The ending is purely personal conjecture and feelings

Jayme 2022-04-22 07:01:32

Check in one of the reversal dramas. I didn't read the parsing post, so I guessed for myself. Opinion: Akash is blackened, leaving a lot of white space at the end. Li Tao: First of all, what is certain is that Akash took the cornea, and he lied. As for which part is a lie, it is worth scrutinizing. ① Unreasonable (common sense judgment): In the recall picture, the rabbit is still alive and kicking after being hit. Based on this, individuals tend to judge that the part where the rabbit jumps after being hit is false. Therefore, the explosion should be fake, otherwise the cornea will not be obtained. Looking back, the opening clip is the same as the recollection. Tends to be true at the beginning, ie, the doctor died, and Simi did hit the rabbit and the car overturned. Not a strong testimonial: After observing the overturning of the car, the rabbit next to the stone tablet fell down (I don’t know if it was an injury or a stress response from the explosion-falling down…) ② Unreasonable: first go to Mumbai to find friends, and then be Sent to London. Testimony: When the aunt with Shiva's tattoo asked Akash if he had any friends or relatives, he said no. So it is speculated that Akash should have come directly to London. How did Akash get the cornea? This is the hardest to guess.

The following is pure nonsense.

According to the tone of the movie, it is most likely Simi's cornea. Then the person who helped him change the cornea may be: ① the hunter. (May follow the old path of the doctor, benefit persuasion) ② doctor. Maybe the doctor is not dead yet, and the subsequent development follows the doctor's original vision, and there may be more help from hunters. (It is also possible that Simi's anti-kill was also made up? The story is that Akash finally agreed with the doctor's point of view.)

In the same way, it may actually be the doctor's cornea. Then the development is different from the above conjecture. Presumably: Simi exploded to death, Akash persuaded the hunter to help, and finally took the doctor's cornea.

For me, the most unexpected blackening of Akash in the movie, at that time I was still moved by the fact that he said that if you kill people, you can't play the piano, and I was looking forward to the restart of Akash and Sophie. But it is also thanks to his blackening that we have fallen into the true and false, and have more realistic thinking.

What attracted me to this film was not only the reversal, but the music also played a big role. So this ending makes me feel one more thing: works are works, creators are creators, works can express people's ideas, but they can't show what people have.

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  • Cory 2022-03-24 09:02:10

    Too far from the short film, a lot of illogical

  • Alyson 2022-03-24 09:02:10

    Open ending, I tend to believe that the collision between the rabbit and the car was made up by the hero. How can such a coincidence happen in the world? And the money to go to Europe, 80% also sold the entrails of the poisonous woman for a profit. So it all makes sense.

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