What are the intriguing details of "The Tuner"?

Wayne 2022-04-20 09:01:47

Before we start reading, let's first understand a few things:

1. Existence is truth;

2. Every frame of a suspenseful movie is very important, whether it is a metaphor, a foreshadowing, a hint or an echo, etc., and there will be no redundant parts;

3. The BGM of the whole movie is very important, and it highlights the current environment and psychology. The two most important BGMs in the whole movie are when the male protagonist is watching the train in the toilet after the male protagonist kidnaps the female protagonist, and when the ex-girlfriend hears the male protagonist's song in Europe;

4. No matter what the purpose is, from the beginning of the male protagonist pretending to be blind, it can be seen that the male protagonist is complacent about successfully obtaining benefits from lies;

5. The self-report of the male protagonist at the beginning has actually shown that this is a story with the first person as the starting point;

Next, let's discuss the entire movie with a few questions.

1. What does the title: Whats life? It depends on livers mean?

2. Has the male protagonist regained his sight?

3. When did the male lead regain his sight?

4. Is the story told by the male protagonist to his ex-girlfriend true?

5. What is the significance of the existence of the characters of the male protagonist and his girlfriend?

6. Why did the doctor and mother-in-law let go of the male protagonist?

7. Are the police dead?

8. Who killed the husband?

9. Is Simi dead?

10. Is the doctor dead? How do you die if you die?

11. If only the male protagonist survives in the end, how did the male protagonist move to Europe?

Q: What does the title: Whats life? It depends on livers mean?

A: Whats life? It depends on livers. This sentence has a double meaning, one is interpreted as "what is life, life depends on the liver"; the other is "what is life, life depends on the person who lives". What does this explanation mean? It means that the dead cannot justify, but the living can cover up the truth with lies. The male protagonist lived to the end, and the self-report of the male protagonist at the beginning has actually indicated that this is a story with the first person as the starting point, so the authenticity of this story is worth considering for anything that involves the interests of the male protagonist.

Q: Has the male protagonist regained his sight?

A: It's clear.

Episode 1: The coffee shop waiter asked the male protagonist: Sir, is this yours? The male protagonist answered yes without asking what it was, indicating that the male protagonist could see it.

Plot 2: The little friends who saw the end must know that the male protagonist beat the cans with a cane. This detail explains at least two points: 1. He has regained his sight and can see cans. 2. Blackening. First of all, the act of continuing to pretend to be blind after so many twists and turns is enough to prove the blackness of the male protagonist. Secondly, the male protagonist's mood after chatting with his ex-girlfriend can be said to be very happy. The reason is definitely not the joy of reunion, but only because he thinks his lie has successfully deceived his ex-girlfriend. It should be noted here that we know earlier that the male protagonist's lies in the past were for profit or survival, but this time he did not gain profit or threaten his life. Perhaps to cover up the crime, but his story completely beautifies himself, describing himself as a saint who was extremely kind in the face of death. The stories he tells are proof enough of his psychological changes. The complacent male protagonist didn't bypass the can and beat him away with a cane. His hatred and revenge were obvious. At the same time, the story he tells is about death. Although the object of death once put him to death, a kind-hearted self like the male protagonist would not have a happy mood in such a situation, and the reaction is heavy, indicating that the male protagonist No longer kind.

Q: When did the male lead regain his sight?

A: Possibility 1: Use the money exchanged by the doctor and Simi to restore the sight.

Possibility 2: This possibility is more likely. The medicine bought by the blind male protagonist of sago poisoning is searched from the Internet, and its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed. The male protagonist gradually recovers his eyesight in the subsequent episodes. Scenario 1: The male protagonist suddenly disrupts the stack of toys on the table. Plot 2: The male protagonist opens the toilet window to look at the train outside the window; Plot 3: The white shade on the male protagonist's eyes gradually disappears.

Q: Is the story the male protagonist tells his ex-girlfriend true?

A: Not true. The BGM of the male lead and his ex-girlfriend reuniting at this time is a song written by the male lead for his girlfriend. Preliminary summary: When my girlfriend broke up, she said: You broke my heart, so let's make a sad song.

Plot 1: The male protagonist has regained his sight, but in the end of the male protagonist's story, he did not regain his sight, including continuing to pretend to be blind in real life.

Plot 2: Even according to the story told by the male protagonist, the hunter shoots the blind rabbit, and the blind rabbit hits Simi's car and the male protagonist is rescued. How did the male protagonist know that the one who saved him was a rabbit, and it was a blind rabbit. Explain that the male protagonist is lying.

Q: What is the significance of the existence of the characters of the male protagonist and his girlfriend?

A: The fact that there is no girlfriend in the whole story has little influence on the plot. The male protagonist and his girlfriend are actually the epitome of us viewers. There are many details to see that the male protagonist is pretending to be blind, but the girlfriend has no doubts. For example: the male protagonist stares at the painting on the wall, the male protagonist's eyes are no different from normal people's eyes, the male protagonist sees the fixation and gets the popcorn accurately, etc. Like the heroine, we are bewitched by appearances. We are convinced of the stereotype and stubbornness in our hearts. We are obviously suspicious, but we are unwilling to think about the authenticity of the incident.

Q: Why did the doctor and the mother-in-law let go of the male protagonist?

A: At 1:40:00 in the video, it can be seen that the doctor and the mother-in-law are mercenary. In the film, the direct reason why the two people let go of the male protagonist in the middle of taking the kidney is that the male protagonist said that the tattoo on the wife's body is Shiva. But the fundamental reason is not that the two believe in God, but that they want to get the 10 million rupees from the male lead.

Scenario 1: The doctor pointed out that the male protagonist's eye was recently injured. At this time, the mother-in-law and her bouncing car husband were present. The mother-in-law's husband mentioned in the chat with the male protagonist that he had sent the male protagonist to the police station before. It means that the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law's husband, and the male protagonist have all met before, and the mother-in-law has always recognized the male protagonist. It can be seen that the three people here know that the male protagonist is not divine, but pretended to be blind in the past.

Plot 2: When the police brought money, the mother-in-law and her husband kidnapped the male protagonist. If the mother-in-law believes in the power of the male protagonist, she should try her best to protect it instead of crossing the river and demolishing the bridge. It shows that what the mother-in-law likes is only the 10 million rupees in the mouth of the male protagonist.

Q: Are the police dead?

A: At 1:52:00, the police shot himself in the elevator without electricity. The building was built in a remote area and was rarely visited. When the police shoot themselves, the elevator is cut off, and no one is rescued, there is a high possibility of death due to excessive blood loss.

Q: Who killed the husband?

A: There are several scenarios for the death of my husband. Police kill, Simi kill, suicide. The most likely of these is suicide by firearms. From the wound on the husband's left neck, it can be seen that the murder weapon was a gun. Then there are the following points to support the suicide of a firearm:

1. The husband held a gun in his left hand and saw the adultery between Simi and the police. It was reasonable for him to shoot himself with the gun in his left hand and shoot himself in the left neck. If the husband is holding the gun in his right hand, the wound on the left side of the neck points directly to the homicide.

2. When Simi was kidnapped, she once defended her husband's suicide by firing a gun, but admitted that he pushed the old lady downstairs to cause death. Since she can admit to murdering the old lady, if Simi really killed her husband, then admitting to murdering her husband doesn't matter to her.

3. A conversation between Simi and the police at home pointed out: "Why do you bring a gun?" Simi thought that if the police did not bring a gun to cause her husband's death, perhaps her husband would forgive him.

Q: Is Simi dead?

A: Dead. If Simi doesn't die, it doesn't make sense for the male protagonist to lie. It is very likely that the male owner sold his organs.

Q: Is the doctor dead? How do you die if you die?

A: Very likely to die. Reversely, corneal transplantation does not require matching, the doctor is someone who sees money, and the doctor deceives the male protagonist that the cornea needs to be matched to save the eye, which shows that the doctor still wants the male protagonist's kidneys and put the male protagonist to death. In the end, the male protagonist did not die, it can only mean that the doctor died. Otherwise it constitutes a paradox.

1:42:00 The male protagonist asked the doctor: Does Dr. Amback really exist? The doctor said with a smile that Dr. Puna Ambaek has thousands of dollars. The wife and husband laughed. Then the male protagonist opened the toilet window and played with coins on the bed. For the male protagonist, treating his eyes is his hope, but the doctor joked with him about the most important thing to him. From the act of opening the toilet to "observe" the periphery, I suspect that the male protagonist's eyesight has begun to recover. Note: The BGM at this time mentions the price of friendship, and the kidney is more valuable. Then the male protagonist tossed a coin on the bed, when would a normal person toss a coin to play? When making a decision or thinking about a problem. It means that the male protagonist has begun to doubt whether the doctor can cure his eyes, and the male protagonist is thinking about the next way to deal with it.

1:49:00 The male protagonist has commented on the three people: the mother-in-law's husband is better at talking than the mother-in-law, and the doctor is dangerous. The male protagonist knows that the doctor is the most dangerous of the three.

2:00:00 The doctor said: If the male protagonist and the sago cornea match, the male protagonist can regain his sight. But in fact the cornea does not need matching. At this moment, the doctor is deceiving the male protagonist. And at this time, there is no obvious white shade on the male protagonist's eyes, which symbolizes blindness. It is very likely that the male protagonist's eyesight has recovered at least partially at this time.

2:00:00 The doctor called and chatted with the male protagonist in the car. Tell the male protagonist your name, the object of the transaction, the location of the transaction, and the reason for the transaction. When the doctor handed over the anesthetic to the male protagonist, the male protagonist most likely stabbed the doctor and Simi who woke up in the trunk. The two were traded to each other together.

Q: If only the male protagonist survives in the end, how did the male protagonist move to Europe?

A: The male protagonist has exchanged two lives for a lot of money, but only if the eyes are partially recovered. If the male protagonist did not recover his eyesight, how did he go to Europe, or even if the male protagonist recovered his eyesight, who else could help him go to Europe? At the beginning of the film, the male protagonist once complained that there was a woman who put her hands on the male protagonist's lap for more time than on the piano. The group performance told the male protagonist that if the male protagonist wanted to go to Paris, the woman could help him.

After careful consideration, this film is still very interesting, and more details are waiting for us to discover. Any similarities in the doubts discussed are purely coincidental. As the so-called heroes see the same thing, let's be friends.

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