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Three main characters: musician, policeman, widow.

After the first foreshadowing, the story gradually reached its climax.

All three characters receive death threats at all times.

The scene where the musician saw the dead person was threatened with physical death (can't be seen and pretended to be blind), and he also faced the threat of psychological death in the scene of reporting to the police station and making a transcript later (whether or not to tell the truth), the musician quickly passed through this. Guan, he chose not to say it, but the physical death threat is still there) The police test whether he is really blind.

When he saw the widow murdering at the back, the death threat became bigger, and soon his eyes became blind, adding obstacles to escape from the danger.

After becoming blind, he faced the real killing intent of the police again, and escaped from this predicament through a whirl of legs.

Picked up by the three-person team, facing a new dilemma that seems to be inescapable, the turning point depends on what he saw when he was not blind before, and the other party regards him as a god.

At this time, he walked out of the predicament loosely, kidnapping the widow with the three and demanding money from the police.

At this time, the threat of physical death was reduced, but in the final link, he was tied again, and the surrounding environment became dangerous. After that, the battle with the widow was temporarily won because of the addition of the doctor.

The two drove away, discussing the problem of kidney digging, and were threatened with psychological death again (the other party is a prisoner, should I not call the police to remove her cornea?), his kindheartedness saved him, after getting out of the car, finally The scene again faces physical death threats, this time he is saved by the scene at the beginning of the movie, all threats are gone, and he is out of trouble. The story ends.

Throughout the story, the musician received 6 physical death threats (recognized as not blind/killed after being blinded/kidney cut/killed by local police called in/killed by his widow/hit by a car) 2 psychological death threats (whether to tell the police or not to accept the digging of the widow's kidney), 6 escapes from physical death threats, 3 routine self-help, 3 external accidents (god/elevator/bullet) .

The policeman faces workplace death threats after the death (if the truth is revealed, he will lose everything), and he wants to eliminate all dangers.

First, confirm whether the musician is really blind. After confirmation, the danger is temporarily lifted; at the funeral, the old lady's words may ruin his career, so the old lady must die.

Witnesses appeared again in the second crime. This time, he tried to kill the witnesses, but failed. Then he received a blackmail call. It was time for a duel. In the abandoned elevator, the ending is likely to die.

He was killed trying to avoid workplace death threats. His death was not because of being sentenced to death after being convicted of a crime, but in an unexpected way, a death of moral judgment.

The widow is also facing physical death threats. Her threats began with the old lady's words, so she killed the old lady without hesitation.

The male protagonist's accidental intrusion again increased her threat.

She (not so vicious) blinded the male protagonist and thought everything was ok.

Later, the male protagonist escaped from the police and found her again. She was originally a hunter, but she became a prey, and she became a physical death threat.

Failed to fight in the escape, locked up, her way out of the crisis is to wake up in the carriage and whack the doctor.

When the male protagonist got out of the car, she also faced a psychological choice, whether to kill the male protagonist or leave.

The film also has a strong sense of moral judgment, and all those who do bad things get their due punishment.

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