Lonely Gaara

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Every time Gaara appeared, it made others shudder. Except for his dark and thick eyes, there was no trace of lines and shadows on his face, which made people always guess: what is he?

I really like his name: Gaara! A name full of love, I thought so too. When the little Gaara was isolated by all the children because of fear, he kneaded his heart and said to Yashamaru: It hurts here, it hurts all the time! Yasha Maru cut his finger and said to him: The surface wound is easy to heal, but the psychological pain can only be healed with an honest heart. She told Gaara: Her sister protected him with her own love and named him Gaara with the deep love of her mother! But when Gaara used her honest heart to deliver medicine to the child who was injured by him during the day, what he got was disgust and fear. Desperate and angry, he wounded the ninja who assassinated him. He didn't expect it to be Yashamaru. The Yasha Maru, who he loved and loved, actually hated him and hated that his birth took away her sister's life, and Gaara means that he loves his own Shura, and it was his mother's continuation of his love for him and this village. The hatred of this world, the one who sent Yashamaru to kill him turned out to be his own father. At this moment, Gaara's world completely collapsed, and loneliness was like a huge hunting beast that kept tearing at his heart every day. Hate the world, hate everyone, hate his body that never knows pain and can't be hurt, he has become a Shura who really only knows how to kill.

And Naruto, who is also recognized as a monster by everyone, has been fighting from the very beginning, fighting against the crowd who ignored him, the fate destined from the beginning, and the nine-tailed fox sealed in his body, even though he has no talent, even though he He didn't have such a high IQ, but he never gave up his beliefs and dreams, so he overcame loneliness step by step and found the power of love, which is the power that can never be defeated.

That young boy Bai, who was as pure as snow, also suffered from the heart-wrenching trauma of ice, but because of a little warmth from the uncut, she maintained her pure and kind heart as snow.

There are many things that are doomed from the beginning, such as our birth, you can't choose to be born with infinite glory, lifelong happiness and joy, but in the long life after that, there are unexplainable uncertainties, We can't change our destiny but we can work hard to change our attitude towards life, I think this is what Hokage wants to tell.

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