592 Your friend is coming soon!

Nyasia 2022-11-01 10:32:34

From the third day of junior high school, I saw that I am now running for the third year. One episode every week is 20 minutes, and it has been more than ten years before I knew it.
I watched hot-blooded anime at a very young age, and then hot-blooded +1, and now it has become a part of my ordinary life. I rarely have two episodes of unstoppable anime and new episodes every week, Naruto and One Piece.

In the era when Orochimaru was still the boss, when we were arguing with our good buddies about how awesome Kakashi was, I was at the same table with me and had a fight over who was stronger between Sasuke and Naruto. Who would have thought that there could be a plot of four Naruto appearing at the same time, this is really surprising, and now I think about the Naruto at the time, but then I think of the self at the time. Few pastimes grow with us like serialized anime.

The deepest memory is when Naruto fought Payne in college and recalled for a year halfway through. There are four people in our dormitory, and two of them like Hokage, so every Thursday, Youheng and I will watch an episode of memories from several years ago in the howl of "It's a fucking memory again", and then look forward to the next one. set. I cried many times watching One Piece, but my eyes were wet when I watched Naruto, my tears were low, but I really cried as if it was an episode of Jiraiya Die. I like Jiraiya's unrestrainedness, and I understand everything in my heart, but I can maintain a naivety and love life after understanding the true meaning of life, which is very charming.

I often forget to update after work, especially since I started learning English last year, time has suddenly become a luxury. I often forget to watch Hokage, so I occasionally save a few episodes of surprises.

Some people will feel that as they grow older, these hobbies will fade away and become less enthusiastic. I won't do this. Different ages will have different perspectives, look at different angles, and accept different things. After reading "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" and several books on Japan, and dabbling in some thoughts on the Japanese nation, I thought about U.

In the past, I thought U was a good big brother, but for the sake of the village, he killed his parents and wiped out the whole clan with his own hands. This kind of behavior really made me incomprehensible. It would be fine if it was regarded as the anime plot has quietly passed, but when I think about it carefully, I always feel that it is difficult to calm down. How should I understand U's behavior? I have wondered about this question for a long time.

In the past two years, I have also read some history books, and I have a little understanding of the historical relationship between Japan and China. Japan learned from our Chinese loyalty and filial piety, but did not learn from our "righteousness", they replaced "righteousness" with "reasonableness". In fact, whether it is Hamlet, or so many times in our history who are loyal and filial, they all face the same choice as U. The choice of loyalty or filial piety is only one of them. U is also faced with the fact that his choice is related to the safety of a village. U and they are a family, and Konoha Village, together with the country of fire, as a state, is a whole, including U and their family. For the sake of the village and for the sake of peace, U chooses to sacrifice the family and realize loyalty and fraternity. This choice is very rare. It is not only a universal value, but a kind of great harmony. Therefore, U has accumulated a lot of popularity. The friends around me, people who like the fourth generation and U, are too many.

After more than ten years of plot, we are no longer excited because of an episode of anime, but this week's episode, after a long absence, makes me feel warm. After watching it, I put down my ipad, and it took me a long time to come back to my senses. I remembered the scenes from the past. I watched it for the first time in junior high school, watched it every week in high school, and watched it every week in college...

Many characters I forgot the name, and a lot of the plot is obscure.

In episode 592, the four shadows appeared at the same time, and the heroic and soul-stirring hero. But what moved me the most was the sentence from the fourth generation, "Your friend will be here soon." A father amiably said such a common sentence to his son. For Naruto, this is a rare thing. How difficult. Too warm!

The protagonist shaped by the protagonist's halo will make people feel aesthetic fatigue, but every time these chicken soups or good words conveyed through Naruto often make me feel very inspirational.

Recently, it has been discovered that for those who are down and out, those who are down and unwilling to work hard to get out of the predicament, seeing anything about not being down is chicken soup.

(I wrote so many words in the process of pooping, am I constipated)

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