Uncle Mai, Uncle Snake, they just changed the position of the blindfold

Carleton 2022-11-26 16:07:46

When I saw the blue 3D bird at the beginning, I had a feeling that it was going to be bad, but thinking about the plot of the yellow storm, I regained my mood. The tone of the film is cold, but the killer dress is garish. I don't know if I want to go the cyberpunk route or kill Matt in the countryside. The male protagonist's nickname makes me feel ashamed "Black Caesar"... Isn't that what "Dark Emperor" means? Now writing urban sand sculpture YY novels will not come up with this name. Denmark's sexiest Uncle Mai blindfold is handsome, but the feeling of this mutant snake uncle makes me play in minutes (although the two blindfolds are in different positions, they are really similar). For the middle-aged and elderly players to appear naked, fighting hard, the appearance of the spear and the final beheading axe, three stars.

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  • Claud 2022-05-28 17:40:14

    20190108 This Plot Synopsis Isn't the tone of this screen coincident with Keanu Reeve's John Wick | 20191013 Good, no coincidence, cool film, focusing on aesthetics, photography, and sometimes gimmicky pretentious deepness, a kind of unique in the age of algorithms, and a sequel to watch

Polar quotes

  • Vivian: Speak.

  • Duncan Vizla: Right, last one.

    School Kid #4: Do they speak American in England?

    Duncan Vizla: [Duncan gets a flashback to London, choking someone to death while his victim can only make a grunt] They don't speak a lot