Violent enough

Holden 2022-12-03 02:36:24

The movie is violent

The uncle is really an uncle, and the blindfold he put on immediately after his cold eyes is even more domineering, with scars on his face, sparse stubble, killing people like flowing water, always using one move to defeat the enemy, simple and efficient, the blood is flying in the enemy. Down.

yellow taste

There are not many seductive scenes, which are definitely not comparable to love action movies, not to tempt you naked, but to make you unable to extricate yourself from watching. The beauties dance at the beginning, the table battle in the middle, and all kinds of difficult poses are played. There are two swaying points on the glass, and the nose bleeds directly.

The villain does not go the usual way

It was originally a pornographic film, but it turned out to be a bit funny, and the villain was too funny. This villain kills old employees in order to save some wages, which simply saves pension costs. Also, he dresses differently and plays different things. He is the boss of the killer, he is a perverted king.

Also, the talkative villain must die.

The villain caught the uncle, and instead of killing him directly, he had to play for a few days, nagging, and he died.

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