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Ines 2022-09-15 00:23:29

Today, I swiped a piece of news from CCTV on Weibo about the end of "Naruto Ninja", and I suddenly thought that it has been almost a week and I haven't typed an article on the keyboard to write an article about this anime that I have loved for 10 years.
10 years, from junior high school to high school to university and now to work, there are several 10 years in life, and there are a few things that can make me so crazy and so happy, thousands of thoughts decide to write it down, otherwise I will be sorry for my 10 years of love.
The first time I saw Naruto was when I was in the first year of junior high school, and I saw the scene where Naruto was beaten badly by his teeth in the Chunin exam. The ninjutsu appeared in it and I was fascinated. Then I started to watch the TV karaoke station often, and then I saw Naruto turning into Sasuke to "seduce" Sakura, Sasuke's Chunin exam, and Gaara's cool ninjutsu to Xiao Li Chaoduo. The blood is surging and I feel like I'm going crazy. One of the signs of my fascination is that I wish I was a ninja in that world who knew ninjutsu and could walk on the water and run on the trees. When I was obsessed, I also got the name of this anime "Naruto". The anime's male protagonist Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto's Kyuubi, the cool and cold boy called Sasuke, I used to think if it was a ninja The words must be Sasuke's ninjutsu Sasuke's clothes Sasuke's eyes.
The pencil case stickers in junior high school are all Hokage. When I see other people's notebooks with Hokage, I am so excited that I want to buy one. I bought a Hokage comic book with my first salary, and chatted with my friends about Hokage. I can't stop talking about it, and I met a good friend who also likes Hokage in high school. When I got to college, I started watching Hokage all over from the first episode. When I entered the club, I joined the club because I saw people from the anime club wearing Naruto clothes. Then I would swipe Hokage every day on Weibo and added a Hokage group. I got to know more. people.
Of course, when I was cold to Hokage, I felt that there were endless original animations, so I started to read the manga. The progress of the manga was much faster than that of the animation. Some only stopped publication, and then began to wait every week. After reading the manga, go to Weibo to see them. Comments, quarrel with them if you disagree, you can chat for a long time if you have a common point of view, and I also know that there was a CP once, and there are various CP parties derived from the Zuoming Party, watching those exquisite COS, encountering bad plots Development grumbles and continues watching with joy.
Hokage is finally over, it will end sooner than Conan, how can I be reluctant. A full 700 episodes, 15 years, Kishimoto depicts a colorful ninja world. Chapter 700 thank Kishimoto for not ending in an open ending in episode 699 and let their love have a happy ending in episode 700 . Hinata finally became Naruto's wife and had two lovely children. I was very pleased with this pair. When Naruto was in danger or confused, Hinata was by her side. When Penn attacked Konoha, the ninja battles time, thank Kishimoto. The content transition from episode 699 to episode 700 will be mentioned in the theatrical version, and I strongly hope that Radio and Television will introduce the last theatrical version of Naruto!
This is how I feel when I know Hokage until now. Thanks again to Uncle Kishimoto for letting Hokage have a happy ending. I like the ending very much. Sasuke Sakura's ending is very reasonable. It's hard to say that Sasuke never liked Sakura. Sasuke changed his mind and gently tapped Sakura's forehead. What's wrong with them being together in the end, Hinata Sakura both loved someone It's really the best ending to be with a loved one for so long. Thanks to Masashi Kishimoto, he should rest well after Hokage is over.

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