A Fable

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The protagonist is an old dragon who morphed into a humanoid and wandered into the bounty hunter mercenary group. Codenamed "Black Caesar".

Due to the attribute bonus of the dragon, Black Caesar has a very high status in the mercenary group and belongs to the top hunter.

The mercenary group has a stupid rule that they must leave the team after reaching a certain age, but they can enjoy a high compensation for leaving the team. This compensation is purchased from the team when they are in office and paid double after leaving the team.

The old dragon's top worth and wealth-gathering habit, the agreement compensation purchased in the mercenary group is as high as 8 million gold coins.

According to the agreement, if the mercenary dies before leaving the team, the compensation will go back to the team.

The boss of the mercenary group is a fat pig-headed goblin. Out of his thirst for gold coins, he decides to kill his bounty hunter. Pretend to attack an ogre gathering place. After the old dragon killed this gathering place in seconds, he found that he was calculated and retired.

Lao Long's contact is a succubus codenamed Vivian. The succubus said, you expect the ogre to deal with the dragon? There is no problem with the pig's head, and one more pig's brain will not work well.

So the pig-headed goblin formed a five-person dragon hunting team. There are three caves for the cunning rabbit and thirty caves for the cunning dragon. The painstaking efforts paid off, and after a long time, I really asked the dragon hunting team to find the hiding place of the old dragon. As the saying goes, when a sheep enters the tiger's mouth, it will never return, and when it enters the dragon's mouth, it will never return. This dragon hunting team was successfully destroyed.

Dragon is annoyed, Black Caesar doesn't show his power, you think I'm a sick snake.

Unexpectedly, Long lost his front paws and was accidentally caught by a pig-headed goblin in an away game. Pig-headed goblins make the second mistake of all stupid villains: too much.

Who doesn't want to abuse dragons? Posting a few photos on social networks is enough to be popular for half a year, and it can be used for a lifetime.

As a result, after three days of abuse, the dragon was half-blooded, and one of the dragon's eyes was blinded.

As the saying goes, the mad white-fronted tiger and the mad one-horned (eye) dragon. HP reduced by 50% and attack power increased by 300%. The old dragon opens the passive attribute: run wild, and successfully break out of the encirclement.

It's just that the pig head goblin has more than 100 dots, and the bleeding continues, and the dragon can't bear it, so he has to hide first and collect the blood.

Dragon? Excellent self-healing power. It was full of blood for a few days. While the runaway buff is still there, directly inform the pig head goblin: I am here. You come.

The pig-headed goblin happily dispatched a group of new dragon hunting groups, including the succubus Wei An, who entered the book with vigor and vigor.

Then I met a dragon breath, and the group was destroyed again.

The pig-headed goblin looked at him, what the hell, when did the LV.50 mercenary group assassin "Black Caesar" turn into the LV.999 black dragon king?

Then came the Black Dragon King. Driving 180 yards Longwei. The miscellaneous soldiers ran away directly. Only the pig head goblin is ready to fight to the death with +5 ancient holy sword in hand.

Then there's only a brain left.

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Polar quotes

  • Vivian: Speak.

  • Duncan Vizla: Right, last one.

    School Kid #4: Do they speak American in England?

    Duncan Vizla: [Duncan gets a flashback to London, choking someone to death while his victim can only make a grunt] They don't speak a lot