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"People become strong because they have unforgettable memories. This is called growth."

When it comes to "Naruto", I think as long as people who know Japanese anime, even if they have not read the manga , animation, and even people whose usual hobbies have nothing to do with animation can name this work, and it can even be said that it represents an era, from 1999 to 2016. Everyone has different memories related to Naruto on the way of growing up. Based on my personal experience, the author will share with you the journey of myself and "Naruto" and "Naruto" from the beginning of the serialization to the end.

"Naruto", formerly known as "NARUTO – ナルト-", was serialized by the original Kishimoto in "Weekly Shonen JUMP" from No. 43 in 1999. The final episode of this article was published in No. 50 in 2014, and then in the spring of last year. "NARUTO - Naruto - Gaiden ~ The Seventh Generation Naruto and the Scarlet Flower Moon~" will be serialized in a short period of time, and will be published in various novels. After the end of the manga, various media developments have continued. In addition to the TV animation that is still being broadcast, the art exhibition called "NARUTO New Era Opening Plan" is also ongoing, including the theater that will be released in Japan in December 2014. Version "THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE-" and "BORUTO-NARUTO THE MOVIE-" released in August 2015, and even the most popular "Itachi Shinden Light" in the previous series of spin-off novels will also be adapted in April this year. TV animation, and the manga "BORUTO -Boren Biography-" featuring Naruto's son Boren as the protagonist will also be serialized by Kishimoto Yushi's assistant Ikemoto Mikio from April this year. script. And "Boren Biography" also released a few days ago that it was confirmed to be introduced by China Film and will be released in the near future. The upsurge of "Hokage" can be described as one wave after another.

The popularity of this work was high at the time of the serialization, and later, together with "One Piece" and "The Prince of Tennis", it was called "the three pillars of "Weekly Shonen Jump". The high popularity of comics is even widely recognized as representing the successor to Dragon Ball in the 2000s. The single edition has been published and distributed in more than 30 countries overseas. In January 2009, the simplified Chinese version in mainland China was officially introduced and published by the Comic Book Publishing House and published by Beijing Zhongshao Animation Book Co., Ltd. In the same year, the cumulative circulation of the single edition exceeded 30 million copies. , of which 6.63 million copies were recorded in mainland China, and the circulation in Japan in May 2010 exceeded 100 million. The fifth manga with a circulation of over 100 million volumes after One Piece, and the cumulative circulation worldwide exceeded 200 million in August 2014.

On October 3, 2002, TV animation was broadcast on TV Tokyo. The animated version was produced by Studio Pierrot (Clown Club), the production company of "NINKU -Ninku-", and the character setting of "Ninku" was enabled. Nishio Tetsu also served as the main character of the animation. The original intention of the teacher to draw "Naruto". Kishimoto required simple lines and designs in animation paintings. On the one hand, it is to make the still paintings look less out of shape, and on the other hand, when the characters move, they can be more sleek and bold.

The early stage of the animation is basically adapted from the original manga. After the first juvenile story of the manga (until "Sasuke's Return of the Mission"), the animation had to carry out 85 episodes in order not to catch up with the manga in the follow-up content. The original long-form novel, among which there are not a few words from the original idea of ​​Mr. Kishimoto. Since February 15, 2007, it has been renamed "NARUTO - Naruto - Shippuden" and has been broadcast so far. Even the animation's supervisor, Yuto Date, was in production at the time. I didn't expect this work to become a long-term meal ticket for more than 10 years. The one responsible for the composition of the juvenile series is Katsuyuki Sumizawa, who is famous for "New Mobile Suit Gundam W" (the series composition was changed to Jun Takegami from episode 133). Nozomi, Sumizawa finally wrote 135 words), and in 2000's "Fantasy Magic Biography Most Travels" also worked closely with Supervisor Date. The adaptation of the first animation is very compact, condensing the plot of the first 27 volumes of the manga, of which only 1 episode is the general episode of the first trial of the Chunin Exam and the original 7 episodes of the tea country after entering 100 episodes; "The original plot in the early stage is still short, and now the original plot is almost created on a quarterly basis, and even the animation is still fishing at the juncture of the end of this plot (or is the part of the plot not explained in the original work completed? ), presumably people who are still chasing animations are accustomed to it now.

The animation began to be broadcast in the United States in 2005. At the beginning, it mainly targeted children aged 9 to 14. It achieved a 2.3% audience rating in the first replay, which was considered a relatively good result in animation programs in the United States, and later in South Korea. , China Taiwan, China Hong Kong and other cable television stations in more than 80 countries and regions around the world have broadcast. Its peripheral products are also sold in more than 90 countries at the same time. The protagonist Naruto Uzumaki even appeared on Newsweek, one of the three major newsweekly in the United States, and was selected as the only one in the special episode "100 Respected Japanese in the World" on October 18, 2006. Manga animation representative. In 2009, it ranked No. 6 in the Yahoo! search terms in the United States, and attracted the attention of overseas anime fans. At the end of July 2011, CCTV also released three earlier theatrical animations "Saving the Snow Princess", "Illusory Underground Ruins" and "Animal Disturbance in Crescent Island", which were officially obtained by Youku Tudou in December of the same year. It will be broadcast on the same day one hour after the broadcast in Japan.

What I said above may be a little far from the relationship with the vast majority of domestic audiences, so I will talk about it from my own perspective.

Before writing this article, through vague memories, the author has always believed that the original intention of "Naruto" was "Naruto Konoha's Ninja Heroes" released on PS2 in 2003. At that time, I played in the game console store during the summer vacation, and also I don't understand Japanese, and when I played it, it was actually already in the second generation. In fact, the game is an opportunity to really start in-depth contact, and the earlier encounter with "Hokage" was indeed through comics. I forgot whether it was "Anime Era" or "New Mantang". At that time, there was a new comic introduction. In the link, I introduced such a movie - "Fox Ninja". Yes, this is the first "NARUTO" that the author came into contact with. At that time, the domestic magazines used this translation name. It should be the translation name of Hong Kong. After that, somehow, the mainland unified into the translation name of "Naruto". kind. The way of reading at that time was not as convenient as it is now, so I had to read through some pirated books. Teacher Kishimoto's painting style was far from now, and compared with other teachers' styles, it was indeed not very attractive. In addition, the existing serial weight Not much, it's very tiring to watch synchronously, so the manga did not chase it from beginning to end, but in the animation broadcast to the three-way battle between Orochimaru, Tsunade, and Jiraiya, that is, the 96th episode of the animation was made up from the beginning. 2004 is approaching the end of the year, it should be about the same time as the launch of another TV media "Dongxi Anime Club" that has been popular in China for a while. It is also the first time this program has introduced this work on domestic TV media. Few friends who can only understand Japanese animation information through TV can appreciate the charm of this work.

Regarding the charm of "Naruto", in addition to the characters and strong stories in the play, the one thing I want to talk about in particular is music. Both the OP and ED theme songs use artists and bands from the Sony Music Department. Many of the songs have a particularly high rate of singing, and they have also achieved impressive results in the Oricon rankings. In addition, the background music created by Masada Toshiro and Liu Sansi musashi ("Shippuden" is composed of Kaori Koji and Blade -yaiba-) in the play has spread almost all over the streets, and can even be heard in many variety shows in China. to these classics.

The game mentioned above, then let's talk about the game related to "Naruto". Apart from mobile games, web games, online games and card games, there are 19 console game brands alone. The content is roughly adapted from the animation, and also includes a part of the theatrical version of the story. With the animation title in 2007 changed to " Shippuden, the title of the game has also changed. The publishers are mainly Bandai game companies and TAKARA TOMY. The former is mainly responsible for the console games of the PlayStation series (including cross-Xbox platforms), while the latter is responsible for the console games of the Nintendo series. The North American and European exclusive games are handled by Ubisoft. The most famous production company responsible for the production of the "Naruto" game on the PS series is CyberConnect2 (CC2 for short). It is a regular product in the company, and it is also often cosplayed at its own game conferences. It is naturally no problem for fans to adapt the game. The series adaptations it has taken over are basically faithful to the original work. The Konoha Ninja Heroes series mentioned by the author earlier With the follow-up Ultimate Awakening series and Ultimate Storm series, they are all excellent works in the "Naruto" PS series of games, and they are also very suitable for recommending to friends who have never been in contact with animation comics. The game type is a fighting game, of course. You can also play the plot directly, but if you just play free battles with friends, you will test the "friendship" of both parties (laughs).

Finally, let's talk about the stage play. As early as 2006, a stage play called "Ninja Fantasy NARUTO -Naruto-" was launched. It was mainly performed by Musical Academy, a subsidiary of Johnny's Office. The script was きだつよし. Characters are original. Last year, the new stage play launched as part of the "NARUTO New Era Opening Plan" restored the original plot and character modeling, and the soundtrack by Masada Toshiro, plus the unique effects of the stage to restore the moves and scenes in the play, and more popularized. To the Venetian Theater in Macau, Malaysia and Singapore and other places to tour, won the praise of Japanese and overseas fans of Naruto.

The manga, which had been shouting hope that it would end soon, is over, and an era has come to an end. However, Kishimoto-sensei continues to work non-stop with his new creations, and the author hereby hopes that Kishimoto-sensei's new works can recreate the glory of Hokage and bring us a new era!

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