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⒈Why is there so much difference! Why is it me every time. Damn! I should have become stronger. I am obviously trying my best to complete the task. Every day I am alone at home with special training in ninjutsu. I will never let others rescue me. I will deal with it calmly, never want to run away, and never lose again. To Sasuke, swear by the pain in my left hand!

⒉ I think, because he (Gai Luo) is very like me, and lives a very lonely and sad life like me, because he fights for himself in loneliness, so I think he is very strong. However, really Being strong is not like this. Fighting only for yourself is not really strong at all. People, when you want to protect important things, you will become really strong! I will definitely protect them!

⒊ It is because these people identify with me that I am able, whether it is the demon fox in my body,
or the indifferent eyes of the village people, I don’t feel sad anymore.
Because I am not alone anymore !
I never thought it would be such a happy and happy thing, really, really, really good!
I really feel like I can stay here, and I'm comfortable with the fact that I'm here.
So whenever I think back to the past, I
get chills. That kind of pain is really unbearable for ordinary people, it is a very dark hell.
if I'm still alone...

⒋Because of them, save me from the lonely hell.
And admit my existence, is my important partner.

⒈My body is not at all I can't do anything, I, I have become a person who only gets in the way.
I am always protected by others, so I am not reconciled.
In this case, this time, I must protect the people I cherish. .I
always hope that I can become a great ninja.
Every time I say I like Sasuke.
Every time I teach Naruto proudly.
Every time I just look at the back of the two of them.
However, the two of them often fight to protect me.
Xiao Li , You said that you liked me, and you were willing to fight for me desperately.
I learned something from you, and I also want to be like you. Please, look at
my back this time!

Sasuke Uchiha:
⒈I once, lost everything, so I don't want
to see my most cherished friends die in front of me.

⒉Loneliness...not the kind of sadness that is scolded by my parents !

Nara Shikamaru:
⒈ Alas, I originally wanted to live as a ninja, make some money, marry an ordinary woman who is neither beautiful nor ugly, and
have two children, the first is a girl, the second is a boy , When the eldest daughter gets married and the son can be alone, he
will retire from the ninja job.
After that, he will live a leisurely secluded life playing shogi or Go every day, and then die of old age before his wife,
I just thought about this Life, but I ran out to take the lead. I really wanted to live an ordinary life,
but things became more and more troublesome.

⒈If you don't disappear, I will make you disappear.

Gaara :
⒈ Don't leave me alone, I don't want to be alone anymore!

⒉ I always feel great pain, although there is no bloodshed.
But I feel great pain here.

⒊ What exactly do I exist for, and how do I survive?
When I thought about this question, I couldn't find the answer.
But there must be a reason when living, otherwise it is no different from dying.
So I came to this conclusion.
"I'm here to kill everyone but me."
I live in fear of being assassinated, and it's safe to think about it, because I keep killing those assassins
to be more sure of my reason for living. .
Fighting only for myself, living only loving myself, and thinking that I'm here to make others feel that makes
me feel like the world is so perfect.
The world makes me feel like I'm alive.
As long as the people I am supposed to kill continue to exist. My existence will not disappear.

⒈Everyone──Good morning! Today I got lost on the road of life...

⒉Your future is only death!

⒊Ninjas should be calm and judge carefully!

⒋ Those who break the rules and iron laws of the ninja world are called trash.
However, people who don't know how to value their companions are the worst trash!

⒈ People, when you want to protect important things, you can really become strong.

⒉ I fight for my dream, you fight for yours, please don't hate me.
I want to protect someone who is very important, work for him, fight for him, and make his dream come true, that's my dream.
For this, I can become a real ninja and kill you mercilessly.

⒈ Since my parents died, no one has praised me and no one has recognized me. very lonely. I was often treated like a fool in class too. This is also to attract everyone's attention. Because I don't know how to use other methods to attract people's attention. It's better to be treated as an idiot than a transparent person, so I've been playing stupid. I am in pain. Naruto, it's the same. It's also very uncomfortable, it must be very painful, I'm sorry, Naruto, if I could do better, I wouldn't let you have so many unpleasant feelings.

⒉After people die alone, Everything will disappear.
His past, present life, and future will disappear together.
Many people will die in war or on duty, and they will die very easily.
Wind is one of them. Among people, some people also have dreams.
Everyone has the things they cherish the most. Parents, brothers and sisters, friends, lovers, and partners in the village
are very important people to them. They trust and help each other. And from the moment of birth,
the ties of people who have always felt very important, and this tie will become more and more firm with the growth of time.
This is not a big reason! But people who have this kind of tie will do this.
Because they cherish it.

⒈ People who don't believe in themselves are not even worth their efforts

⒉ If you are a man
, choose to do things that won't make you regret
it Talk about what is really important.
No matter how painful or sad,
you have to work harder.
Even if lose your life ,
you have to protect it with both hands . is owned by everyone equally,

That is death...

⒉I have been called a genius since I was a child, so I can't lose----for those who believe that the ordinary me is a

genius Hinata Hinata:
⒈Although you have always failed, but in my eyes It seems.
I think you are a loser with great honor!
Me, as long as I look at you, I will feel a shock in my heart.
People are not perfect, so a person will have the strength to stand up again because of failure.
I think that kind of toughness is the real toughness, so I think.
You are a very strong person.

Autumn Doji:
⒈ I am not a dead fat pig! I'm just plump!

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