Goodbye, Konoha Village

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On November 6, 2014, Kishimoto's assistant announced on the social network that "Naruto" was due, and the Naruto studio was disbanded. It has been serialized on "Shueisha" Juvenile Jump for fifteen years, with a total of 700 episodes and the finale.

The news went crazy that day.

1. No matter how deep the night is, there will be dawn. No matter how big the stage is, the curtain will be called

. To be honest, when Sasuke defected to Konoha Village for revenge at the end of the first part, I didn't pay attention to this movie until the second part of "Shippuden" started. The national manga that once loved to the core. I don't care how Naruto ends, I don't need to think too much to know that Naruto will eventually get a promotion and a raise, become CEO, marry Bai Fumei, and reach the pinnacle of life. All I want to know is who finally married Haruno Sakura back home.

Naruto and Hinata had a pair of children, Sasuke also had a daughter with Sakura, Kakashi abdicated the sixth generation of Hokage and lived a leisurely life as a bachelor. Every partner has found their other half except for the dead Neji (emphasis added, Neji, you died so miserably, and it hurts to think about your death as an eternal virgin by your peers).

I know that if I had to watch the main plot of the ending, I wouldn't be able to understand it, but at least I can understand the CP.

I have to say, AB is a pure, orthodox straight man... maybe even a little straight man cancer. A few days ago, I commented on the authors of the three major comics on Fanfou. Literary and artistic youths are like 98, second-tier youths are like WT, and AB is the normal young man. You see, even the ending is so neat and tidy.

There is no doubt that in general, the national manga will go downhill in the later stage, and the "Gintama" that has been praised is no exception (although it has been praised, I am still a big fan of silver). However, the expansion of force and the procrastination of the plot still cannot stop the enthusiasm of fans. This is the charm of Guomin Man.

So AB finally decided to endure the pressure of the Blade Dynamite Letter and draw the final chapter for Naruto. How should I put it, the first feeling I heard when I heard the news was: I finally got through.

It gave me an illusion that I could see the end of death, and I could see that Conan killed "that person" and then recovered his body and the infatuation and bitterness of Xiaolan.

Probably should be able to see it, right?

PS. [I don't hate anyone in the works I like. The characters may be the opposite. The worse the reviews are, the more I like


With Sakura together, one thing is clear. The past that used to tear up the war until dawn on the post bar has become a joke. The most proud thing for each CP party is to become an official for the life of the CP.

Sakura likes Sasuke, the parties know it, the single arrow Sakura knows it, everyone in Konoha Village knows it, and readers all over the world know it.

It goes without saying that Sasuke is my dish, but I probably wasn't the one who liked Haruno Sakura at first sight. In the first part, she was repeatedly rated as one of the least likable JUMP heroines by JUMP, and of course the other was Orihime Inoue, although it remains to be seen whether Inoue is the heroine of BL-each.

The infinite nympho male god Sasuke-kun, while facing the spare tire Naruto who is digging his heart and his lungs, the heroine's halo can also attract the admiration of other passers-by, such as Rock Lee... The pink-haired violent girl is placed in other anime No matter how you look at it, she is a casual female passer-by in a daily show, the scheming girl two in the pure love film, or the head of a three-person group of fans of a campus idol... but unfortunately met a straight male cancer AB, Haruno Sakura's reputation is mixed. The future can be predicted from the first scene.

It was such a loud, conceited, and savage girl. When she cut off her long hair for her loved one for her companions, her pink hair fluttering in the sky and the sensational music, I admit that at that moment, it pierced my heart. Since then, the red and blue cp has been determined, maybe the mentality of the two male and female characters I like must be together is very strange _(:з"∠)_...
Some people say that during the Chunin exam, Naruto, Sasuke, Xiao Li gathered together, and the three people present loved her. Haruno Sakura should be the happiest person in Konoha at that time. It's a pity that the girl is not so picky, she chose the thickest stroke and chose the challenge hard mode.

Life would be great if we could see the future at the moment of making a choice, and there would not be so many tossing and turning in the world.

In the end, the tears that flowed were not let down, and the bitter love in the past has become today's chatter and laughter. Victory belongs to Haruno Sakura, and it belongs to the heretical Sa Sakura CP.

The so-called female chasing male interlayer yarn, thinking about the experiences around me, I want to admit but do not want to admit, who made so many lovers in this world finally get married. Therefore, it is also time to talk about the lovely triangular relationship of the seventh class.

In fact, when I think about it carefully, although I will also be cute, I have to admit that Hinata has been a single arrow like Naruto over the years. Although Hinata is beautiful and cute, in the fetters of Class Seven, she can only be a little girl with infinite inner drama.

Fifteen years have never changed his mind, and he chased back his husband for the girl he liked. Of course, this is a joke, but that day I saw a sandalwood on station B saying, "The protagonist has been chased for fifteen years and still has a card issued. When I'm single and my heart hurts", I also laughed to the point of pain...

I always feel that the relationship between Naruto and Sakura is like Jiraiya and Tsunade: the closest friends of the opposite sex in the world, we fight side by side Through all the thorns, my clothes are splattered with your blood, but you are not my other half. Not alive, not dead.

why? Because Naruto is not good enough? Because Naruto is not as stylish as Sasuke?

No, it's just that he came a step late, and no one can guarantee that it is only one step away.

A person was planted in her heart a long time ago, that person is a prodigal son, an avenger, the loneliness and hatred of the whole world, and the world that belongs to him allows only desperate and hysterical existence.

She knows this better than anyone, but loves him more than anyone else. Even if such a sunny and lovely boy was by his side and confessed with his long-term companionship, he couldn't take her fiery gaze away, and couldn't confuse her dream of belonging.

So the saying that companionship is the spare tire of the longest love is also a sting carved with blood...

Love is a selfish thing, why the fuck don't you like me when I like you so much? Do you have someone you like?

Yes. Everyone understands the truth, but it is so difficult to accept it. Because truth is always used to persuade others, tears are always used to comfort yourself. If you can list an equation for feelings, it would be good to list them in one, two or three steps and solve them one by one.

Who would you choose between the person you love and the person you love?

Naruto Uzumaki chose the former.

Haruno Sakura chose the former.

It was their doomed parting ways.

It was written in the soup back then, turn it around

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