Polar Killer 11

Melany 2022-09-20 17:22:19

From "hunting" to "Hannibal", uncle Mads Mickelson with a cold temperament began to follow the "Netflix" yellow storm! Like Keno Reeves' "Fast" series, this film aims to show the bitterness of the killer industry! In terms of the structure of the world view, this film is less than the distance of a bullet from the "Quick" series. Anyway, "Quick" has a detailed description of the killer organization and industry ethics, but this organization in this film is a bunch of cool and cute people. Killing Matt punk youths, coupled with an albino fat boss who is extremely exaggerated in appearance and speech, I really don't understand how an organization with this group of second-hand goods as its core team can gain a foothold in the industry and make money? After watching this film, the following 11 exclamation marks flashed in my mind:

1. The company wants to cultivate young people, but don't look down on old comrades!

2. Don't be a private accountant for a single man who has a million income without a proper job!

3. Don't let professional killers approaching retirement adopt pet dogs!

4. Don't shake hands with others casually, even if they are good friends!

5. When giving gifts to girls, don't give a gun too often!

6. Seduction is not a one-shot deal, seduction without emotional basis is courting death!

7. When you see the other party wearing strange gloves, especially a killer who is about to retire wearing strange gloves, don't think he is pretending, you should get down immediately!

8. It is imperative to delay the retirement age, especially for special occupations such as killers!

9. Regular visits to retirees are required to offer condolences, and do not arbitrarily deduct the pensions of retirees, especially retired killers!

10. The new tax policy should involve the killer industry, and they should also fill in special additional deductions!

11. Finally, killers must adhere to the concept of no mercy when working, and life should be refreshing!

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