The Lonely Giant - Spielberg

Erich 2022-04-20 09:01:47

Delicate picture quality, dreamy themes, and innocence all add to the film; however, we may have expected too much from Spielberg, and we always feel that the film is lacking. But purely from the point of view of a movie, it is definitely still in the ranks of excellent!

The world of innocence will always be so beautiful when photographed! Laughing and crying is like this, BFG's gentle and kind eyes, and the little girl's pure heart. There will always be fairy tales, there is no bloody, ugly and dirty killing in this world. Be lenient with everyone. Some people say that this movie is romantic enough but less tense, but I don't think so; a movie full of childlike innocence should be enjoyed with a relaxed mood like listening to a story. From the bottom of my heart, I am willing to accept this kind of setting that is pure and beautiful and has no dark side. I really like this scene of a giant and a little girl catching a dream together. It is romantic to the core.

It is said that great people are the loneliest, and Spielberg should be lonely. Therefore, the last life of the aged and kind-hearted giant should be the peace that he most desires in his heart. There was a Sophie calling out to the kind-hearted giant softly, and she could feel it no matter how far she was.

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Extended Reading
  • Chanelle 2022-03-22 09:01:59

    Mark Rylance's performance is wonderful, and Spielberg's techniques are also very sophisticated, but this kind of fairy tale is quite boring. In fact, a story that can be told in one hour is stretched to two hours, and there is a lot of ramble. By the way, the large-scale special effects display is actually just a display. Generally speaking, it is better to leave such a bedtime fairy tale in the last century.

  • Nicole 2021-12-20 08:01:09

    Spielberg is too old-fashioned... I wanted to pick a Disney commercial film so that I wouldn't get sleepy again, and it turned out that I slept best. It's still the number of ET dozens of years ago, but the giant dirty and wretched old man really doesn't like it. The fusion of CG and real people is not as good as the fantasy forest. It is better to look at the giant catcher Jack directly. Xin Lolita is beautiful and cute, so she is the only thing she likes.

The BFG quotes

  • [from trailer]

    Sophie: Never get out of the bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain.

    [Sophie does so, and spots a giant. She rushes back to bed, but the giant comes for her...]

    Sophie: And that is where our story begins...

  • Sophie: Where am I?

    The BFG: Giant Country!