Sasuke's Life Brief

Raegan 2022-10-05 11:30:07

I started watching "Naruto" when I was in junior high school, and I followed it for 11 years until it was completed. I also grew from a hairy boy to a weirdo. For me, Fire represents my childhood and youth memories. I still remember the most exciting thing in high school, waiting for the update of "Fire".
Among the many characters in "Fire", my favorite character is Sasuke Uchiha. In the manga, Sasuke is a talented and handsome guy. Sasuke is talented and handsome, and he could have a bright future. The tragic disaster that happened when he was helpless at the age of seven completely changed his life, but the perpetrator was the brother he admired and loved. From then on, there was only one goal left in his life in his young mind: to kill the elder brother and avenge the whole family.
Sasuke turned into an avenger, he practiced martial arts and longed to kill his enemies with his own hands. And the originally innocent and cheerful face of his face is only cold and indifferent. Fortunately, his path of growth was not alone. He met a lovable teacher, a lifelong friend and rival Naruto, and always liked his Konoha ninja Sakura. Bonding with them prevents Sasuke from becoming a deranged maniac. Unexpectedly, after the Battle of Konoha Village, his eldest brother came to Konoha Village again. The strength gap between the two made Sasuke fall into deep pain and despair, and at this time, the rebellion Orochimaru was also tempting him to rebel. In order to gain the power of revenge, Sasuke not hesitated to betray, left his hometown, his friends, and fought with his seventh class partner Naruto and severely injured Naruto.
The story is here, and the manga is also updated to the second part. At this time, Sasuke's wings were growing, and he killed Orochimaru, who had been coveting his body. Sasuke finds his big brother and fights with him, finally winning. I thought everything was over, but Sasuke also fell into another abyss. . . . . .
Sasuke is a gloomy, cold-hearted person who is wise and good at fighting. He is a person who can abandon his partners and lovers and do whatever he can to accomplish his goals. He is not a cold-blooded animal per se, he is also eager for friendship, and he will sacrifice himself for the sake of his partner. But for revenge, he regards love as a boring game, betrays his division and fights with his friends. It can be said that Sasuke is a tragic figure who has endured many hardships.
Sasuke's tragedy is not only his personal tragedy, but also his family's tragedy. The biggest influence on his personality is none other than his elder brother. Sasuke was born into a powerful family that was ostracized by the villagers, and it was only a matter of time before a conflict broke out with the villagers. In order to protect the hard-won peace in the village, his eldest brother, Itachi Uchiha, reluctantly killed the entire clan, but Sasuke was left behind. And Itachi also deliberately let Sasuke kill himself in the showdown with Sasuke because he was full of guilt. Later, the black-faced man told Sasuke everything about the original. The tragedy of the family and the tragedy of the elder brother made Sasuke cry, and he has since believed that peace is extremely hypocritical. In revenge for the Konoha villagers who persecuted his family, Sasuke declared war on the world, committed many crimes, and lived in hell.
I thought that Sasuke would be completely blackened, but because of the reunion with his eldest brother, Sasuke became confused. Due to Dou's filthy reincarnation technique, his eldest brother was recalled to the world in a special form. In the dialogue with the elder brother, Sasuke discovered that the persecuted elder brother did not hate the village, but wanted to contribute to the peace of the village again. Sasuke was confused, and in order to understand the origin of all this, he asked Orochimaru for advice.
With the help of Orochimaru, Sasuke met the founder of Konoha Village, the first Hokage Senju Hashirama. The first Hokage told Sasuke the origin of Konoha Village. The establishment of Konoha Village is precisely to end the troubled times, to rescue the people in hell, so that children can grow up happily, and everyone will no longer suffer. In order to do all this, the first Hokage promoted the union of the Senju clan and the Uchiha clan with his compassionate heart. Later, for the peace of the village, the first generation broke with Madara Uchiha, who wanted to start a war again, and defeated Madara.
At this moment, Sasuke finally understood the meaning of what his elder brother did. However, deep in his heart, he did not give up hatred, but this hatred was transformed in another form. After sealing Kaguya Hime with Naruto, Sasuke also revealed his true colors - becoming the only and immortal ruler of the world and killing Naruto.
Sasuke's ultimate savior is Naruto. Naruto has always been reluctant to give up his connection with Sasuke, because Naruto's upbringing is very similar to Sasuke. Both had no father or mother, and suffered from the pain of loneliness, and it was precisely because of this that Naruto understood Sasuke very well. Naruto's brotherly affection for Sasuke made Sasuke feel warm. He understood that in addition to the big brother, in addition to the Uchiha clan, there were still people who cared about him, and he also understood the pain Naruto suffered. Sasuke's view of the world is no longer cold, and he is relieved.
"Naruto" is really a good story full of soul-stirring heroism. From Sasuke's story, I can understand how sad and unbearable the story of the Avengers is. Kishimoto also shows us through Sasuke's story that no matter how deep the hatred for the world, don't be weary of the world, because the world There is always a place for you and someone will care about you.

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