the world is unfair

Dannie 2022-10-18 03:03:50

When everyone is discussing this drama, I still prefer to follow one piece, the one who has been working hard for his own wishes, and witnessed the crying, laughing, noisy, joyful, painful, and tormenting of the boy growing up. I think that what young people should watch is such a positive drama, just like the protagonist, in order to actively realize their dreams, meet cherished friends in the process, and create a series of memories that will never fade. I don't quite understand why I like to watch a variety of magic tricks, as well as rebirth, and all kinds of fantasy dramas. As I get older, I still prefer OP's sunshine, but I just understand why my mature (sophisticated) friends in my memory prefer Naruto. It turns out that they were no longer naive at that age. After seeing the rules of the game clearly, they told you cruelly and soberly that the world was like this.

What you think is a reasonable class division turns out to be a balance of various interests; what you think of assigning teachers at will is actually a pre-set for the future leadership team and the right to guide; what you think is a bloody betrayal, behind this is the A profound tragedy in which two geniuses were destroyed due to the competition for power and the greed of all parties; the inspirational story that you think you can reach the peak of life as long as you work hard enough, is actually just a smart genius dad who prepares it in advance. The resources, whether it is network or capital: those ordinary people basically don’t have any opportunities for the excellent ascension channel, not everyone can let the three masters be the masters, not everyone can go to Miaofeng Mountain to learn immortal arts, not everyone There are nine-tailed chakras in your body that you can use endlessly; you think that White Fang can't bear the suicide of leaving a message, who can say that there are no forces behind it who want to kill the strong competitiveness of this next shadow or break the current situation. Another major force of the Fang forces; you think that Kakashi has always been a confidant of Shadow, and has always been in the core leadership circle. Could it be that such a career plan does not limit his talent and make it more difficult to rise to a level, but instead becomes a The protector of the next leader of the power, and a pawn in the transition period of the power transfer.

It may be said to be a conspiracy theory, but in this drama, what can be seen is a genius with high talent and hard work like Neji. In any fair environment, he has the ability to change his future and be as he hoped It is a pity that fate/the rules of the game in this world can only let him as a protector, in order to protect the eldest young lady and the future imperial brother-in-law who died so tragically on the battlefield. Xiao Li, a character with no background, no talent, only tenacity and hard work, has no competitiveness in the same period except for a master who loves him. If he is not in such an environment, maybe he can break through the force with his efforts. Value, you can have your own small piece of world, instead of being a small cannon fodder in a group of people who are either talented/or family background/or have a strong relationship with the power center in the same period. And Kai is even more miserable. He has no background and no connections. He has climbed to a decent position with his own efforts. The relationship with Kakashi will not be too marginalized, but he is marginalized by the center of power. His own life, but what everyone knows most is that the big boss was killed by the future leader and his good friends. Even if he is disabled, who cares about him except for his good friend Kakashi. The pig deer butterfly, who has a strong family behind it, is not very skilled, but in various crises, someone will always save them from danger, including Kadian who almost died when dealing with Payne. This is the reality of this world, right? You are an ordinary person with no background and no connection. Then you just stay at your level obediently and enjoy your ordinary life. The upper-level people see you trying hard and throw it at you. Some of your residual value will follow. If you insist on pushing to the upper end of the pyramid, then you must be prepared to be used as cannon fodder and as a chess piece.

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