As a fan, I am satisfied; and Uncle Mai, wasted

Clifton 2022-12-18 11:40:20

The plot is rubbish, editing rubbish, action design rubbish, all actors except Uncle Mai and the heroine are rubbish, director rubbish, screenwriter rubbish, and costume rubbish.

The camera is ok, the color grading is ok, the music is ok, the part about Uncle Mai pushing the chariot is ok.

In the second half, Uncle Mai looks more and more like a big boss or snake, and there are too many places to pay tribute to Hideo Kojima and MG, and it is always a bit of a dance. ("Death Stranding" also doesn't know when it will be pigeon ground...)

Purely cool film, it's okay to watch it once, it's a waste of Uncle Mai's Cannes actor's acting skills, but the heroine's acting skills are really a bit of a feeling.

But ah, after "Hunting" came out, you dare to enter kindergarten, you really don't panic, teacher, hahaha

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