Uncle pull is the only motivation for me to keep watching

Milan 2022-10-30 01:12:29

Reserving one star is for Uncle Ba (the following are all personal opinions)

It felt pretty good to watch the trailer, and I just watched it when I saw it on Netflix. Originally reported a lot of expectations, the result....wasted me two hours.

First of all, the exaggerated lineup of the mercenary A team makes me want to roll my eyes. The Asian woman without eyebrows didn't see any use for her except the speech machine, Cindy (can be replaced by the vase seduction machine, and I don't really want to watch it with Uncle), sniper (the only one that is useful) people). To put it simply, these people come out to pretend to be useless and then fail to waste space. Say, these people don't think about their life after retirement? Isn't it a matter of minutes if the company dares to kill Uncle Ba and kill you to grab your pension? And then this villain, fat pig... It's okay to be ugly, he doesn't have acting skills, and the abuse part really doesn't see any violent aesthetics. Uncle Pu rushes out and can only watch it as a brainless movie. And this heroine... ah.... The acting is okay, and the appearance is more in line with the audience. But the acquaintance and goodwill between her and Uncle Ba is inexplicable! !

(Uncle Ba obviously didn't recognize her at first) But inexplicably became close, what the hell? ? He even gave you a gun, I know you're a killer, but your vigilance is so fucking weird! Who would give a gun to a neighbor they just met? ? ? Then the heroine was captured shortly after the launch, (in order to promote this inexplicable plot, it is also the only brainy thing the A team did)

A few things that surprised me in the end:

Uncle Pull's solo screen

The pictures of Uncle Ba doing those Mexican killers (black suits look good!!)

Vivian's face

The picture and rhythm editing are not bad

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