What are the highlights of "The Tuner" compared with other similar suspense films?

Jeffery 2022-04-20 09:01:47

The movie "The Tuner" is one of the most enjoyable Indian suspense films I've watched recently. The film tells the story of a tuner pretending to be a blind man who accidentally witnessed a murder case and was involved in a series of dangers such as poisoning, killing, and organ trafficking. Interlocking and logical. The sinister human nature reflected in every detail can make people feel suffocated, and every frequent reversal and suggestion can make people shudder after thinking deeply.

Going backwards from the ending, the tuner faced the question from his ex-girlfriend Sophie. Although he was wearing sunglasses to cover half of his face, the meaningful smile and finally walking down the street with a cane kicked the soda can out of the way. , proved that he was lying, and improvised a story: 1. The camera gave a hint: the tuner and the doctor had already driven the car away from the "liver-like tree" at that time, but at the end, when the tuner told the story , the camera stopped under the tree. Foreshadowing that the liver of the double-killing woman was sold at that moment will already happen. Second, the waiter handed the tuner a rabbit-head crutch, and the camera gave a close-up of the rabbit's head, echoing the rabbit's shooting at the beginning of the film, and also gave the tuner a chance to use his imagination and lie (to make everything he did fit Reasonable) inspiration, since I am really blind, I can still clearly know that the rabbit hit the car and caused the double-killing girl to die in the car accident. This process is too clear and suspicious. A rabbit who survived and survived. Third, the tuner has said before, pay attention to the lottery girl, the doctor is not a good person. The doctor said that the corneas needed to be matched, and the blood samples of the double-killing women were tested. In fact, the purpose was to finally sell the organs of the tuner and the double-killing women. The tuner has never believed in the character of the doctor, so the fact is that he killed the doctor and the double murder female criminal, and did a corneal transplant to restore his vision, got money, went to Europe, and lived a prosperous life later. Tutu drivers and lottery girls do greedy black market transactions, and they end up in black market transactions, dying of greed, ironic and ridiculous. The police chief who had an affair with a female criminal could end up dying in an elevator after he accidentally shot and killed the female criminal's husband, and finally killed himself in a de-energized elevator. Except for the simple Sophie and the 80-year-old old lady who was thrown downstairs by the female criminal, there is no good person in the whole film, even the little boy downstairs of the tuner's house is mercenary, and the portrayal of human nature is incisive.

A black and white piano, elegantly placed, full of artistic atmosphere, but you never know how much distorted value is bred behind the seemingly peaceful, full of unknown self-interests in the corners. Pretending to be blind at the beginning has become a pretense for an artist to explore art more carefully, and he can continue to pretend to be blind after he has gone through all kinds of life and death because of pretending to be blind.

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  • Garry 2021-12-20 08:01:13

    Good to see it! It's really a reversal of God, goose bumps! The beginning and the end of the film echo and the last second shots of the male lead really leave a lot of room for imagination! This is the best suspense film I've watched this year! highly recommended?

  • Ethyl 2022-03-28 09:01:04

    The ending is mixed. Personally, I think everything changed from the self-narrative of the male protagonist two years later. Because it was "narrated by him", this part is very likely to be false-he described himself as a white lotus, and the femme fatale was accidental. He died, but in fact it is very likely that he obeyed the doctor's words, used the cornea of ​​the femme fatale, and then killed the doctor and went abroad to start a new life with 60 million rupees. After all, in a safe environment where conflict has not yet occurred, a person who does not exclude using a blind person to obtain work, shelter, and love cannot be Xiao Xuebai (or, in other words, an ordinary person with inherent human inferiority). I believe that before he got into the doctor's car, everything went as the plot developed; but after experiencing many deceptions, how the ending will be completely unpredictable, or, in terms of human nature, this person has made the best choice for himself. possible.

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