Everyone is blind, only the male protagonist is not

Kamron 2022-04-22 07:01:32

[The male protagonist is everyone's killer] The male protagonist has an affair with Simi. Simi's husband Pramod said that he had something to go out to give Simi a surprise. Simi didn't know, and neither did the male protagonist, so that day the male protagonist and Simi adultery Pramod came back and found out, so he was killed by the male protagonist. It was Amish who killed Simi's husband. The neighbors witnessed Amish entering the house and then killed the witnesses. The neighbors actually did not know that the neighbors witnessed the In all the footage, the neighbor watched Akash at the funeral and then told the police officer who attended the funeral about the situation. The policeman was either his subordinate or the man's fictional policeman who had an affair with Simi. The truth is simple, how could it be so coincidental The person who committed adultery with Simi was a policeman and Amish met him after calling the police. The police sent him to talk (not by himself) and then he made up a lie (saying that he was blind, sophistry) and only then did the police enter his house It was confirmed that he was not blind and chased after him. He fled and then planned to let the police shoot. The police were killed. The point of view is real, everyone else is fake, the eldest sister and driver who sell lottery tickets are real, but the plots involved are fake. Shi colluded with the doctor and sold it to a wealthy European businessman. The wealthy businessman Amish knew all the eldest sisters who later funded him to sell lottery tickets in Europe. Later, Amish still killed Simi's. Everyone who knew the truth did not exist. The little boy's camera was hidden (the little boy was killed) The doctor was killed, Simi was killed, the police was killed, and the woman In the last scene of the main scene, the male protagonist overturned the jar with a cane, which means that the next move is to kill the female protagonist. Why did the female protagonist detect a lie. I will ask the heroine when she will go back. The heroine quickly explained the flight ticket for tomorrow. In order to dispel the suspicion of the hero, she said as much as possible, but everything is under the control of the hero. The hunter is the heroine and the prey is the hero (rabbit, blind, crutches) The end of India to Europe is precisely the beginning of the story: two years later, the heroine and the hero meet, and then what? Explanation, everything is the memory of the male protagonist, everyone is killed by the male protagonist, everyone who knows the truth

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  • Weston 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    I bought wine and snacks with my roommate, and watched this in my bedroom. As a small observation, the rabbit in the opening scene is actually blind because the close-up of its eyes is foggy and it hits the scarecrow while running away. The rabbit is a metaphor for the fate of the "blind" pianist. Personally, I don't think so many reversals are needed, but it is indeed a good story. My roommate drank Grey Elephant beer, and I drank the soju, which was a good drink, and I was a little dizzy.

  • Karelle 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    I think I'm smart, but it turns out it's all a coincidence

Andhadhun quotes

  • Pramod Sinha: Can you play my songs as well?

    Akash: Sure. I'll just play them.

    Pramod Sinha: No, not here. Come to my house tomorrow for a private concert. I'll be there along with my wife. She loves the actor Rajesh Khanna. Play his numbers. She'll be happy. Here. Here's my address. And an advance. You'll get more later. One o'clock.

  • Sofie: [watching news about Akash and Simi] They've eloped.