The man standing in the center of the searchlight of the flat world.

Geovanny 2022-12-30 00:13:21

Came down all night. I don't know why it's out now on the 25th.

If the male protagonist changed anyone at random, I don't think I would get three stars. The whole drama is about "what the hell is this tm" and "forget it, forgive them, after all, there is Uncle Mai watching" and "even Uncle Mai can't tolerate it".

Well, as a fifty-year-old killer, your body management can really be better, maybe because the Danes are not as obsessed with their body as Hollywood...

In the whole film, except for Uncle Mai, the other characters are very two-dimensional. It feels like it is. how to say. Great for watching on netflix. As well as gathering people to eat popcorn to complain and marvel that Uncle Wa's car is quite capable. The modeling of the supporting characters is all "God die soon".

I think Uncle Mai is very suitable for brainless B-level movies. I don't know why, such as the emotional flower shirt gangster last time, and rihanna's bi*** you better have my money. He is a beam of light in the two-dimensional world.

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  • Claud 2022-05-28 17:40:14

    20190108 This Plot Synopsis Isn't the tone of this screen coincident with Keanu Reeve's John Wick | 20191013 Good, no coincidence, cool film, focusing on aesthetics, photography, and sometimes gimmicky pretentious deepness, a kind of unique in the age of algorithms, and a sequel to watch

Polar quotes

  • Vivian: Speak.

  • Duncan Vizla: Right, last one.

    School Kid #4: Do they speak American in England?

    Duncan Vizla: [Duncan gets a flashback to London, choking someone to death while his victim can only make a grunt] They don't speak a lot