how the story ends depends on how you believe

Cindy 2022-04-20 09:01:47

I still think the male protagonist didn't take Simi's cornea in the end.

Everyone tends to think that the male protagonist will slowly turn black in the end and become a complete bad guy. But I think just like the metaphor in the movie, he's just a blind rabbit (weak, pitiful, and helpless (no). He's cowardly and does something wrong, but he's not totally evil.

He would buy a street vendor's lottery ticket out of kindness after witnessing the first murder ← This event saved his life at a critical moment. After sitting for a while, I chose to call the police. After he was trapped with Simi and shattered the glass, all he said to Simi was "Would you like to go to the police station with me?" ← Simi hit him hard.

I also believe that the male protagonist's eyes are not completely blind after being poisoned. One reason is that his eyes were very cloudy when he was poisoned, and after a few shots were given, his eyes became different from the situation at the time. It shouldn't be an unintentional arrangement. The other is that in the conversation between the sheriff and Simi, he specifically asked how it was poisoned, and Simi replied that he searched the Internet casually. Deliberate questioning should also be a clue.

If you believe that the male protagonist is not completely blind, combined with his questioning after breaking the glass where he was trapped, it is guessed that he took off Simi's blindfold at that time because he believed that he could control the situation and chose to give her another chance. The other thing I care about is that in the car at the end he said, "If I take her cornea, I can't play the piano anymore." Unfortunately, we audience are like Sophie who was cheated by him, he became that The boy who cried wolf, no one knew whether his words were worth believing.

Therefore, only the director's intention can be the basis for judgment. I don't know if everyone still remembers the beautiful woman covering her eyes behind the tuk-tuk car, with a line of words written below. The paraphrase only appeared once and I kind of forgot, maybe "God's eyes are watching you"? (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) There are more than 500 close-ups of this portrait in the film. The film also revolves around the opening sentence. Life depends on the liver. Life is chosen by people. The direction of the story also confirms this many times. The sheriff was wounded by his own gun. Morrie, who sold organs, dies and is advised to donate organs. The accomplices lost close relatives, and all they tried so hard to get was waste paper. The male protagonist escaped from their hands because of his previous kindness. Including the religious clues that appeared many times, all revealed the intention of this story to express the retribution of good and evil and the cycle of cause and effect.

Then the ending of the male protagonist will not be to take away Simi's cornea and go to Europe with the money from selling the organs. The Doctor's ending is also a bug. One proof is that the male protagonist feels very angry, or tired and impatient when he kicks the can after hearing Sophie's last sentence "you should take it". It shows that what he has done is different from what Sophie said, at least he must not agree with this practice in his heart. Another piece of evidence is that his stories contain causal reincarnation. (The story the male protagonist told Sophie at the end must be a lie. The big tree mentioned by many people is an obvious signal.)

If he wanted to say he wasn't involved, let's say the doctor dropped him off. Simi killed the doctor and then let him out of the car and fled. Simi put him out of the car and didn't look back, drove forward and met the dead rabbit. Why did it say that she killed the doctor, then came back to kill herself and then killed herself. Because he realized the reincarnation of cause and effect through his last experience, the ending cannot be that he simply took the money and the cornea and became a real villain. Neither the Doctor nor Simi would end well, otherwise he wouldn't have made up stories like theirs. As for where did he get the money to go to Europe. After two years in the film, I guess that two years of saving money on his own might be enough? It is also possible that he still made some deals with the rich man, after all, it was still to save a person's life.

Another concern in the film is the incompetence of the police, chaotic management, and rampant organ trafficking. Those two idiots committed impulsive crimes, and their tactics were very simple, so they could succeed. The male protagonist did not dare to report when he was about to sign the testimony. In his imagination, the police were also on the side of the sheriff. The police station did not see any pressure on the death of a celebrity. The sheriff's wife also told him that it would be good for him to solve the case... The neighbor's grandmother noticed that she didn't respond to the police immediately, and she had to ask the police casual, and she was killed when she turned around.

Another is Sophie's setting - the ignorant onlookers... Listening to the wind is the rain. The male protagonist said that he was blind and could not see five hundred flaws. Simi said that the male protagonist is a love liar, and people can't be found after being poisoned like that. The male protagonist said that he, a blind man, saw a blind rabbit fly over and end Simi, wow, you should take her cornea! No wonder the hero is angry.

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    I didn't see the male lead tuning in the whole time. . . .

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