A group of mentally retarded black iron and a game of the strongest king with high IQ

Alaina 2022-11-08 07:23:28

Overall, this movie is ok, and I give it a score of 7. Because it is already midnight, I wanted to sleep, but I didn't doze off during the process of watching it. It's a good action movie.

There are also unbearable settings in the movie, but it's okay to express the movie. It's a bit like a quick chase, and a bit like this killer isn't too cold.

The overall IQ of this killer group is low. I don't know how they survived. The only one who can barely match the IQ of the male protagonist is Vivian. The mentally retarded boss doesn't know the details of his killer, nor the ability of the killer. This is a major mental retardation. Four people in Group A killed one person and started a war. Brainless operation is the second type of mental retardation. Unchaining his shackles when he was about to kill him on the last day is the third mental retardation.

If the male protagonist doesn't say anything else, it's just that he has been bleeding for four days in a row, and he doesn't eat or drink. After unshackles, killing people is like chopping melons and vegetables. If this setting says that he is not a god, gods will not believe it.

What is commendable is the double redemption of the male and female protagonists.

The open ending indicates that there must be the next part. The male protagonist's wife and son did not explain, and seeking revenge for the female protagonist may be the main line. However, the second part can be set as the wife and son are caught in the quest for revenge for the heroine, and finally the wife is killed and the son is rescued. Gotta let the killer group kill someone! Point three and then specifically seek revenge for the heroine. The male protagonist retired and the female protagonist was upgraded to a killer. The fourth part is old, the son has grown up, the male protagonist is killed, the female protagonist takes revenge with the male protagonist's son, and finally the male protagonist's son becomes a policeman and vows to eradicate the killer group.

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Polar quotes

  • Vivian: Speak.

  • Duncan Vizla: Right, last one.

    School Kid #4: Do they speak American in England?

    Duncan Vizla: [Duncan gets a flashback to London, choking someone to death while his victim can only make a grunt] They don't speak a lot