Difficulty Cooling and Hot Blood——Movement and Regret in "Naruto"

Kristina 2022-11-22 04:04:53

I have been missing Hokage since I was a child, and it took me more than two months to finish watching 720 episodes of Hokage until I was a graduate student. I have to say that it is a pity that I have not met Naruto since I was a child, because I really like the ninja world created by the author, and I am also moved by the vivid characters and wonderful plots. Many people don't like the original plot of animation, but I feel that the original plot also has many wonderful points, which together constitute the final "Naruto".

Judging from the Naruto plot at the beginning, the author may not have expected such a large story to be spread out in the end. At the beginning, Naruto's intention was to present the story of Naruto Crane's unremitting efforts to surpass himself and to become a Naruto. This is a story of the struggle and success of a passionate young man at the bottom, including the shaping of Rock Lee at the beginning and the enlightenment of Neji, all of which are intended to outline the importance of hard work and highlight the individual's resistance to fate. But later, Jiraiya also believed that Naruto was the son of prophecy, and finally revealed that Naruto was the reincarnation of Asura, all made a mockery of the earlier emphasis on hard work. Perhaps in the long creative process, the author's concept has changed. Seeing that Xiao Li worked hard for an entire episode but could only open six doors in the end, he couldn't help feeling sad that his fate could not be resisted. Many of the images of the "Twelve Little Strong" created in the early days have collapsed. Shino, who has never failed in 720 episodes, finally went to school to become a teacher; the genius Neji even sacrificed to the sky.

What touched me the most in the entire Hokage was not the bond between Naruto and Sasuke (even I always thought this bond was far-fetched), but the many so-called "villains". The first is the "Xiao" organization. In fact, through the "Xiao" organization and Yuyin Village, Kishimoto revealed a very large and profound problem, that is, the issue of peace. Peace is the pursuit of the entire ninja world, and of course the pursuit of the entire human race in real life. At first under the leadership of Yahiko, the "Xiao" organization intended to achieve peace through anti-war, but finally perished in the conspiracy of Danzo. Since then, Nagato chose to create a "nuclear level" of destructive weapons. I think this is a good method. In the face of overwhelming weapon forces, the ninja world may be able to achieve a "nuclear level" in crisis, but it may be It might even become Nagato's dictatorship. In order to protect love, hate will appear. When Naruto met Nagato, Naruto did not choose to kill Nagato to avenge his many companions such as Jiraiya and Kakashi, but chose tolerance and forgiveness, in order not to let the hatred continue to be passed on. I admire him very much for such a choice. People naturally want to take revenge. However, when faced with the question of peace, Naruto said that he had no answer, and finally escaped Nagato with Jiraiya's book mouth, making Nagato believe that Naruto could do better and achieve peace. I look confused here. It seems that Nagato was completely persuaded by the protagonist's halo, and Kishimoto didn't know how to achieve peace. The Yuyin Village, which lost Payne, will once again become a battlefield for the great powers. The Konoha people purely think Payne is an aggression, but do not realize the crimes they have committed against the small country. The protagonist's halo really kills everything in seconds. Poor Nagato and Konan still choose to believe in Naruto. Kishimoto was also mired in the issue of peace. He intended to discuss this grand and profound question, but in the end he was unable to give an answer. Until the end, the discussion of the infinite monthly reading plan can also be regarded as a discussion of peace or another way of life, but in the end, it was reversed by the reincarnation of the Son of God, and Weiguang was looking at me with a stunned face.

Madara Uchiha and Obito Uchiha are characters that I particularly admire, with brains, combat power, and plans. The ninja world jointly founded by Madara Uchiha and Chishou Hashimura has had hidden dangers from the very beginning. The villages that were born to protect the ninjas and maintain peace have huge hidden dangers because of their strength and family. Although there are Senju Hasuma and Uchiha Itachi, etc., who are trying their best to maintain the village and peace, but there will be disputes if there are strengths and weaknesses and interests, and peace seems to be only relative. Madara and Obito want to create the world of Infinite Tsukishima, which seems to be peaceful and beautiful, but in the end it's just a false dream. As for the final battle with Hei Jue and Kaguya, I really can't complain, the author's brain hole is really big, it seems that Naruto and Sasuke can't defeat Madara. "The mere gravel is not half as good as me" Madara Uchiha is indeed an invincible existence. Obito is even more distressing. Such a simple boy with infinite love in his heart has been used to be a devil tool man. I really hate Madara and Obito, they just chose different paths and beliefs from Naruto. Kishimoto is still excellent, after all, he has created so many amazing characters. But the ending is still regrettable. Even after defeating many "villains", the ninja world has not been able to achieve peace. The tailed beasts seem to have withdrawn from the ninja world, but Konoha has achieved his own dominance. Perhaps checks and balances are a good way, rather than relying on the virtues of Konoha leaders. Unsettling factors like Gengo will always exist until the end.

Kishimoto is really not good at portraying the feelings between men and women. No matter how Sasuke and Haruno Sakura look at it, they think it is hard. No matter how obsessed Haruno Sakura is with Sasuke, Sasuke didn't show his love for Haruno Sakura until at least the Fourth Ninja World War, and after that, he wandered around and didn't know how to cultivate feelings. Hinata and Naruto were the same. When Payne attacked Konoha, Hinata had already confessed to Naruto. Later, the author seems to have forgotten about this. During the fourth ninja war, Naruto happily told Minato that Sakura was his girlfriend, and finally Hinata and Naruto got married. It also feels more rigid.

I also want to complain about Kishimoto's portrayal of female characters, I have never seen a female character with mature thinking, good growth trajectory and growth outlook! Haruno Sakura, the only female member of the seventh class, the apprentice of Sannin Tsunade. In the early stage, I would only cry and ask for help from Naruto and Sasuke. In the mid-term, when I hit the scorpion, although it was amazing, but after that, there was no growth and change at all, and I still cried and asked for Naruto and Sasuke. In the end, I played a soy sauce in the fourth war, and there was no independent character portrayal at all. Hinata is a tool person prepared for the protagonist, and only Naruto will always be in his heart. The motivation for progress is also to catch up with Naruto. After Neji died, what he thought in his mind was "Naruto's hand is so strong". Even Tsunade, the hero of the most female hero, did not see any achievements when he served as Naruto, serving Naruto every day. The combat power has not been portrayed either. Sannin has blood phobia when fighting, and the power of the Baihao in the fourth battle is not much amazing. Kishimoto prefers male characters too much, and female characters look thin and bleak in comparison.

In any case, the ninja world constructed by "Naruto" has given many teenagers the dream of blood. As someone who has passed my boyhood, when I watch Naruto again, I will still be moved by the characters in it. Tears and laughter, this kind of real moving, is a very precious experience and wealth.

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