In-depth analysis | The ending is not an open ending, there is only one truth

Effie 2022-04-20 09:01:47

This movie God is a masterpiece in recent years. God is God. You think it is an open ending, but it is not. Next, I will analyze it a little bit.

After watching the movie, it is easier for you to think that it is a double ending. The first type of male protagonist was really rescued by a rabbit, and the second type of female protagonist sold his eyes to change his cornea. There are also strange bones that feel that the male protagonist lied to the second female from the beginning. and many more. But from many details, the director has emphasized that there is only one ending to this story, and that is the second one. The male protagonist listened to the doctor's words, sold the female protagonist for money and corneas, and went to Paris.

NO.1 主题句 “What is life, it depends on the liver”

In fact, in the whole movie, everyone can see the director's careful thinking, that everything has two sides, and the answer will be different from different angles, and this sentence is no exception. "liver" refers to the liver on the one hand and the living person on the other. The living people are actually not accurate. I checked the English dictionary specially, and it explained people who lived in a special way. Holy crap, isn't this person the male lead? Live as a blind man.

This sentence is very incisive. One word has two meanings, "liver", "false blind male protagonist", and then expresses the whole movie in one sentence, which is also a very important dividing line.

NO.2 Echoes at the beginning and end of the film

Let me remind you first, the first sentence of the title is the topic sentence mentioned above, and then the male protagonist's voice "long story, coffee", and immediately switched to the scene of the hunter and the rabbit, and the last gunshot and crash sounded. Titled "andhadhun", the film officially begins. At the end of the film, the doctor said the topic sentence, then the male protagonist was silent, and the car drove into the distance. After two years, the female second met the male protagonist, the doctor said the topic sentence, and the new ending of the rabbit saving his life occurred. echo it.

Carefully look at the correspondence between the beginning and the end of the film, from the beginning is the topic sentence----coffee----rabbit---title, the end is the topic sentence----coffee----topic sentence----rabbit- --Farewell---Title.

This logical sequence, the phrase "long story, coffee" is the key point, allowing the director to remind us which part of the narrative is objective and which part is subjectively edited by the male protagonist. From the official start of the film to the part where the doctor says the topic sentence is an objective story, and the male protagonist's voice at the beginning of the film is "long story, coffee", followed by hunters hunting, and meeting two years later at the end of the film, the corresponding parts of the rabbit are the male. main subjective story.

This small detail negates the possibility that the story is all made up by the male protagonist. In addition, the client is still alive, yes, the tricycle aunt, the police chief and his wife (not sure if the chief is alive or dead). If the second woman wants to verify whether the man has lied, she can go directly to the client to confront him.

NO.3 Ending conflict and flaws

Back to the double ending, in the first version, the doctor drove away with the male protagonist. On the road, he said that he would sell the female protagonist and change the cornea of ​​the male protagonist. After saying the topic sentence, the male protagonist was silent for a long time, in order to emphasize the silence and the The difference in the second edition, the director let a group of people pass by. In the second version, after the doctor finished the topic sentence, the male protagonist retorted very quickly, which conflicted with the previous connection. Careful netizens also discovered that the tree was in the wrong position when driving.

In the second version, the male protagonist is from the perspective of God, which is impossible for a blind male protagonist. It was impossible for him to know that the female host was going to rush to kill him after letting him down. What if she came to pick him up? It was impossible for him to be sure that the animal that rescued him was a rabbit, and it was a blind rabbit. Some people will say that the hunter will tell him, this is an off-site clue, we can't judge in the play, it is not enough as a reference.

Finally, there is the question of whether the male protagonist is blind or not, and the answer is that he is definitely not blind. First of all, when the second girl went to hold his hand, he knew it was the second girl when he touched it. Secondly, the male protagonist finally knocked out the cans. As a blind man, he didn't find the cans, so he knew the location of the cans was unlikely. Finally, the male protagonist said that he has no friends or family, so it is impossible for him to be sent to Paris by friends and donate corneas to cure his eyes. Even if it may be an imaginary that was not filmed outside the movie, we will not discuss it.

There are still many flaws waiting for you to discover. These unreasonable places are combined to make you sure that this movie seems to have two endings, but in fact there is only one ending.

NO.4 There is no "duck and rabbit illusion"

Last but not least, one that many people may not know about. Everyone should remember that rabbit cane! The director also used a thoughtful detail to remind everyone that there is only one real ending, and that is the problem of using the "duck and rabbit illusion".

The concept of "duck and rabbit illusion" is easy to understand. Looking at the picture below, do you think it is a duck or a rabbit? Some people can only see rabbits, while others can see both. This is the so-called illusion. In the movie, the director also used a lot of two-sided questions, and the results seen from different angles were different.

But the rabbit cane in the movie did not use the "duck-rabbit illusion" cane, but used the rabbit cane accurately, which reflected a problem from the side. The director emphasized that there is only one truth in this movie.

NO.5 Why do the male protagonists make up stories

If you can see this, it means that you should be persuaded a lot. The male protagonist seems to be a good person on the surface, but he is actually a cowardly person who is afraid of death and loves to take advantage of others. His purpose of pretending to be blind is clear, because people will look at him with sympathy, the government will give him a house, and everyone will praise his music. On the surface, it would seem that his pretending to be blind won't affect anyone, but it's actually immoral. The male editor-in-chief of the story hopes to create a more tragic character to win the sympathy of more people. He is used to living in this kind of sympathy, and it is impossible to escape.

Seeing the second girl two years later, as soon as she recognized the second girl, she was ridiculed, and she was pretending to be deceived again. The male protagonist sneered, and continued to make up stories to make people feel sympathetic. The male protagonist is best at it, and the second female is someone who is easy to believe.

Finally, why choose the blind rabbit, the blind rabbit heralds the male protagonist himself, the hunter heralds the female protagonist and those who want to profit from him, the blind rabbit's decision to crash the car saves the male protagonist and the rabbit himself, which indicates that The hero's decision saved himself, and the exploding vehicle heralded the end of the murder case.

This movie is a masterpiece in recent years, and it is worth watching several times and savoring it carefully. Hope my review is helpful to you!

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