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The film is adapted from the Norwegian writer Roald Dahl's fairy tale "The Kind-hearted Giant". The main content of the film revolves around a child Sophie who is in an orphanage, but never restless. She encounters a giant who creates dreams for everyone. A giant who works hard for his partner's fault.

An orphanage is located in a corner of the bustling and lively city. The little girl Sophie is one of the orphans living here, but she is naughty and adventurous. On this day, she sneaked out of the bedroom at three in the morning and walked alone in the corridor. The drunken alcoholics danced loudly outside. Sophie opened the window and yelled at them, threatening to call the police and take them away. The alcoholics ran around in fright.

After Sophie closed the window, a shadow flashed through the window, but Sophie didn't notice it. She slowly walked back to the bedroom, put on her glasses, and read a book with a flashlight. The sound outside alarmed Sophie's kitten, who ran to the balcony and stood on the balcony looking out.

Sophie walked to the window while talking to herself. She saw a giant's hand grabbing the trash can. Sophie's eyes widened in horror, but she had no time to escape. The giant found her and quickly stretched out. Sophie was taken away with both hands.

Sophie looked at the outside world from the giant's pocket, terrified. The giant brought Sophie to his residence. Sophie wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but in the process knocked over something on the ground and made a noise. The giant found out that she was running away. Sophie put the bucket over her head in fear, but the giant didn't hurt her.

The giant said that he is a dwarf in the giant country, a giant who collects dreams, a kind-hearted giant who can't eat people, but only eats bitter gourd. He is only 7 meters tall and is the shortest among the giants, but he will never give Su Su. Fei goes home.

There are also nine bad giants in the whole giant country who like to eat children, and they bully this dwarf giant who doesn't eat children all day long. In order to alleviate the guilt of other giants eating children, he put dreams into glass bottles, like collecting fireflies. .

He was worried that Sophie would tell mankind that there were giants, and he wanted Sophie to spend the rest of his life with him here.

In order to prevent Sophie from escaping, the dream catcher created a nightmare in Sophie's mind when she was asleep. When Sophie escaped from the hut, she was caught and eaten by the cannibal giant.

Sophie, who was frightened by the nightmare, became much more honest and no longer thought about how to escape. But everything didn't seem to go so smoothly. When Sophie and the dream catcher were laughing happily, the cannibal giant heard the sound, opened the door of the dream catcher, and looked for the smell of humans.

Fortunately, the dream catcher knows what the giant cannibals hate, and helps Sophie escape. After the dream catcher built a Sophie's hut for Sophie, she was going to go out to catch her dreams, but Sophie insisted that she must go with the dream catcher to catch her dreams.

The dream catcher finally agreed to go with Sophie. Along the way, they were careful, for fear that the giant cannibal would discover Sophie's existence, but accidents always occur.

The cannibals found the dream-catchers who were going to the human world, and they teased the dream-catchers around like a ball. Luckily, it was raining because of the dark clouds. The cannibal giants were busy taking shelter from the rain and let the dream catcher go, but the scarf that Sophie accidentally left behind allowed the cannibal giants to find out.

The dream catcher who escaped and Sophie came to the dream world. Sophie was very surprised when she saw everything in front of her. The dream world existed like magic, and the dream jumped here like a elf.

The dream catcher is busy catching sweet dreams, Sophie is running around happily in the dream world... The dream catcher and Sophie come to the bustling and lively city again, and the dream catcher sends the good dream to Zheng Zheng. sleeping people.

The dream catcher and Sophie who completed the mission found that the cannibal giants came to the city when they were about to return to the Giant Country. At this moment, Sophie and the dream catcher discovered that Sophie's scarf might have landed in the country of giants.

The dream catcher suddenly felt scared, he sent Sophie back to the orphanage, but Sophie was unwilling to separate from him, hoping to fight against the bad guys with the dream catcher, but the dream catcher left resolutely.

Sophie, who returned to the orphanage again, was unhappy. She came to the balcony and jumped in the hope of drawing the dream catcher out. As expected, the dream catcher caught her.

Sophie followed the dream catcher back to the giant country again, but the cannibal giant also followed. They mess up the dreamcatcher's house in order to find Sophie.

When Sophie was avoiding the cannibal giants, she accidentally entered the room of the last human who came here, and he saw a picture of the Queen of England.

Sophie thought of a scene where the queen would dream that the cannibals would eat children, so she decided to send an army to destroy the cannibals.

Sophie and the dream catcher arrive outside the queen's room to begin their perfect plan.

The queen was startled, and she told her daughter about the nightmare she had had. At the same time, the Queen finds Sophie standing outside the window, and Sophie tells the Queen that it is all true.

The dream catcher would help the army to eliminate the cannibals. The queen graciously entertained the dream catcher and Sophie, but the dream catcher made a lot of jokes at the banquet.

The army followed the dream catcher to the giant country and started the giant capture operation. With the perfect cooperation between the army and the dream catcher, the operation was successful. The cannibals were taken to a remote place where they could only eat vegetables. Sophie stayed in the palace, and the dream catcher returned to the giant country.

The dream catcher weaves the most beautiful dreams, conveys warmth and love to every corner of the world, and silently guards the children of this country.

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  • Ken 2022-03-23 09:02:06

    Disney's works are suitable for both young and old, as well as this film, which is only suitable for young children. The only bright spot for me as an adult is the queen's corgi and fart bars. It's a good time to be able to openly play the reigning queen farting

  • Damien 2022-04-24 07:01:13

    The details are attentive. As a fairy tale for adults, it is quite warm.

The BFG quotes

  • [from trailer]

    Sophie: Never get out of the bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain.

    [Sophie does so, and spots a giant. She rushes back to bed, but the giant comes for her...]

    Sophie: And that is where our story begins...

  • Sophie: Where am I?

    The BFG: Giant Country!