Well, is this Naruto Cultivation Biography?

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The three major migrant workers, "Naruto", "Death" and "Pirates", currently only Pirates are left unfinished. .

When Naruto was in middle school, he chased him for a while, until itachi died. The moment he knew the truth, it was so cruel. I cried once and cried like a dog. So give up. After many years, I thought that I would not feel anything when I watched it again, but when I saw Itachi God smiled and said "Forgive me, Sasuke" on his deathbed, he still cried like a dog.

How successful the character creation was at that time, even if the same scene in the memory is replayed 800 times like a monthly reading, everyone will still feel that everyone is very fresh.

Ah, let's not talk about that. Then again, since Itachi died, what kind of medicine did Kishimoto take wrong? There is no way to watch the plot behind it, even if it is the character of the dead god Itachi after reincarnation in the dirty land. Almost collapsed. In order to highlight what Naruto had entrusted to his younger brother, why not have this time to explain to Sasuke himself? Why can't we say goodbye every time we say goodbye? If it wasn't for Sasuke meeting Itachi midway, maybe they just missed it so much? I talked to Naruto more than I said to Sasuke. Isn't that my dearest brother? If he is doing well, he will go to ask Naruto what the hell is, although I understand that it is not the kind of thing that is in order to end the war as soon as possible. People who procrastinate to satisfy their own desires, but there are still too many regrets before and after.

And I was also reincarnated from the dirty land. Itachi and Naruto joined forces to seal Nagato. After Naruto was out of his mind, he had to force him to fight this and that when he started to hate Naruto. Kakashi emphasized the partner at the beginning or something, maybe Naruto People didn't listen at all. Team spirit. . . Pirates said it well: I do my part well, and I also believe that you can do your part well, if you can't do it, I will beat you up. Everyone does their best and promises to be the best, so the team can get things done in the end. In the later period of Naruto, the characters are basically super gods. They not only fight by themselves, but also take care of all the people on the battlefield. You can do whatever you want with your strength. But it really feels like a hundred and eight thousand miles away from Pirates. In the later stage, Naruto has become a typical Long Aotian, and he doesn't have the soul he should have at all.

Not to mention a comic supporting character whose main character can collapse like this. Even Kakashi, No. 1 in the supporting role with the most plays, is known as a genius boy. In the early stage, he has the ability to analyze the situation of the battle, his cool mind, copy ability, superb physical skills, etc., but all of them are gone in the later stage. He is completely playing soy sauce and left to write Wheel eyes can't live like that. Although Susa was finally opened, it feels very different from his original character. It is completely Naruto's harem, and it is necessary to mention Naruto, as if this world can't live without Naruto. Although I know that I want to highlight the protagonist, but the protagonist's halo is not used like this, right? ? ?

In contrast, each of Akatsuki's members has a very short playing time, but the battles are basically exciting, and they also have a lot of personality and characteristics. It's no wonder that every time the cos Hokage will die even if Xiaopao is taken off, there are still people who have to be unswerving as cos, and the harvest favorability can even surpass the protagonist. . . Perhaps while regretting that some characters died early, it should also be more fortunate that they died early, so they escaped the fate of the collapse of the characters.

Fengshen list is not so good, and "Hokage", it takes people about fifteen years to witness what is called "the author himself lowered the original works of Fengshen to the dust".

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