Sasuke: No one taught me to love, I only learned to hate

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The bond between Naruto and Sasuke is more like the interweaving of love and hate.

Naruto is warm, Sasuke is cold, Naruto represents love, and Sasuke represents hate. Sasuke's hatred comes from the betrayal and indifference of love, that is, the betrayal and indifference of his elder brother Itachi to him, which makes him unable to let go and continue to believe in love. Only hate can connect him with love. Therefore, hatred for Itachi has become the pillar of his life, and killing Itachi to take revenge is his life goal. At this time, Sasuke has lost his ego, because hatred has swallowed his ego, and revenge is the only meaning.

The appearance of Naruto changed Sasuke. A new love emerges, and hate is forced to give up some space. After Sasuke joined the seventh class, he has rescued Naruto many times, which shows that he has been influenced by Naruto unknowingly, and the meaning of his life has become less single and gray.

Is this a good thing? of course. But after Sasuke noticed it, he must have panicked in his heart. This wasn't his full hated self, and his sense of self was about to be disintegrated. This is something he can't face. People who are filled with hatred are afraid, resisted, and don't know how to surrender to love again.

What he can do at this time is to cut off the fetters of love in time, stabilize the connection between himself and hate, and let hate fill him again. This is the complete self, he has been betrayed by love, and he cannot allow himself to betray hatred. He is also afraid that love will bring back betrayal and indifference.

So Sasuke left Konoha regardless of Naruto's retention. He chose to give up the bond with Naruto.

This story is actually about the redemption of love and hate.

On the surface, the person who has always loved Sasuke is Sakura, but when you look at it, you will find that the person who is talking about Sasuke in every episode is obviously Naruto. Until I understood, this is a story that hates being chased by love, so Naruto is always chasing Sasuke, growing up and becoming stronger in the process of chasing Sasuke.

In order to make hate no longer fill the heart, love is growing and chasing hard. Although it is hard, it never gives up. Hate is constantly testing the limits of love, but hate is always only a true subset of love.

Light and dark depend on each other, and where there is light, there is darkness.

Only love can bear hate.

Sasuke wanted to kill Naruto again and again, but he was trying to swallow all his love. Hate is painful, love can feel it.

How can we let hate go away from ourselves? Where should I go to invite a god of love like Naruto? Where does Naruto's love come from? In fact, the play itself did not give a clear answer to how Naruto changed. But there is a way to do it.

To connect with others is love.

Imagination alone can easily lead to drowning, and only joint action can bring people ashore.

Don't be autistic, don't try to use death to escape and resolve resentment.

Love must believe in hate, in love itself.

Only then can love and hate be reconciled.

The so-called love between family members is actually a forced connection, and this connection produces love. Learning to love is actually learning an active connection. Just like Naruto, forever holding onto the first bond he got.

This kind of love usually comes from family members. Therefore, Naruto and Kushina met for the first time in the seal and felt the love of their mother, so that they could successfully overcome the hatred in the nine-tailed body and open the golden body mode. Gaara realizes that the reason why she has the strongest sand shield is because her mother's will to love before her death finally reconciles with herself and no longer hates the world.

The so-called tail beast is actually the hatred in the heart of the human heart. The so-called perfect person is actually a person with a complete personality. Kurama and Shouhe are a collection of hatred, no longer hating everything, possessing the ability and action of love, and reconciling with the self is reconciling with the tailed beast.

But what if the forced contact with family members creates hatred? If Itachi's plan is successful, and Sasuke never finds Nissan's love in his life, how can he learn love again?

His connection, his bondage, can only be expressed through the opposite of love, which is hate. How then? Waiting for Naruto, the god of love, to come? It's useless, Sasuke will choose to cut off Naruto's love for the reverse love and the bond of hate. In other words, he can only have opposite love and torture to Naruto.

How then?

Of course, this possibility is ignored for now. After all, the elder brother loves his younger brother, and Itachi loves Sasuke.

However, how should Sasuke, who learned the truth about Itachi's genocide, face and accept Itachi's love again? Obviously, he can't be as close to his brother as he was before, and simply believe in his brother's love. That is to say, before Naruto's love finally breaks Sasuke's heart, Sasuke needs to sort himself out first, and he needs to re-believe in the old love in order to accept the new love. That's the key.

In fact, Sasuke is a character I admire a lot. He has been facing the truth, trying to get closer to the truth by his own efforts. When he is dominated by hate, he is very purposeful and willing to give everything for it. After learning about the possibility of love, he still desperately pursued the truth. How could a person like Itachi, who is extremely forbearing and silent, express his love so easily if his brother had not pursued him so tenaciously?

Sasuke is actually the most purposeful, calm and cold person who does things.

In order to hate, he is desperate, in order to achieve his goals, he will do anything by means. He didn't hesitate to be swallowed by Orochimaru, because in his opinion, as long as he could take revenge, it didn't matter whether he was or not. After all, he has been engulfed by hatred. This is also a manifestation of his strong purpose in doing things.

Later, Sasuke realized that he was stronger than Orochimaru, and he no longer needed to take revenge under the guise of others, so he did not hesitate to choose to fight back against Orochimaru and take revenge himself. He will not blindly advance alone, but choose to form his own team, which is to pull in Xianglin, Shuiyue and Chonggo.

How did Sasuke accept Itachi's love? He has to re-understand and understand his brother's beliefs, everything he has done, everything Itachi has been hiding before. Why would my brother prefer to kill the entire clan to save Konoha? He needs answers.

Before there was no answer to convince him, he thought that Konoha had indirectly killed his brother, which was also true. When he still can't understand, his brother's life is more important than his brother's behavior and philosophy. After all, Itachi recognized these ideas, and Sasuke didn't.

But Sasuke is still confused, he not only loves his brother's life, but also wants to understand his brother's choice. How to understand it? He chose to directly ask the Hokage of the past dynasties.

Why was the Hokage of all dynasties reincarnated from the dirt?

For Sasuke. To give Sasuke an answer.

Therefore, even if the reincarnated first Hokage Hashirama had the ability to get rid of Orochimaru's control, he still chose to sit down and give this Uchiha boy an answer.

Sasuke has really been trying to find the truth, to find answers, so Sasuke's line is actually well written. The two pillars are not actually two. Some people say that Sasuke hasn't figured out the situation all the time, and the whole Hokage is in a state of confusion. Yes, most of the time he is constantly ignoring, pretending, and slapping his face, but who says we are not like this in life?

Sasuke is Uchiha's last single seedling. The conflict within the Uchiha family, the conflict between the Uchiha family and Konoha, all focused on him. What Madara and Hasuma didn't solve, what the second and third generations didn't solve with Danzo, what Shisui didn't solve, and what Itachi didn't solve, all turned into a bloody past that weighed on him when he was young.

His first choice, revenge on Itachi, was to end decades of darkness and turmoil within the Uchiha family. He is speaking for all the Uchihas who died in the genocide. Although Itachi deliberately concealed part of the truth, it is also an indisputable fact that Itachi slaughtered the entire clan. Survivor Sasuke is fighting for all Uchiha's souls.

His second choice, revenge on Konoha, was to end the decades-long undercurrent between Uchiha and Konoha. The Hokage of all dynasties also admitted that there was a possibility of splitting Konoha from the very beginning, so there was a confrontation and cooperation between Hashimama and Tobirama, Sandai and Danzo. The resistance of the Uchiha family, suppressed by Shisui and Itachi, was finally realized in Sasuke.

On these major decisions, everyone's persuasion paled. Whether it was Kakashi using his painful childhood experiences, or Naruto using his friendship, or whether Itachi deliberately arranged for Sasuke to only resent himself, bear this responsibility alone, or even arrange for Naruto to swallow other gods (although this ultimately uses On Itachi himself), he was not able to pull Sasuke back.

The experience of others is invalid, and Sasuke needs to find and understand the answer by himself. That's why Itachi said that he had to choose to believe Sasuke's own choice this time when he was reincarnated and left. All he needs to tell Sasuke is his eternal love.

Sasuke never actually lost himself, or was never forced to lose himself. He joined Orochimaru in order to obtain the power of revenge (killing Itachi), and joined the Akatsuki organization with the Eagle Squad in order to obtain the power of revenge (destruction of Konoha). He, Orochimaru and Obito are all in the relationship of mutual use. So he is not stupid, just forced to move forward in limited reality.

In the whole story, Sasuke's transformation is actually more than Naruto. These changes are all major choices in his life. Every step is solid. Although it may not be right, he will not regret it.

As for Sasuke's third choice, return to the seventh class and fight hand in hand with Naruto. The fourth choice is to fight Naruto in the Valley of the End, trying to kill Naruto himself to become Naruto, unify the ninja world, and implement his own Naruto. Thought, these two choices feel that the author has become more and more powerless as he writes.

The above analysis does not involve too much the dispute between Indra and the Asura brothers, nor does it involve Kaguya Otsutsuki. Although these mythological settings are grand and magnificent, I don’t think they are necessary. And the author is a little dizzy in these grand settings.

Of course, the advantage of myths is that they are very visual. We don't need to explore the deep meaning of them, but we can also relish the stories of Indra and Asura. This is also the reason why so many myths and legends have been left in ancient times.

Like 1984, Infinite Monthly Reading is also a good fable.

In fact, Sasuke can't be understood and relieved until the end, otherwise why would he choose to travel?

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