"Naruto" Ninjutsu Principles - Fantasy Chapter

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According to the explanation of ninjutsu in the anime plot of "Naruto", some personal reasoning and some personal imagination, let's talk about the ninjutsu principle of "Naruto".

The Tao of Naruto World: Contract Tao: The most basic and important Tao, all other Taos follow different contracts and form different Taos, such as ninjas follow the rules of chakra to form ninja Tao, psychic belongs to contract Tao ; Ninja Tao: the Tao of ninjas composed of people with chakra; Devil Tao: has the ability of spiritual invasion (certain spiritual pollution, mind control), and is different from illusion (vision, auditory hallucinations, vertigo, etc.), For example, "black group"; Immortal Dao: Divided into Shin Dao (usually human form), Immortal Dao (animal form), Immortal Dao has secret techniques that are difficult to master in general Ninja Dao, such as direct absorption of chakra, direct space ninjutsu , For example, Shinto has the Otsutsuki family, for example, Xiandao has Snake Immortal (Orochimaru obtained the ability from Snake Immortal), Frog Immortal (Jilai also obtained ability from Frog Immortal); Human Dao: Dao composed of ordinary people;

Country and village: A small number of people with chakra are called ninjas. Ninjas gather together to form a ninja village. Generally, a ninja village belongs to a country. The ninja chakra originally came from the sacred tree. Kaguya Otsutsuki and a few people ate the sacred tree to obtain chakra. The descendants of ninjas with chakra will also have chakra.

Chakra: Ninjas generally have three abilities for chakra: the amount of chakra, the quality (type) of chakra, and the ability to operate chakra. General ninjas have a certain amount of chakra storage, and generally only a certain amount of chakra can be recovered within a certain period of time. A ninja's life ends when his chakra is completely depleted. The greater the amount of chakra, the more times you can use ninjutsu, and the greater the power of ninjutsu. There are several situations where a large amount of chakra exists in Naruto, Renzhuli: Because the ninja has a tailed beast with a huge amount of chakra storage in the body, if the chakra of the tailed beast is used, Renzhuli will have a large amount of chakra; Xianju: different Xianju has different abilities. For example, the frog fairy has the ability to absorb the energy of nature and convert it into chakra, and the chakra of Xianju is different from that of the general ninja, so the ninja who can use the fairy's Xianju Has a lot of chakra; Shaker: Shaker has the ability to store a lot of chakra, so Shaker can use ninjutsu that requires a lot of chakra such as Susanoo; scrolls, talismans, etc.: scrolls, talismans Seal, etc. can seal a large number of chakras in a certain way, and unseal a large number of chakras for ninjas to use; chakra qualities: wind, water, earth, fire, thunder, five attributes; chakras can be combined in pairs, For example, the combination of water and earth to form wood, for example, thunder and fire to form purple electricity. In general, ninjas have two types of chakras in their bodies. Water and wind are negative, fire and thunder are positive, and earth is neutral. The five types of chakras are combined to form a yin-yang escape. Chakra can change shape, for example, Shui Dun has Shui Dun-Shock Wave, Shui Dun-Mist Hidden, Shui Dun-Shark Form (used by Ghost Shark), Shui Dun-Water Bullet (used by Shui Shadow), etc.; Chakra's Operational ability, the operational ability of chakra includes the concentration of chakra, the refinement of chakra, the change of chakra form, and so on. Writing round eyes, reincarnation eyes have strong chakra manipulation ability. For example, the concentration of chakra includes ninjutsu-amaterasu, which is concentrated fire attribute chakra; the gravitational core of earthburst ninjutsu, concentrated wind attribute chakra, which is similar to the principle that the faster the gas velocity, the smaller the pressure; the chakra's Refinement operations, such as medical ninjutsu, perception ability (predicting the enemy's position, tricks), etc.

Techniques in the world of Naruto: Naruto's techniques are generally divided into Ninjutsu (the technique of externalizing Chakra), Taijutsu (the technique in which Chakra is transformed into physical energy), Xianju (the technique possessed by Immortal Dao), and Secret Jutsu (Shinto technique). Shadow Clone Jutsu: Shadow Clone Jutsu is actually one of the strongest and most flexible techniques in ninja ninjutsu. Shadow clones can be divided into several situations according to the ability to use shadow clones: multiple shadow clones: more than one shadow clone can be created, and sometimes powerful multiple shadow clones can create many shadow clones; long-distance shadow clones: For example, using a long-distance shadow clone Distance shadow clones can form a shadow clone behind a distant enemy to achieve sneak attacks from behind the enemy; shadow clone and real body swap: the exchange between shadow clone and real body can achieve teleportation (use a long-distance clone first Shadow clone, and then the real body and shadow clone are swapped, which can make the real body quickly escape from ninjutsu attacks, and can also achieve teleportation attacks), sneak attack behind the enemy (first use a long-distance shadow clone to the back of the enemy, and then use the real body Swap); the automation and remote control settings of shadow clones: shadow clones can realize the mode of setting automatic attacks, and the caster can control shadow clones to a certain extent with thoughts. Much weaker. Shadow clones also have the advantages of sharing experience (for example, Naruto uses shadow clones to speed up the progress of cultivating immortality), confuses the real body, lures the enemy, etc.; Illusion: Illusion users control the chakra in the opponent's ninja to make them hallucinate. , it should belong to a kind of ninjutsu, so dispelling illusion generally requires the practitioner to use ninjutsu to control the chakra in his body to break the chakra control of the illusionist. A partner to break, for example, the eight people Zhuri unlock Sasuke's Tsukiyomi through the eight-tailed beast in his body. Space Ninjutsu: The combination of psychic and inverse psychics can realize space ninjutsu. The smaller the psychic beast, the easier it is to implement space ninjutsu. Therefore, the fourth-generation Hokage, the second-generation Hokage, and Uchiha Obito generally do not use psychics. It may be because their psychic beasts are relatively small and their attack power is small, so this is also a way to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

Naruto fantasy plot (this plot belongs to personal imagination): A few extremely good ninjas have been invaded by demons for a long time, and ninjas can only feel that there is another demon's voice in their brains polluting their minds, and their minds are controlled. Noticed. Demons often use visual and auditory hallucinations (different from illusions, which are generally imperceptible to ninjas), to change the cognition of extremely good ninjas about the world, such as turning some thoughtful words of close people into malicious words, etc. Demons do bad things Have fun. Of course, there will be gains and losses. The devil's way obtains evil abilities by sacrificing some five colors and five flavors (such as being unable to taste the delicious food in the world), and the devil gathers together to torture each other for pleasure, which will only make the devil more painful. The Uchiha family was targeted by demons because of their powerful writing wheels, and the demons wanted to use them. Therefore, by modifying the inscription of the Uchiha family, the inscription that when the loved one is in danger, and the inscription will be opened in order to protect the loved one, is changed to the one that can only be obtained by killing the loved one. By increasing the hatred of the Uchiha clan to use their hatred for easier control. Because the divine tree that Ten Tais has turned into has the power of Shinto and can fight against the devil, the "Xiao" organization collects the carrier with a large amount of chakra - the tail beast in order to defeat the devil.

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