Brain holes about the male protagonist's vision and the doctor's outcome

Travon 2022-04-21 09:02:28

All of the following ideas are based on three points:

1. A doctor is a person who sees only interests

2. If the male protagonist is really blind, the doctor will definitely sell him in the end, and the male protagonist cannot survive.

3. The male protagonist has no "friends", so he must have gotten a windfall to appear in London

So: at least at the end of the feature film, when the two drove past the big tree, the male protagonist regained his sight. In this way, the male protagonist has the ability to compete with the doctor, survive, and obtain money (presumably the money for selling the cheating woman to the chief).

To put it simply, the main line of the story of this brain hole is that the male protagonist quickly recovered his eyesight and concealed this fact. After the car finally drove through the big tree, he killed the doctor, sold the cheating girl, and obtained property that can go to London.

Look for clues based on conclusions like this:

When the male protagonist was soaked in water after taking the poison, the damage to his two eyes seemed to be different, and only one eye might be more damaged. Not sure about this, but rabbits can be a testament to that.

The sheriff asked the cheating girl how did you blind him? There are 10,000 ways for cheating women to answer online. Whether it is reliable and completely blind is also questionable. In addition, some netizens commented that if it is mild retinal damage, it may recover in 2-3 days.

When the male protagonist was chased and killed, he should have lost his sight when he stumbled out of the door and hit a pillar.

After Shiva escaped from taking the kidney, the male protagonist could toss the coin and catch it. Considering that the male protagonist has been pretending to be blind before, the blind skill points have not been fully filled, and the test found that it is still difficult to flip a coin with eyes closed. There are reasonable reasons to suspect that the male protagonist may have recovered a little/part of his vision.

Oh one more doubt. When the cheating girl drove the male lead out, and was stopped by a sudden car, how did they know that the cheating girl wanted to choose this route? One second ago, the dog and the man were discussing going to xx place to meet on the phone, and the camera showed the navigation on the sheriff's mobile phone. A guess is not necessarily correct, did they share the navigation route and were seen by the male protagonist? Of course this is just a guess, not hard enough

If the male protagonist has regained his sight, why should he pretend to be blind? Because he wanted to use 10 million rupees to tempt the driver's mother and son to join forces with him, in fact, he wanted to use the driver's mother and son to kill the dog men and women. In fact, he knew that 10 million didn't exist, and he didn't want to personally participate in the "money withdrawal" scene, so he didn't resist when he was kidnapped.

And all this needs to be based on the mercenary mother and son of the driver who believes that he is blind. Otherwise, he will either be ordered to deal with the sheriff in person, the risk factor is too high, or he will be abandoned/silenced/locked up after thinking about the strategy.

In the section of being locked up in the storage room, although the male protagonist banged a bunch of things in the house under the "command" of the cheating girl, no one was hurt. It cannot be used as strong evidence, but it is enough to be suspicious.

After the doctor came, the male protagonist ran out of the room with great accuracy and hit the cheating girl. Not like the skill of a blind man. Another netizen pointed out that this section happened to be passed by a train, so it was completely impossible to identify the location by sound. I don't remember this detail, I have doubts, if it is true, it will be strong evidence that the male protagonist is not blind.

After that is the pure brain hole part: what happened in the car? How did the male protagonist survive and get money? What happened to the doctor and the cheating girl?

My speculation is based on the fact that the story of the male editor is not out of thin air. Part of the picture he describes is the truth: the cheating woman is put in the trunk, and the doctor tells the part about the successful matching (the doctor thinks that this person is still blind at this time. Fighting power, so for the time being united as teammates, at least it can help when dealing with cheating women). He then got the chief's contact details (at least the doctor's cell phone), the doctor got out of the car, and he drove the doctor to death. Or the doctor gets out of the car and is killed by the cheating girl, and he ends up cheating on the girl again.

That is, only the dead and violent scenes in the story are real, like the doctor's face in the rearview mirror, or the car crash, but there are no rabbits. Everything else is disguised in front of ex.

Then sell the cheating girl. Got money. Come to London to live the swashbuckling life of your dreams.

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