Wronged for decades! Uchiha Madara's helplessness.

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I believe everyone knows Madara Uchiha, a powerful ninja who is as famous as the god of ninjas in the Warring States Period. After watching the war in the ninja world, many people may hate "villains" like Madara Uchiha. He took advantage of Obito's love for Lin. Launched the fourth ninja war and killed many innocent ninjas.

In fact, do you know that Madara Uchiha is really a hard worker.

As you may have seen in the plot, Madara Uchiha and Chishou Hasuma met by a small lake because they were drifting. After the man's father knew the relationship between the two, he used his own child to kill the other party's child, but Uchiha Madara and Qianshou Hasuma didn't want each other to die, so they wrote information on each other's stones and saved each other.

Later, after the death of Senshou Hasuma's father, Senshou Fuma, the patriarchs of the Uchiha family and the Senshou family naturally became Madara Uchiha and Senshou Hasuma. Everyone may remember that battle. Hasuma's younger brother Chisho Tobirama killed Uchiha Izuna, and Chisuma persuaded Uchiha Madara to join forces with him and stop fighting. Uchiha Quanna's words before his death made Uchiha Madara reject Senju Hashirama once. Madara Uchiha lost his only remaining brother...

That was the last battle between the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan. Uchiha Madara was still defeated by Senshou Hasuma. Chishou Hasuma said to Uchiha Madara, who was defeated and lying on the ground, join hands, and then fight against both of us. Clan is not good. Madara Uchiha was still immersed in the pain of losing his younger brother: "Hashimoto, if you killed your younger brother, I believe that you really want to reconcile with me..." Qianshou Hashima couldn't let go, so he took out the bitterness. No, I committed suicide to Uchiha Madara: "Clansmen of the Thousand Hands, listen, after I die, I am not allowed to attack the Uchiha family, let alone kill Madara..." The moment he waved Kunai between the pillars, Madara Uchiha stopped him. He got off him: "Hashimama...I believe you..." Looking at Senju Tobirama, Madara was thinking about his younger brother, Quanna...

After the establishment of Konoha Village, Uchiha Madara and Qianshou Hashirama were wandering in the street. A little girl at the head of the village fell down. The kind Madara hurried over to help the little girl. Who knew that the little girl was afraid of Uchiha Madara and cried. Yes, Ban looked helpless. Hasuma picked a flower from a nearby flower bush and handed it to the little girl. The little girl burst into laughter. She took the flower and ran away with a smile, looking at the little girl with an indescribable feeling in her heart... …

When the country of fire was about to decide who was the leader, Senju Hakuma proposed to Uchiha Madara to recommend Uchiha Madara as the leader. Uchiha Madara declined with a smile, but Senju Hakuma was very serious and unquestionable. Madara Uchiha smiled and said, "Well, after I become the leader, I will name this village Konoha, Hashima, thank you... ..." In the end, under the manipulation of Senju Tobama, it was his eldest brother Senju Hasuma who became Hokage. Madara Uchiha learned that even his own clan had elected Senju Hasuma as Hokage, and he felt uncomfortable. That day Haven't been in the village all day...

Qianshou Tobirama plans to suppress the position of the Uchiha family in Konoha. After Uchiha Madara knows about it, he wants to leave the village with his unknowing clansmen in order to prevent them from being exterminated by Qianshou Tobirama in the future, but even his own clansmen I don't believe him... Helpless, Madara Uchiha returned to Uchiha's clan monument, and in the boring reading, he was surprised to find the content of the clan monument tampered with by Hei Jue, which is to revitalize Uchiha...

In the Valley of the End, Madara was defeated by Senju Hashima in order to fulfill the so-called "family mission"... With his severely injured body, Madara Uchiha fled to the cave... In the years to come, Uchiha Madara died after saving Uchiha Obito and entrusting his name to him.


In the Fourth Ninja World War, Madara returned to this world as a living person. Having obtained the power of the Six Paths, he has realized the plan of Infinite Moon Reading, but he was single-mindedly saved by Kaguya Otsutsuki to save his mother. Black must kill from behind...

"Hashiyama, what did I do wrong..."

After sealing Kaguya, Madara Uchiha returned to the real world.

The reincarnated Hasuma said to the dying Madara, "You still have me..." "Hashiyama...Maybe the world you are longing for...is right..." Madara closed her eyes.

Madara's life was very pitiful, his younger brother was killed, his clan was suspicious, and he was excluded... Uchiha Madara, he was not a bad person, he was the savior who was distorted by this unfair world.

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