The happy life of the Nordic killer in his later years

Cassandre 2022-10-17 15:31:37

This girl is really sexy

Blow time Eleven good stalks, one hit two. The matter of a bullet can be hit or hit.

Shots: Anime style introduces several important characters.

The uncle is the aged version of Keanu Reeves. In fact, this type of film, from The Injustice to Lao Ji to this one, is a stylized cool film.

The rhythm of the gun to the meat, the gun to take away. I really like it.

Simple, direct and rude, isn't that the essence of action movies?

It's just that the old man in this film is a killer who is about to retire. His powerful skill points have been filled up and he is about to retire. However, in order to save insurance premiums, the killer company insists that the old man die. And the method they took was the same as that used by many bad guys. They sent him on a death mission, let other masters hunt him down, kidnapped his woman, and then tied him up and treated him cruelly. Then, after the anger value was full, the old man counterattacked in one go. Honestly, it's a stupid plot. I just love watching it, mainly because of the director's skills in it.

And the face of the old couple is cold and windy.

The reason why he is cold is because the killer, although he has the skill points to complete many things, but he is very lonely in his old age, and only has pets to accompany him.

And the two simple emotional lines of the whole film can also be reflected

Finished the task with the prostitute and was slapped in the face by the prostitute.

Lao Ji killed the whole family before, but left behind. The old couple killed countless people, but this one was the only one who killed the wrong one

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