[Thousand Days Talk] 20130704 [Daily Film Review] "Naruto": One Dream in Ten Years

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[Thousand Days Talk] 20130704 [Daily Film Review] "Naruto": One Dream in Ten Years
said that "Naruto" has been popular for ten years, which is not an exaggeration, and according to the latest article about Masashi Kishimoto It is reported that Kishimoto has to work more than 12 hours a day, which is called the conscience of the industry. If this news is true, Masashi Kishimoto has been working at a high load almost every day for the past ten years.
People tend to think that being a cartoonist is a very comfortable job, going in and out of all kinds of activities, oh no, high-level clubs, the former's imagination satisfies the vast number of rotten women (including rotten men) who do not know where to come out. The latter's assumption is that the public has a hatred of the wealthy mentality towards the so-called minority elites, "not suffering from poverty but suffering from inequality."
And this mentality is particularly prominent when dealing with migrant workers.
A master student once used more than 60 pages and nearly 80,000 words to discuss what kind of values ​​"Naruto" embodies, and also explained in detail why "Naruto" has been wildly popular until now, while many of the best-sellers in the same period did not. Long-selling cartoonists have long since changed their minds to write new chapters. This senior said, "Although "Naruto" started playing the cards of inspiration, blood, courage and counterattack, this animation is still the inheritance of Japan's most traditional Bushido spirit in the final analysis. The spirit of Bushido in Japan emphasizes "loyalty", which is loyalty to one's lord. In "Hokage", this "loyalty" is interpreted as various words suitable for the context of modern life: trust, persistence and strength.
When we know that Naruto's father is the fourth generation of Hokage, Naruto's so-called self-improvement and growth path of diaosi's counterattack is meaningless. Naruto completed a seemingly A successful path to self-improvement. Of course, even if Naruto doesn't do this, his future has actually been decided. We can call it a bond or destiny, but no matter how it is called, it cannot hide the reality of Naruto's family background.
Of course, if it just stops there, this manga will not be popular for ten years. While constructing a huge world view, Kishimoto constantly asks the inner world of the characters repeatedly. When Naruto was fighting with his dark side in front of the waterfall, the manga said that "Naruto was in a state of being afraid of being bullied in the past". This knot is incomprehensible, and he can never truly know himself. In fact, it is better to say that Naruto is afraid that after he becomes stronger, he will go to bully others like he was bullied before.
This fear is constantly perfunctory, forming the fundamental difference between Naruto and Sasuke in episode 635 of the manga: Naruto pursues the improvement of idealism, and Sasuke pursues the destruction of violent revolution.
And all these differences are determined, an excellent cartoonist (including novelists), in the middle of creating a character, the character will no longer be controlled by the cartoonist, because he/she can only do this There is only such a choice. This is the philosophical theory of "determinism," which holds that no event—and human behavior—is immune to the immutable laws of nature. In a word, there is no difference between "what you do" and "what you can do". If determinism really exists, then free will has nothing to do with human behavior, and we need to redefine the concept of responsibility.
Of course, it may be very pessimistic to say this, after all, Naruto is an inspirational model. But if you think about it carefully, whether it is the war and life in the comics, or the living conditions of the comics viewers, he cannot escape the imprint of his own era. In the comics, we can already vaguely see that the tail of the finale is about to appear, Madara is resurrected, Obito has become the ten-tailed person Zhuli, the fundamental difference between Naruto and Sasuke has appeared, and a lot of dead people have been reincarnated by dirty soil. , and almost all the important figures are on the field. They all hope to escape the shackles of the times and "destroy all negative systems", but we don't know what the result will be.
I only know that in "A Dream of Red Mansions", every protagonist in it is thinking about how to achieve his free will without being constrained by the times.
Sartre said that human beings are more free than we usually think, and we are all able to choose the future and make a new life, but many people find excuses to avoid choice, to escape the freedom of choice, preferring to believe that the only real choice is the choice that the environment provides. Sartre called this self-deception "blind faith."
As a typical compatibilist, Sartre, like other philosophers, believes that the determinism of the material realm and the subjective experience of human freedom are compatible with each other, but I think, perhaps this is the fate of Oedipus, if When you choose not to believe in fate, fate doesn't happen, and when you choose to believe and avoid fate's fulfillment conditions, fate completes its decision for you at the same time as you do the opposite.
In the past ten years, people who like "Naruto" have changed from students to social people. If the choice of the student days is still free will, then after entering the society, we will find at night that we are not conscious of ourselves. There are many transparent lines that involve us, the people around us, and this era. Perhaps any behavior that wants to break away from the constraints of the era happens to be the boost to the development of this era?

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