concubine that she had blinded the male protagonist, and the concubine asked how you blinded him (the implication is that it is not easy to blind a person, at least I I don't know any way, unless I use violence to directly buckle his eyeballs), the widow proudly said that there are hundreds of ways to do a random search on the Internet, and she chose to destroy the male protagonist's cornea - also That is, trauma.

Haha, this dialogue is deliberately described, does it mean anything to the movie? Do we viewers need to know how she blinded the male protagonist? Normally, this is not important, because according to the direction of the story, the male protagonist is just blind, and the specific method has nothing to do with the main line of the story.

But what if the male protagonist wasn't blind?

Is it possible that he is not blind? If the widow's method is particularly cautious and reliable, or the widow emphasizes that she is an ophthalmologist, or if there is a mysterious poison in the movie, or other very awesome process explanations, I absolutely believe that the male protagonist is blind, but the film writes What's the point of these?

Just be blind.

Then since you're blind, the process of being blind is not important, why would you deliberately let the concubine go to the widow's office and explain such a few words that don't hurt or hurt?

Because, there is a high probability that the male protagonist may not be blind!

Second, after the male protagonist woke up from the operating table, he had recovered some of his vision.

At the beginning of the night, the male protagonist was indeed blind, and the widow also left the male protagonist's house with confidence after confirming that the male protagonist could not see it. So how long has the male protagonist been blind?

In fact, I don't have any definite evidence, but I guess that after waking up from the operating table, he recovered a small part of his vision. Why do you say this, because after waking up from the operating table, he didn't cry anymore Go see a doctor for eye treatment.

It's completely different from the scene before the surgery!

Before the surgery, he was shouting in nine out of ten sentences. Hurry up and find an ophthalmologist for me!

Third, since the eyes have improved, why not say it?

For three reasons:

1. Gain the trust of others. The best way to gain trust is to prove your weakness. You can see that I am blind. I am not at your mercy, do you still need to guard against me? unnecessary.

2. Self-protection. Because he was found not blind before, it was already dangerous, and now he will be able to keep it in the dark.

3. See the world clearly. This last point is important.

Fourth, adding a few small places can show that the male protagonist is not completely blind.

1. The female widow and the male protagonist were tied together in the utility room. The female widow always wanted the male protagonist to help her untie the rope. The male protagonist sang a song without moving. His attitude was very strange, why? Because he doesn't actually need the help of the widow, he can see it, but he can't expose it at this time, so he hesitates, and at the same time, he sings to express his heart, he tries to trust the widow again, but you You know, but disappointed again.

2. The female widow killed the male driver, and after she got into the cab to drive, the male protagonist began to "intercede for the female widow". At that time, he could not protect himself, but when he saw what happened next, he was very clear that as long as he persuaded the widow, he would be rescued, so you can see his appearance as the Tang monk later, talking non-stop, very Fake isn't it?

Fifth, say the ending

1. The male protagonist's eyes are his own, and the ending of the story is true.

It is true that the widow was killed by her own car. If she did not move her last evil thoughts, everyone would be saved, but whether the widow died because of the rabbit crashed into the car, this is the eternal suspense, because the rabbit is just It's just a metaphor in the male protagonist's heart. Whether it really existed or not can never be determined. Maybe the widow was in a car crash with the male protagonist during the fight, and the male protagonist escaped? There is no way to study it, but from the metaphor of the rabbit, it is absolutely impossible for the female widow to be killed by the male protagonist.

2. The metaphor of the rabbit.

The rabbit is cowardly and weak. The film uses the rabbit as a metaphor for the male protagonist. The rabbit is cowardly, but the rabbit itself is not the murderer. The film is not about the male protagonist's evil, but cowardice and weakness.

The rabbit was chased by the hunter, and the hunter was the murderer. The rabbit ran to the scarecrow for shelter for the first time, but failed, just as the male protagonist tried to trust the three "killing" comrades.

Most importantly, the rabbit is only half blind! This is also a metaphor, the male protagonist has never been completely blind!

3. All the people in the film reveal the evil of human nature.

No one in the film is clean, and everyone has a great evil hidden in their hearts. The other main characters will not talk about it. The fat woman's wife who seems to love the police and has no regrets wants to directly when she finds out that her husband is cheating. Killed her husband, and later acquiesced to her husband to kill his mistress. Even the goddess of the male protagonist said something like "the widow should be killed and her corneas used."

The only 81-year-old lady who was not vicious, became the most innocent person who died in the whole film.

So, this is why the male protagonist chooses to be blind forever.

Going back to the unfinished point of the third point, he wanted to use this identity to be a secret bystander, which made him feel safe, although it was cruel.

4. Jump into the abyss to find the dragon.

The male protagonist sat by the bed and groped for coins like a blind man, feeling the texture. At that moment, he really understood the life of the blind. I think it was also from then on that he reflected on the "fake blind man" he had pretended to be for so long. Naturally, there can be no so-called inspiration. How can a short-term experience bring real inspiration and inspire real art?

Above, whether for art or for humanity, the male protagonist chose to be a truly blind man.

In the end, the male protagonist never went to the goddess he loved because he was afraid of seeing what he didn't want to see.

The last word of the goddess completely disillusioned him, and the moment he hit the can with his swing - it was anger!

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