Say goodbye and see you later

Clementine 2022-11-14 07:59:42

As a veteran movie fan, let me talk about my favorite anime. The plot is that the protagonist from a weak ninja, through his own persistence and hard work, has been recognized by more and more people, becoming a strong man in the ninja world, and has realized his long-standing dream - becoming a Naruto. The word "dream" is by no means a slogan that is said today and left behind tomorrow. It is impossible to make a dream come true overnight, and it requires down-to-earth practice. Let me put it this way, I have used my ten years of movie watching experience to witness the growth of the protagonist Naruto from the tail of a crane to a responsible leader. I can tell the various difficulties that Naruto has overcome. The countless touches I brought may be the reason why I have a longing for Naruto.
Naruto was naughty and mischievous when he was a child, and his grades were counted down, but he shouted all day long that he wanted to become a Hokage. Compared with Hyuga, Zhuludie and other famous families, Naruto is just an orphan with no relatives. He was despised and despised since he was a child, and his vision of Naruto was contagious to the children of the same period. In the process of growing up, the first person who gave Naruto's relatives affection was just a teacher Iluka who had a preference for Naruto. And it is such a lonely person, not only did not become depressed and depraved, did not complain about the injustice of the society to him, but treated life cheerfully with his unique stupidity, always smiling. But who cares about what Naruto looks like when he eats instant noodles alone?
Because of the obsession to inherit the name of Hokage, Naruto began to work tirelessly. After teaming up with Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi, he cherished this friendship more than anyone else. Later, Sasuke went to the dark in order to seek strength, and Naruto became the backbone of his solidarity in order to find Sasuke. Although the tiger-headed Naruto has many small problems, his positivity and affinity make Naruto the most popular ninja. These qualities are not found in Sasuke, who is equally powerful but ruthless, and Shikamaru, who is resourceful but lacking in energy.
As a post-80s generation, I still have the habit of chasing one episode of anime every week. It's just that the scene has changed, from watching it in the dormitory of the university, watching it in the Internet cafe outside the school gate, now watching it on a PC, watching it on a mobile phone in my bed. I wonder if my future children will also like to watch anime? It's a pity that Hokage shouldn't wait until that time, the manga is already over. There is a banquet in the world, and there is always a time to tell the story. When it's all over, I just want to say thank you to Naruto who made my blood boil, and say goodbye to the good times I watched Naruto.

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