What are the intriguing details of "The Tuner"?

Jaron 2022-04-23 07:02:31

1. What is life, it depends on the liver

It can be said that this sentence that appeared at the beginning established the central content of the film - the liver

Someone wants to take a tuner's kidney, sell it for money, and earn 1 million

As a result of karma, the so-called 10 million obtained is a blank sheet of paper

Her husband also sacrificed

"You can donate his organs if you want"

In the end, I didn't get the slightest benefit, and I even proposed to donate organs after death.

There are people who can get millions of dollars for one kidney

Blind tuners can also have cornea transplants to restore vision

The premise is to kill a person, and kill a person who will eventually be sentenced to death anyway.

2. God's Perspective

"Long story, coffee?", it was a man's voice

Is this the hero telling us a story?

Finally, the waiter served the coffee

It seems that in all the previous plots, the male protagonist is telling stories to the female protagonist.

Then, the hostess asked "then what?"

Looking at this look, it's probably about to start making up a story.

After all, no one knows which one is true and which is false.

As long as what I said before is true, then do a full set of dramas.

Killing the murderer, selling the kidney, transplanting the cornea to oneself, this ending is too cruel

Then let's make up a decent story and put on the halo of a good man

'I'm kind enough to save you, but you're going to hit me in reverse'

As a result, the car overturned and set itself on fire

3. Rabbit

At the beginning of the film, there is a scene where a hunter is hunting a rabbit

It's very strange that this rabbit has two eyes, the left eye is blind, and the right eye has no eyeballs

Rabbit bumped into a scarecrow and was stunned

thumping! A shot of the hunter, the screen jumps

Background with clear car roar and brake sound

The first and last echoes are similar to the final rollover sound, no problem

Do you find that the story of no hunter chasing the rabbit is somewhat similar to the plot of the whole film?

The tuner is the rabbit and the hunters are the people who want to kill him

A group of people chased and killed him, bumped into the scarecrow, made him really blind, and desperately ran for his life, the last jump knocked down the heroine, and the heroine died completely

There is also an interesting place, the last crutch gives a close-up-rabbit crutch

Rabbits can't bark. As a blind man, how did the tuner know that it was a rabbit that caused the car to roll over?

Does that mean that the tuner just used local materials and made up the story that the rabbit overturned the car next?

4. True Blind False Blind

It was obvious from the beginning, why does a blind man care about his eyes?

sleep with an eye mask

The action of feeding cat food is very skillful

Need to change contact lenses?

Well, Brother Dian knows, he is not really blind, he is just pretending to be blind

Then it became clear that the murderer had killed her in order to make him unable to expose her.

Put something in his eye, and it made him really blind

However, in the last paragraph, it should be as he described

The murderer overturned the car, got on the bus, and came to Europe alone

As a result, in the last scene, I hit the can with precision

Dian brother also deliberately went back to see the direction of the cans

If you are blind: the judgment will not be very accurate, it must just hit the edge of the can, and it will spin at the beginning

But if you're not blind: you can hit the center perfectly, the can goes straight out and starts to spin again

As a result, at this time, he is no longer blind.

5. Tree

Let's look at one more detail, the tree like a kidney at the end of the film

After the doctor said: "What is life, it depends on the kidneys"

The camera didn't move, the car continued along this road, and the two didn't say a word.

After the heroine asks "then what?", the last story begins

The place where the doctor got off is under this tree

What happened to that scene above?

I'm afraid it's more to explain, the last paragraph of the statement is false, right?

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  • Josianne 2021-12-20 08:01:13

    Hahahahaha.........It was a pleasant surprise. It was really worthwhile to watch a movie with 20miles on a rainy night. The film is adapted from the short film tuner (L'accordeur, 2010). In the nearly two and a half hours, the black humor emerges endlessly. It is really difficult to predict the direction of the story. The end of the film is finally in "fake True and false, nothing is there, there is nothing", CRAZY!

  • Alessandro 2021-12-20 08:01:13

    Unexpectedly, a short French thriller was adapted by the Indians into "Crazy Stone", with the soundtrack included in the drama, the reversal is amazing, and the final scene is extra points!

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