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The first step to realizing your dream is to speak it out

Li and Kai can really make people cry, and they are usually nonsensical - such as competing with others, giving dumbbells as a wedding gift, and Li's brainless blow to Kai, which is an important soothing part of the tense plot. From non-ninjutsu to "I would like to call you the strongest", "A peacock in the morning and a tiger in the day, and an elephant in the evening dances triumphantly at night", the red steam of the elephant is not blood, but the sweat of bloody youth.

Naruto's Three Views

"Do what you say, do what you say, this is my way of forbearance." Of course, this sentence is easy to say, Xiao Sakura once had a similar oath, but when faced with a crisis, she gave up again and again, and then shouted. "Naruto". But it was also the crises of the partners that made Naruto feel needed, and then stimulated the hidden power, and the so-called "Strong Perseverance and Endurance" was born.

The value of life lies in the people who are important to you

The reason why most villains become villains is that people who are extremely important to them have died because of unnatural factors. Hence the hatred for the world. Naruto's solution to this is to make himself someone important to them.

Shikamaru and Neji

Shikamaru is a character you can never hate. He always talked about the troubles he hated, for the sake of "Jade", and for the lighter of Asma in his pocket, he finally lived the life he hated the most when he was a child. But this has become the most trusted comrade-in-arms of the partners and the audience's favorite character (one).

The acquired ability is a blessing bestowed on the weak by effort, and a naturally powerful plug-in is a curse bestowed by God on the strong. Both Hinata and Uchiha live in such a curse, and Sasuke and Neji are undoubtedly the victims of the curse. It's just that Neji chose to resist fate, and Sasuke fell into the cycle of hatred.

This scene is really pissed off by Sakura

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Naruto quotes

  • Itachi Uchiha: Go away. You don't interest me at the moment.

    Sasuke Uchiha: [clenches fist] WELL GET INTERESTED!

  • Itachi Uchiha: [to Sasuke, who he has pinned to the wall] You are still too weak. You don't have enough hate. And you know something?

    [leans in and whispers]

    Itachi Uchiha: You never will.