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I have always been curious about why the tools used by ninjas in Naruto are called Kunai. After thinking about it, it is actually clear. The ninjas used tools to kill you. It dissipates, so it is kunai, but you hold kunai but you cannot be a person without suffering, the kunai you hold can liberate others, but you cannot liberate yourself, there are a few who can be cruel and put into My heart
has always liked Sasuke very much, even if he is so unlikable now, Sasuke said that only people who are lonely will become strong, so he wants to cut off the relationship with Naruto, he can have no friends, he can bear it Lonely, he can not look at other people's eyes, he wants to become stronger, I have always hated the protagonist's halo, its existence makes everyone a foil.
Sasuke is the most pitiful person, and there is no himself in Konoha Village. His relatives, he has been a comparison person since he was a child, and he is not recognized. His brother killed his family and forced himself to hate him. Several generations of Hokage have valued Naruto, and Kakashi and Iruka will also care about him. Snatched by Naruto, Sakura, who likes Sasuke, will still be moved by Naruto if he can only talk about it. Naruto's opponents eventually became friends with Naruto, but your opponents are all to your death, Naruto People say that he is your friend, but he just wants to surpass you. Jiraiya is sincere to Naruto, but Orochimaru only sees you as a container, the only brother who loves you, but hurts each other.
So, you become You can understand what you become. This is the path you choose. As long as you don't regret it, no one is qualified to judge right or wrong. You are a lonely person walking in the dark.

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Naruto quotes

  • Itachi Uchiha: Go away. You don't interest me at the moment.

    Sasuke Uchiha: [clenches fist] WELL GET INTERESTED!

  • Itachi Uchiha: [to Sasuke, who he has pinned to the wall] You are still too weak. You don't have enough hate. And you know something?

    [leans in and whispers]

    Itachi Uchiha: You never will.