Not only bloody violence, but also having fun with teenagers

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At the beginning of the movie, Duncan, the top killer known as "Black Caesar", is about to retire. The killer company is determined to get rid of Hei Kai in order to save the $8 million pension that should be paid to Hei Kai. The taciturn Hei Kai lives alone in Montana, a state with a cold climate like the North Pole. He lives a life of ascetic solitude like a monk. He bought a dog and named it Rusty. He met a neighbor girl... The story unfolds for me A kind of John Wick prequel feeling, in addition to the age of the characters is not right, regardless of the background of the story or the character of the characters can be brought in.

If the story goes on like this, Black Kay falls in love with a teenage girl, they buy a new dog (the one that John Wick killed), and briefly enjoy a sweet and happy moment in one of Black Kay's hundreds of mansions The quiet life after washing hands in the golden basin... Well, there is still a little bit of "This killer is not too cold".

Yes, the colorful Spring Festival Gala style of the so-called A Team team of the killer company makes people feel that they have crossed over from the cyberpunk crew next door, and the actions and special effects are not as gorgeous as John Wick. It can be called "quaint", even every time Hei Kai closed his eyes and kept seeing the fragments of memories that the blade was immersed in flesh and blood, which confuses me - I can't tell whether the memories of the blood on his hands are full of regret, or fear, or...excited?

The members of A Team bloodshed one by one Hei Kai's mansion (most of them are not very luxurious) is the part about this film that I don't like very much. After watching the inexplicable Spring Festival Gala killing Matt's killer team for about 20 minutes, I almost gave up. this film. Until the blonde big tits Sindy came to room 506 and brought the first small orgasm for half an hour at the beginning of the movie.

The role of the blonde big tits Sindy in the A Team is to seduce the victim, distract the victim, go deep into the enemy's interior, report the scene information to the team, and direct the later troops to attack or sniper to surround and destroy. At the beginning of the movie, Sindy assisted the entire team as a party baby to help the "company" deal with the recently retired former company employees. Her phrase "blow time" was a password for the executioner to drop the knife. The clip in Room 506 is very interesting. Sending Sindy to take the lead is a strategy. Once the target is not in Room 506, Sindy is logically unnecessary to continue seduction. And the uncle with bald glasses and sadistic personality disorder didn't give Sindy a chance to scratch his head and pose. Not much to say, the backhand was two slaps that made Sindy's nostrils spurt blood, and this kind of abusive beating is violent to those with sadistic disorder. For the object, it is almost equivalent to sex. Two slaps can be regarded as foreplay. If there is no team member who breaks the door and shoots the bald man Sindy, he may become a "golden dahlia". And Sindy angrily stabbed the bald man who had been shot in the head 108 times to vent, was it really the grievances suffered by the two slaps in the face? Or to retaliate for the great insult that his "sexy" was not "respected".

Sindy's seduction again After the team finally located Hei Kai, the sex scene between Sindy and Hei Kai was like making up for the lack of respect for Sindy's sexuality in Room 506 in the previous paragraph, and the expressionless Hei Kai proved himself Although it looks like frigidity is actually a cool stallion. Knowing clearly that Sindy is here to kill him, he should go on first, and then he will stand naked in the heavy snow and wipe out the entire A Team. It can be called very ruthless.

Another character I like is Vivian. At first glance, actress Katheryn Winnick looks a bit like a widow, she kept persuading the boss to give up on the stupid plan to kill Hei Kai, and rolled her eyes after being dismissed and continued to carry out the boss's orders. It's like a senior department manager in a big company.

After Hei Kai completely wiped out the A Team, Vivian once again persuaded the boss to hurry up and give the pension to others to make up for the mistake as soon as possible. Because his girlfriend was killed, his subordinate boss, who was exasperated and exasperated, yelled, "No! This is personal!" Vivian rolled her eyes again and said, "You don't give people a pension, but you kill people, twice. , and then kidnapped his cute little neighbor girl, is this a personal good?" Then he took a puff of cigarette, in a causal tone as if she was accusing the albino boss of stealing two boxes of fortune-telling cookies from the Asian supermarket downstairs.

Like Hei Kai, Vivian knew exactly what she was doing. Vivian knew better than anyone in the world how difficult it was to get rid of Hei Kai, but she didn't hesitate to carry out the task. Before dying, Vivian shed a line of tears. She didn't beg or struggle, but she didn't have the arrogance, but she was more contented with benevolence and benevolence. Tears glistened in her eyes, like the death of a pilgrim after seeing a miracle.

I'd love to know if Vivian and Black Kai had an affair before.

I think there should be.

The Albino boss is also a Sadist. Compared with the bald man in 506, he has a little more elegance and a sense of ritual. Before slaying the enemy with a thousand cuts, he did not forget to get a pipe organ on the record player. He may also burn incense and bathe and change his clothes, but he did not act in the movie. When Hei Kai broke through the siege from the boss, killed Vivian, and went back to the boss's residence alone to kill him, for a moment I thought Hei Kai would cut off the boss's jj and put it in the boss's mouth, Cut the boss's stomach and let the boss appreciate how his stomach digests and decomposes his jj. The so-called way, but Hei Kai only decapitate the boss with a knife, Hei Kai is not interested in sadism, Hei Kai likes to play with his heart.

In the world of "Extreme Killer", no one can kill him, only the neighbor girl kidnapped by the albino boss can. She can because he made her do it. Hei Kai knew who she was from the beginning to the end, she wanted to kill herself, he donated money to her, he moved to her next door, secretly chopped firewood for her, he gave her a pistol, he taught her to load and aim and shoot So that she can kill him one day. "Pull the trigger. It's OK." he told her.

I know I'd love this movie even more if the teenage neighbor pulled the trigger. But the witty girl decided to work with Hei Kai to find out who was behind the murder of her whole family. It seems that the lonely abstinent uncle in the second part of "Extreme Killer" is about to welcome a girl partner. The second installment of Victor Santos' original comic book Polar is called Eye For An Eye, and I'm looking forward to it.

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