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Kaylee 2022-04-20 09:01:47

Spielberg is really childish.

A few days ago I watched a documentary called "Industrial Light and Magic: Creating the Impossible", which was about the rise of a special effects company and the development, change and progress of the special effects industry. During the viewing process, a barrage floated across the screen, "The special effects are just an add-on to the movie, and the core has to tell the story well", which I couldn't agree with. Although I understand that film is an audio-visual art, and the special effects are well done, it is very worthy of praise, but the special effects will be out of date, but the core of the story will never be out of date. I also prefer the story. I used to think that a movie should have a fresh, unheard story to be considered good, as far as the purpose of experiencing a different life is concerned. But then I learned that the storyteller is more important than the story itself. Take World War II as an example. There are thousands of movies based on World War II. Why does "Schindler's List" stand out? Can "Life is Beautiful" become a classic? It is very important that the same story is told in different ways to present a different look and feel. In contrast, good special effects can only be the icing on the cake. Furthermore, what do I think of special effects blockbusters? The special effects took the lead, the story became secondary, and it was putting the cart before the horse. I don't doubt that I'll be addicted to the cool and flashy special effects, and I'll have a visual feast, and I don't hate it, but after it's over I think I'll soon forget about this movie. It just flashed through my mind like a shining shooting star.

The special effects of the film are good, but the story is only for a child at best,

child at the center of the world

The child imagines that he is the center of the world, and the little boy's dream is to talk and communicate with the President of the United States. Later, Sophie and BFG even killed the Queen's Palace and had a delicious meal with the Queen.

good beats evil

The cannibal giant represents evil, and BFG represents justice. In the end, the righteous BFG defeats the evil cannibal. BFG will no longer be bullied, and the villain will no longer be caught and eaten. Sophie is no longer alone, and everyone lives happily. life.

dream come true

The child believes in Santa Claus and will give her the Christmas gifts she wants, so the child also believes in BFG and will realize her dream. In the middle of the night, a giant will stand outside the window, blowing sweet dreams in with a trumpet, bringing happiness to those who sleep.


Maybe we shouldn't be demanding this movie by adult standards, try to regain the innocence, try to relive the childhood dream.

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  • The BFG: [from the trailer] Run, Sophie! Hide!

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  • Sophie: What's in those jars?

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