Blindness is Blindness - "Accidents" and Foreshadowing in "The Tuner"

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Some blind in the eye,some blind in the heart.Life depends on the liver. 心盲即眼盲。

Blindness has many disadvantages, but it also has only one advantage - focus.

——The above is the original intention of this male protagonist who is struggling to pursue his artistic dream, playing the blind man for many years. In order to better focus on music, hurry up and save 200,000 rubles to fulfill his dream of studying in Europe.

Because he pretended to be blind, he enjoyed a lot of special treatment: he rented a low-rent house for disabled people at the price of 500 rubles (equivalent to less than 50 yuan) per month; he was taken care of by the daughter of the western restaurant owner, Su Duofan, in addition to getting In addition to the work of performing in the restaurant, he also successfully sublimated Sophie's compassion for herself into admiration.

But also because he pretended to be blind, he was passively involved in a series of bizarre events: he witnessed the scene of the murder twice, was almost killed several times, just got out of the tiger's den and entered the wolf's den, almost got a kidney cut, and went from pretending to being blind to being really blind. Back to pretending to be blind

The plot has been reversed again and again, and the male protagonist uses the "indomitable" act of blindness to perfectly explain what is meant by "life is like a play, all depends on acting skills" , but it also makes people ask: The kind of "everyone" disclosed in the film In the "evil" social environment, is the "blindness" of people an innate instinct or an acquired habit? Accidental or inevitable?

It's like a mask, once put on, it can't be taken off for life. (Spoilers below)

(1) The gray line of the grass snake, and the pulse for thousands of miles

As a drama that can be called "grass snake gray line, Fumai Qianli", first of all, we must praise the background music, set off the scene atmosphere and character psychology just right, and let every foreshadowing and reversal have traces to follow . What's more interesting is that because there are too many foreshadowings that are "visible to the naked eye", when each foreshadowing is buried or is first seen, BGM with different styles can easily stimulate the audience to spread the wings of imagination and unconsciously make up for it. This kind of plot continues to develop in the direction - but unfortunately, the one presented in the movie is not conventional, canceling the audience's "God's perspective" , but instead allowing layers of surprises or "stimulation" to continue.

In addition to the blind rabbit at the beginning of the film, there are voiceovers such as sudden braking and broken glass, the dialogue in the cafe, etc., as well as the slightly conventional encounter between the male and female protagonists, and some foreshadowing plots that exude the "sour smell of love" , the male protagonist was invited by the former male star Plummer Sinha to play at his home in the afternoon to celebrate the Plummer couple's wedding anniversary, and the thrilling part of the story really began.

Those who have watched the 2010 French ten-minute thriller "The Tuner" will feel inexplicably familiar at this moment - the credits at the end clearly mention that the film was adapted from the French short - but the details of the two are not the same. It's not the same, and the endings of the two male protagonists are completely opposite. Let's put it this way: the blind male protagonist in the French short film is destined to be a gangster , because there are too many loopholes to prove that his acting skills are poor, and he can't fool the murderer at all, so that he acts as him From the moment he chooses to continue to act blind rather than resist, he is doomed to be killed .

It's not a bad thing to love acting and pretending to be blind. However, if you can deceive yourself, it's no big deal. If you can't deceive others, you will be swept out of the house as a liar, or you will have to pay the price of your life.

——Fortunately, in addition to paying homage to the previous work, this Indian drama has done a completely different treatment to the details, so that the male protagonist of this drama can hide from the sky . The details will be expanded further below.

(2) The first psychological accident

From entering Plummer's house and touching this great piano, the male protagonist's mood is happy or even excited, after all, good musical instruments always make friends happy. So whether he was answering Simi's question about "Are you completely blind or still partially sighted", or when he was asked to play for a while, he had a big smile on his face, big white teeth, and the music he played was also Extraordinarily light and cheerful. But this kind of happiness didn't last long - when the male protagonist's eyes inadvertently glanced at the motionless legs on the ground by the dining table, as well as the pool of liquid that looked like blood, his smile solidified into a frightened, brisk expression. The sound of the piano sank suddenly, and then stopped abruptly.

Fortunately, the hostess, who was standing on the same side and didn't notice his expression, only regarded the change in pitch as a signal that the test was over, and also applauded and praised, but she didn't know that the man's heart was already surging.

No matter how calm people are, they can't be completely indifferent at this moment. In order to calm down a little, or be alone for a while to think about countermeasures, or to get closer to confirm the situation, the male protagonist asked to borrow the bathroom.

To walk through the murder scene with the help of the murderer, to pretend to stumble like a blind man but cleverly avoid the chocolate, flowers, broken wine bottles and red wine liquid on the ground, so as not to "touch - the hostess explained - in case "There are loopholes in the explanation" brought death to himself, and the audience's heart was swayed to follow the male protagonist's "organized exploration" all the way to the bathroom, locked the door and thought that he could finally breathe a sigh of relief, but the first "psychological" in the play Accident" or "Thriller Egg", waiting here:

A murderer who was obviously stronger and more ruthless - the mistress's lover, sturdy and armed with a gun, was staring at him coldly in the corner of the bathroom, ready to shoot.

How strong is the psychological quality required to be able to calmly complete the steps of "urinating - washing your hands - groping to open the door" under the gaze of death, without showing a trace of panic? But the male protagonist who pretended to be blind for a long time did it, but I wonder if he regretted borrowing the bathroom? I thought it was "temporarily lifted the alert", but it turned out that just after getting off the mountain of swords, I jumped into the sea of ​​​​fire. In all fairness, the unarmed hostess outside looked much "safer" than the muscular man with a gun in front of me...

Of course, such a setting is also doomed. He must play this blind man's play to the end, and there will be no chance of winning against it .

(3) The second psychological accident

Compared with the countless "killing" behaviors of the male protagonist in the French suspense short drama "The Tuner", this play has made a lot of details, such as the male protagonist groping like a blind man every time he rings the doorbell (so as not to prevent the hostess from reading the cat's eye) There is no direct contact with corpses or bloodstains or objects on the ground, so it is not easy to show off; the only tense moment is concealed by the sound of the piano, and the emotional control after that is almost perfect; the existence of the lover explains the French short film "The male protagonist is The question of a young and strong guy who is afraid that he can't beat an old woman" laid the foundation for the male protagonist's necessity of pretending to be blind.

After successfully getting out of trouble, the male protagonist's first choice is "kindness" , and he decisively chooses to report to the police station, but when he opens his mouth, he ushered in the second "accident" - the murderer's lover is actually the police chief! The only power that can punish evil is the evil itself . At this time, let alone clarifying the truth, even his own life is in worry... Fortunately, after the director's test, the cat saved the male lead. (On the importance of having a cat owner at home~) Then, he signed with his conscience and made perjury, and then at the funeral, in order to maintain the apparent harmony, he promised to teach Plummer's daughter to play the piano. The man whose conscience was condemned was at this time. Hearing a very righteous neighbor old lady tell the police that Simi was lying, another man entered the house before Plummer went home, and the case has another hidden meaning.

Once again stimulated and inspired by his moral conscience, the male protagonist chose "goodness" again, but this time he had more self-protection considerations : he reported the case in the form of an anonymous phone call, proving that the director was the real culprit. ——Unfortunately, the truth and the old lady's report were all told by the police as a prank joke to the director, and the director also concluded at this moment that the male protagonist was the initiator of these whistleblower calls, no matter if he was really blind. , both he and the old lady must be removed. So who goes out? Sago is without a doubt the first choice.

The male protagonist who came to Plummer's house to teach the piano again had no idea that he would see Simi pushing the old lady downstairs just as the elevator door opened. Frightened, he immediately pretended to squat down to pick up things out of instinct, so as not to let Simi doubt himself as much as possible. The BGM Beethoven's "Symphony of Destiny" that followed, in addition to rendering the horror and accident of this moment to a climax, also had a ridiculous sense of absurdity: actually encountered the same murderer for the second time in the same building. , this coincidence is not only a joke about "the chosen person", but also the absurd comedy of the plot.

(4) The third psychological accident

The third "accident" is related to the foreshadowing of the first character, that is, a little boy who is always active downstairs in the male host's house, a little devil who is very rich. He was also the first to discover that the male protagonist was pretending to be blind.

From the initial deliberate trick, to finding that the male protagonist was standing upstairs and watching Sophie leave, it felt a little unusual, and then to deliberately peeping and finding that the male protagonist could go downstairs and pick up the sunglasses accurately, the little boy who was crazy about money brewed a candid video. 's plan to try to make money by peddling this video that proves the male protagonist is just pretending to be blind.

However, his business plan was crackling but never succeeded: The first client was Sophie, who was furious after watching the video to learn that she was cheated by the male lead. The scene of the scene, which added fuel to the fire, Sophie walked away in a huff, not to mention paying, and directly rewarded the little boy with a slap in the face to vent her anger. The second client, Simi, who perfectly interprets the word "ruthless" from beginning to end, is even more amazing. After getting the chance to watch it with the banknotes, it was deleted as soon as possible. The little boy was still in a daze. The banknotes were also taken away, so that the small money fan really "lost his wife and lost his army".

At this point in the story, the third "accident" is officially revealed, which is actually a shattering of the story's routine thinking :

In view of the fact that the candid video of the little boy is the only evidence that the male protagonist was blinded, he "just pretended to be blind before". If you follow the logic of a bright society like "bad people will be punished", this video will become a weapon to prove that the male protagonist really witnessed the murder scene and successfully brought Simi and the police chief to justice. Such a valuable video, No matter what, it has to be carefully collected until the last moment and taken out? ?

——But, the screenwriter generously revealed this foreshadowing and quickly discarded it, allowing this precious video to be easily deleted by the murderer without spending a penny , which seems very regrettable. But the high energy of this play is precisely that when the audience is still sighing or surprised by the certain plot in the previous paragraph, the subsequent chapters are followed by one reversal after another, and the strength declares that "the good drama is always behind."

The existence of this part of the plot of the little boy is not a waste of writing. In addition to successfully deteriorating the relationship between the male protagonist and Sophie, and paving the way for the two to lose contact since then, more importantly, it saved the male protagonist's life .

It should be noted that Simi has just confirmed with the male protagonist, and no one knows that he is pretending to be blind. Killing the male protagonist at this moment can completely fake an "accident that happened to a blind man who is visually impaired and therefore unable to move", such as a car accident, such as slipping Fall to death, etc.; but this sudden accident let her know that the little boy knew that the male protagonist was pretending to be blind, Sophie knew that the male protagonist was pretending to be blind, and how many people who had watched the video of the little boy also knew that the male protagonist was pretending to be blind , If the male protagonist is killed at this time, and the testimony before and after is gathered, it will inevitably make people think that this "false blind man" was silenced after seeing something he shouldn't see.

So, Simi temporarily changed his plan and simply turned the fake into reality and blinded the male protagonist, but at least he spared his life.

But the chief was not satisfied. He decided to kill the male protagonist himself, but it was a pity. So there is the part of the male protagonist fleeing and encountering the tuk-tuk driver, his wife, and the doctor.

(5) The fourth accident and foreshadowing

As soon as he left the clutches of the police chief, he fell into the hands of the "senior kidney selling gang". The fate of the male protagonist can be described as twists and turns. Fortunately, the religious superstition + greed for money of the tuk-tuk driver and his wife rescued him at the critical moment, and another twist. At this time, the male protagonist, although he was worshipped as a god by this "senior kidney selling gang" for a while, was always imprisoned in disguise, and he had to contribute other lambs to be slaughtered if he wanted to escape. Twice he chose to be good but brought danger to himself. This time, the male protagonist chose to "make evil with evil" - organize this three-person gang to kidnap Simi and blackmail the police chief. This time, he no longer has any moral burden, because in addition to revenge, this is the only chance for the two tigers to fight and he can escape.

To do this, the male protagonist has a deep understanding of the character of each member of both parties and can break them one by one. Fortunately, after dealing with the male lead several times, the IQ of the male protagonist is online, and there are details to prove it:

On the eve of the Tutuche couple's deal with the director, because they didn't want to be split by the male lead, they suddenly attacked and tied the male lead, and happened to be in the same room with the kidnapped Simi. Simi, who was cynical to the male protagonist, realized after reminding him that the ruthless police chief would probably kill her, let alone let the Tutu couple go, so he decided to cooperate with the male protagonist to save himself. In the process of unbinding the male protagonist, Simi asked, I don't think they (the Tutuche couple) will let us go even if they get the money from Manola (the chief), what do you think? The male protagonist said with certainty: Morrie (the driver of the tuk-tuk) is okay, the eldest sister can't say it well, but the doctor is really vicious.

A very incisive summary, and secretly lays a foreshadowing about the ending: if according to the previous article, the eldest sister wants to sell the male protagonist's two kidneys, the driver insists that it is enough to sell one, and he will die if he sells two - proving that "Murray still OK.” The eldest sister insisted on buying two kidneys, but at the juncture of the kidney cutting, she was motivated by her religious beliefs and called to stop. This proves that “the eldest sister is not a good person.” In fact, it is not fully reflected. During the period of Xu Shi, some details that were not presented in the film made the male protagonist conclude that the doctor was a more vicious character than the eldest sister and Morrie. (This is exactly in line with the later article, the doctor wanted the male protagonist to lie that the one who successfully matched with the chief's daughter was Simi, and the one he wanted to sell was Simi. Even if the male protagonist saved the doctor, the vicious doctor would still be for huge profits. Do not hesitate to lie to him and sell him .)

Back to the previous article.

The male protagonist regards the doctor as the first defense. Because the doctor did not participate in the transaction with the director, if the male protagonist who also did not participate wants to take advantage of the chaos, he must get the doctor. After frightening Simi worked and the latter took the initiative to help him untie the rope, I guess the male protagonist has two choices in mind. It is also a time bomb); the second is to get the doctor by yourself, and then escape. ——This is the scene where he turned around and asked Simi if he was willing to turn himself in when he thought he could go out safely. At this moment, he has just regained the last trace of trust in human nature.

But the actual situation is that Simi's fighting strength is slightly beyond the male lead's expectations. In addition to suddenly grabbing a short rope and getting up and beating himself half to death, he also severely crushed the doctor who had just entered the door, and he was about to die. As a last resort, the male protagonist chose the third strategy: uniting doctors and subduing Simi . Although, the doctor is the most unreliable and vicious person he thinks.

Then, the doctor kept saying that the male protagonist saved his life and he wanted to repay, and then he drove the male protagonist and Simi to the airport, claiming that Simi's rare blood type just matched the chief's daughter, and he wanted to sell Simi's The kidney was exchanged for 60 million rubles, and at the same time, he was willing to share the spoils with the male protagonist as repayment.

(6) The fifth accident and foreshadowing

To be clear here, it is also a controversy among some netizens, that is, whether the doctor wants to sell the male lead or Simi. The answer is undoubtedly the male lead.

There are three reminders in the previous article that Simi is a diabetic, and her kidneys cannot be used to match the chief's daughter . The arguments are as follows: 1. When Simi went to a western restaurant to pretend to be on a wedding anniversary, Sophie ordered a cake, and Simi deliberately Confirm whether the diabetes is edible; 2. Simi does not add sugar when drinking coffee at the male owner's house, 3. After Simi was kidnapped by the Tutu couple, the elder sister complained that "she has been drinking water and going to the toilet". If the evidence of 1 and 2 is not obvious, then the third item, polydipsia, polyuria and weight loss, fully meets the criteria for diabetes.

So it indirectly proves that the doctor is still lying to the male protagonist until the last moment, and the person he really intends to "sell" is the male protagonist.

Just as the male protagonist said to the eldest sister, he himself is their "ultimate prize" . Another absurd "coincidence".

At this point in the story, the doctor drove the male protagonist and Simi through the big tree shaped like a kidney, and started the last climax, which is also the most fascinating place to explore the truth. Because then I jumped directly to the plot of the male protagonist in Europe two years later. I only know that the male protagonist is a survivor. The so-called "truth" is nothing more than his dictation to Sophie, who reunited in a foreign land and once loved each other. How many are there? The ingredients of self-package, how much fiction and how much is real, are unknown.

However, no matter whether the male protagonist knows that he is a rare giant panda blood type, no matter whether the male protagonist has heard or guessed that she has diabetes with unavailable kidneys in the previous contacts with Simi, The most vicious" point has long been determined, and the "wisdom" that has been eaten by countless "cutters" before, I think it is impossible for him to just let the doctor just take him and Simi to the airport to meet the chief.

The fifth surprise here is the two completely different directions in the ending part of the story, giving audiences different opinions.

There is only one thing in common: according to the descriptions in the first half of the two endings, the male protagonist can survive by no means by kindness or "lucky coincidence", but on the contrary, because he gave up kindness.

1) The first ending that continued logically at the end of the film but did not appear. The doctor drove the male protagonist and Simi through the big tree shaped like a kidney. According to the verbal agreement to the male protagonist, "Go to the bus stop in front and drop him off. ", probably just want to subdue the male protagonist after the car is stopped . After all, with the doctor's "viciousness" and lust for profit, it is impossible for him to be moved by the male protagonist's three or two words and let him go with the "ultimate prize", and Simi can't sell it. ——Assuming that it was discovered by conscience because of the grace of saving his life, then when the male protagonist rescued him from the door of the basement, he should have "discovered in conscience", and there would be no part of coaxing the male protagonist to go to the airport.

So since the male protagonist is still alive, it means that the fake doctor and Simi are dead, or at least half-dead. The success of "Double Kill" depends on the fact that the male protagonist had recovered vision in at least one eye at the time, and both the doctor and Simi were defenseless against him. As for the other eye, took sago's cornea? Take the doctor's cornea? After going to Europe to earn money and get cured? Both are possible.

2) According to the second ending dictated by the male protagonist, the car stopped after passing the big tree that looked like a kidney. The doctor heard that Simi woke up in the trunk and wanted to give her an injection, but Simi countered and killed her. Mi Ruo came to the driver's seat to drive, when the male protagonist suddenly began to "discover his conscience" and kept begging for the doctor he thought (actually it was Simi) for Simi, and even made Simi cry. Abrupt and abnormal, it is the opposite of the male protagonist's willingness to be cowardly or even evil for self-protection in the previous film . What's more, the doctor has already "promised" to drop him off at the station in front of him, and has been committed to self-protection and self-help. It is impossible for the male protagonist to take the risk of angering the doctor and ask to "get out of the car with Simi". After all, Simi hates him no less than the others. He almost killed him in the cell. Saving her is equal to saving her. A time bomb - it can be determined from here that the male protagonist has recovered a certain amount of vision at that time, and also knows that the driver has changed. Pleading for Simi in front of Simi is just playing emotional cards for self-protection. Sure enough, the irritable Simi asked the male protagonist to get out of the car after hearing this many times of intercession for her. .

But how can the ruthless Simi be so fooled? A little further ahead, she saw in the rearview mirror that the male protagonist first watched her go away, and then immediately turned his eyes to the side as if he was guilty, not like a blind man at all. This time, Simi turned the front of the car angrily, ready to hit the male protagonist.

(7) The last foreshadowing

What happened next is undoubtedly the man's fabrication: the rabbit who was blind in one eye suddenly jumped on the window glass of Simi, and the sudden braking caused the car to roll over into the grass and explode, causing the car to crash and kill people. The male protagonist and the rabbit were unscathed. A perfect story of "evil will be rewarded", the male protagonist's hands are clean and bloodless, but the two scourges of the doctor and Simi are relieved. The male protagonist even got his wish and went to Europe and became a popular blind musician.

The ending that is too perfect is full of loopholes. The most obvious one is: how does the blind male protagonist know whether it is a rabbit or a rabbit who is blind in one eye?

——This is more in line with the analysis of a certain netizen: The cane used by the male protagonist in Europe is a rabbit head, so the material of this "rabbit" is purely local. The rabbit head crutch is a "visual foreshadowing".

But just as the male protagonist had clearly exposed several flaws when he played the blind man earlier (for example, when he was in a western restaurant, he even looked at his own sketches, a blind man used a blindfold at home, etc.), the simple Sophie still did not believe in him. Doubt; this time, in the face of this story full of loopholes, Sophie believed it again, and was filled with righteous indignation and suggested that the male protagonist should take away the cornea of ​​the bad woman Simi.

(8) Last

Many people praised the last scene of the film, that is, after the male protagonist and Sophie said goodbye after drinking coffee, he accurately swiped the stick and smashed the cans.

But if you pay close attention to the previous details, it is not difficult to guess that the male protagonist at this time has regained his sight (both endings suggest this; it is too Mary Sue to recognize Sophie, who has not been seen for two years, just by shaking hands) , so in my opinion, this scene is not so much a "reversal" as it is the echo of the theme, which completes the complete change of the male protagonist's mood .

From pretending to be blind for art - to being blinded after witnessing a murder - to regaining his sight but choosing to be blind again, becoming a very inspiring and popular blind pianist.

On the one hand, the "blind pianist" has more selling points and is driven by the interests of becoming famous quickly, plus the various waiting for the disadvantaged who have been used to it, it is the external driving force for the male protagonist to continue to pretend to be blind;

On the other hand, in terms of inner drive, he has "seen the truth" again and again in the past, tried to express his "seeing" several times, but finally chose to remain silent for self-protection, and several times he was able to escape from danger because he succeeded in "pretending to be blind" ". Society requires people with normal vision to honestly tell the truth of what they see, otherwise they will be condemned by public opinion and their own hearts; society is more tolerant of blind people, because they "can't see", so they don't care about the truth.

——To expose "facts and truths" is a "burden" only for those who can see . Therefore, he can see, but in the end, he chooses not to see.

After all, this time, the "facts and truths" he carried in his heart, except for the two murders that he finally disclosed to Sophie,

It also includes the hidden shadow behind his current success and fame that has not been revealed.

What is life? It depends on the liver.

He pretended to be blind.

He was blind.

He is blind.

Some blind in the eye, some blind in the heart.



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