593 / Everyone is ambitious

Aryanna 2022-11-26 06:53:01

We often laugh at the protagonists of Naruto and Sasuke, but unknowingly, we only focus on them.
Naruto has been howling to be Hokage. I like this kind of person very much. He clearly knows what he wants, and dares to reveal it. He fights for it, and supports himself to achieve it with hard work. Too many people only applaud the low-key, but are reluctant to applaud the high-profile effort. Too many people know what they want, but it is not a dream, but a delusion. Because they don't work hard, they often move themselves emotionally - we will definitely have everything we want, everything.

Jirai also loves Tsunade, he only accompanies him by his side, pretends to be silly and amused, and stands up handsomely when Tsunade needs him, even if he sacrifices his life. One of the reasons I like anime is that this kind of idealism is not hypocritical. This is a false other world. The two logics are parallel and incomparable. Jiraiya's apprentice also loves Tsunade's apprentice. In Naruto's world, he doesn't distinguish between loving and being loved. He loves Sakura, Hinata, and Sasuke. At first, Sakura only had a crush on Sasuke, and she also had a spare tire who was infinitely attentive to herself, a standard adolescent girl. There is no room for rationality, love, and life in his eyes. That boy is handsome enough. Everything else is a disappointment. At the most naive age, indulgent childishness is beautiful. But the childishness has faded, and the innocence has been injected with some heavy things by reality. In addition, the girls are precocious, all of which, Sakura has undertaken more things than Naruto and Sasuke. Because she is powerless, she is not a child of Hokage, she is also the brother of every ninja who defected, she is just an ordinary girl. But I am liked by Naruto's son, but like the younger brother who defected to the ninja. Am I qualified? Am I qualified to be liked by Naruto? Can I like Sasuke? I guess how long she will struggle in her heart.

What the world needs most is not a lonely hero, but having a role model must be a good thing.
So there are Naruto such an example.

But people who grow up with role models will inexplicably always have some pressure. Let's not talk about surpassing, how can we catch up. It is not only Naruto who wants to be Naruto, it is the goal of every Konoha ninja, and it is also the driving force for everyone to work hard. Therefore, Sakura, who has accumulated chakra for three years, Hinata, who has 64 palms of gossip, the teeth of three wolves, the man with glasses who are perverted, and the school tyrants who are bored of everything will all have to compete to win the game.

Ambition is also beautiful, isn't it?

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