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Film review: The BFG (the big friendly giant, the kind-hearted giant, blowing dreams giant)
The BFG (the big friendly giant, the kind-hearted giant, blowing dreams giant) is directed by Steven Spielberg, Disney film Another animation masterpiece produced and distributed by the industry. I have been a huge fan of Disney's cartoons in recent years. My favorite is zootopia (Crazy Animals), then frozen (Frozen), then finding dory (Finding Dory 2) and the BFG I watched
today. Many parents in the cinema today come with their children to watch the dream Giants, everyone applauded after the film, adults and children alike enjoyed the film.
Who didn't have any fantasies as a child? Imagine encountering mermaids, encountering Snow White and the prince, encountering monks who cultivate immortals, encountering zombies, encountering white fox spirits and so on. So this movie is made for children as well as for adults.
Here are some of my favorite things about this movie:
The little girl and the immortal giant are cute together. Basically this is the story of Loli and Uncle. You can think of the movie "This killer is not too cold". But "Dream Blowing Giant" does not show the ambiguous and complicated attraction between Lolita and the uncle, but more like the age-crossing friendship described in the movie "Mary and Max", the kind of Lolita interdependence with the uncle. It's not the dependence and feelings that arise from sexual attraction, it's just two lonely hearts warming each other.
Giants are also little girls on another level, and little girls are giants on another level. At first, the little girl was captured by the giant, the giant was sharpening the knife, and the little girl ran away. Here, the little girl is weak and powerless, and the giant seems to be an invincible, cruel figure. But it was reversed immediately afterwards. The kind-hearted giant was not cannibal, and he was discriminated against and weak in the giant clan because of his super small size. Although the little girl is very weak, she has a brave heart and encourages and helps the good-hearted giant to fight against other cannibal giants. At this time, the little girl and the kind-hearted giant are similar in a certain level, and they can understand and support each other; and because of the need to protect the little girl's heart, the kind-hearted giant is free from cowardice and becomes stronger.
Here are a few things I don't like about the movie:
The plot is still a little thin and sometimes contradictory. For example, after the little girl was discovered by other giants, the kind-hearted giant sent the little girl back to the orphanage. At this time, the little girl is reluctant to stay in the human world: I think this emotional change is too fast, and there is no reason. I didn't fully appreciate the little girl's transition from fleeing the giant's world to staying with the giant in the first place. In addition, the little girl shouted that she wanted to follow the giant and not separate, but they didn't have the plan and ability to protect themselves from the oppression and harm of other giants. Was it very irrational? The plot after that is that the good-hearted giant's house was smashed again, and the little girl was almost eaten.
The Queen's help came inexplicably. I don't understand why the queen is arranged to help the good-hearted giant and the little girl. Of course, it may be because it is written in the novel, but I think it is still a failure. I also don't understand how a helicopter can lift a normal-sized giant based on the ratio of good-hearted giants to normal giants in the movie.
I am also worried that, although I try to look at the film with the eyes of a child, to understand the relationship between the little girl and the giant normally: pure friendship. But sometimes, I have to think, from the perspective of adult men, what will they think after watching this movie? A cute little girl, a depressed giant who was excluded from her own group because of her small size. Because the little girl accidentally saw the giant, the giant brought Loli home, raised it like a baby, and took good care of it. The two go to catch dreams together, send dreams together, and the relationship grows deeper and deeper. Later, because the little loli was discovered by other giants, the giants could only reluctantly send her back to the human world because they could not protect their little loli. But Little Loli couldn't do without the giant. She jumped off the balcony, forcing the giant to appear. The giant was moved, and then decided to live and die together with Loli. Seeing Lori being bullied and threatened with death, the cowardly giant erupted, no longer cowardly, in an attempt to get rid of (or drive away) the other cannibal giants. Of course, in the end, Her Lady Queen helped the giant and the little girl deal with the pesky cannibal giant. It's a pity, after all, this movie is still for normal people to watch, so because of the world, because the little girl may grow and live better in the human world, the giant and the little girl are separated. But whenever the little girl spoke to the giant in her heart, the giant could always hear it and smile silently. Oh my god!! These episodes, as long as the little girl is replaced by a girl or a woman, is a proper love cartoon!! So I am really worried that these movies will inspire more Lolicon, Or maybe it's what pedophiles and lolicons like. Anyway, when I looked at it, it still felt weird. While trying to convince myself not to think too much, I had to think too much. After all, the little girl in the movie can also be said to be a girl, and then the relationship between the two is very vague. Seriously, can you say that the affection between them is not love? Just like the animation "Mary and Max" that I also like very much, I really think the relationship between Mary and Max is called love, very pure love.
In the end, I still like this movie. Innocent and brave little girl, and kind-hearted, a little cowardly and brave giant. I feel like this Steven Spielberg film is actually focused on this giant. Don't you think this giant is a lot like us in life? For this society and the environment, most of us are small, and we can only let the environment dominate us. With life, gradually become cowardly, to compromise with power and existing rules. But when you meet someone you love, you will also explode your potential, become brave, and protect her. Still pretty cute :)

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Extended Reading
  • Damien 2022-04-24 07:01:13

    The details are attentive. As a fairy tale for adults, it is quite warm.

  • Mina 2021-12-20 08:01:09

    The special effects are great, and BFG's exclusion of the black market of dissidents and dreams is really limitless.

The BFG quotes

  • [from trailer]

    Sophie: Never get out of the bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain.

    [Sophie does so, and spots a giant. She rushes back to bed, but the giant comes for her...]

    Sophie: And that is where our story begins...

  • Sophie: Where am I?

    The BFG: Giant Country!