There are many blind people

Paolo 2022-04-20 09:01:47

"The Tuner": Another film that tortures human nature. The answer is still that human nature cannot stand the test.

Indian films currently seem to be more inclusive than Chinese films.

It is not necessary to whitewash peace and dare to expose the darkness of society and human nature. What is life? What the director expresses is probably that omnipresent evil and moral blind people have built this society that is extremely thoughtful and fearful.

At the beginning of watching the film, I felt that the male protagonist was very charming, and I gasped when I saw the end. From beginning to end, he just wanted to be a blind bystander, like many ordinary people around us.

However, I still think that the music of Indian films is better than the screenwriter, and the director is better than the actors. When I watch the plot, I am very calm, only when the music is raised, I am a little moved. In this film, music occasionally evokes the warmth and kindness in human nature. The psychological changes of the male protagonist are matched with a suitable song to match the emotional expression, there is love, there is fear, there is helplessness, and there is indifference.

I hadn't seen the tuner short film, and it was even 15 minutes late, so I had no idea what the plot was. I missed the beginning, and I don't know what the director has foreshadowed. However, after reading it, I feel that the story is very complete, and I also feel the persistence of the screenwriter and director. When the plot was about to have a Happy ending, it just made the film dark to the end.

After watching the movie, I feel that the truth of the story is not important at all. How to regain confidence in this indifferent and absurd world may be the most embarrassing thing!

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Extended Reading
  • Keagan 2022-03-24 09:02:10

    Another movie from the next door that slaps the thigh and slaps the face. I was afraid that IMDb's score was written by the same large number of Indian people who love movies. It turned out that this is actually an expanded and upgraded deluxe version of the thriller short film "The Tuner" that I have been thinking about for so many years. So amazing in singing and dancing. It is strongly recommended that those who have not seen the original work first go to make up, and then wait for the domestic introduction.

  • Luisa 2022-03-29 09:01:03

    Although the plot has been reversed again and again, it seems deliberate, without the texture of a thriller, the rhythm and atmosphere are average, the progress is slow, and it takes more than 40 minutes to start seeing dead people. They sing and dance when they disagree. The characters are handsome, beautiful, and sensual, but they basically have no acting skills.

Andhadhun quotes

  • Pramod Sinha: Can you play my songs as well?

    Akash: Sure. I'll just play them.

    Pramod Sinha: No, not here. Come to my house tomorrow for a private concert. I'll be there along with my wife. She loves the actor Rajesh Khanna. Play his numbers. She'll be happy. Here. Here's my address. And an advance. You'll get more later. One o'clock.

  • Sofie: [watching news about Akash and Simi] They've eloped.